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Review #1, by JohannaMarie Crescendo

23rd February 2011:
Ah! Please Update! Please? You are a great author. I've read both of your stories that you have posted so far and I REALLY want to read more. You do have a similarity between your writings, of young girls who seem older than they actually are, who are purely good. And not only are they good, but they have so extreme powers that are connected to their goodness that they don't even recognize or acknowledge. It is a perfect example of a true angel, and I feel so bad for them. Though they are good, and loved by everyone, they can't seem to see it. They may be happy, but they continually push themselves, and cannot recognize that they need help too. This seems to be their greatest flaw, one that i hope they are able to overcome someday, though i can see certain relationships already in your stories (i keep wanting to say books) that may help to extablish this end :D Just know that you are a very imaginative and great writer, and that you should keep up the good work!

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Review #2, by JohannaMarie Chocolate Pudding Monster

23rd February 2011:
It's Great! One blip though- this is during the maurauder's era. Carly couldn't be "Gryffindor's best Beater since Fred and George Weasley" Since they haven't been born yet! Just figured I'd let you know, but I don't want to seem nit-picky or anything... :)

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Review #3, by JohannaMarie Summers--Part 2

22nd February 2011:
I know that you are far past this point, but I just had to mention this one thing - it's a bit confusing to have the guys always thinking about "Lucy." I mean, they don't know that that is her name yet! If they are thinking of her, wouldn't they be thinking "Whit?" Other than that, I think the story is great so far. I am glad that you are spending more time on your other characters, as long as you don't lose this depth as you continue in the story. There is a lot of mystery, though some obvious connections I can't wait to see the characters put together!

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Review #4, by soccerluvr21 Crescendo

9th May 2010:
yay! you updated! truth be told, i'm glad Lucy isn't a proffesor anymore. no offense, but it was starting to bug me because there was rarely anything about the marauders or her real parents or even her aunt and uncle. don't get me wrong, i haven't stopped loving this story, but it was becoming kind of tedious to read without those elements that, up until the point of Lucy becoming a teacher, basically ruled the story. please don't take offense at this review, because that isn't my intention at all. Thanks again for posting, i really am glad you haven't stopped this story!

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Review #5, by snowflake asia Nimbus 2000s and a New Name

7th January 2010:

Author's Response: You know what? I really like that idea! ^-^ As a matter of fact, it sounds like a great new character for later in the story. (You know, when they get older; closer to leaving Hogwarts or already out.) I can't tell you exactly when, but I'm gonna do my best to add "Ebony" in at some point, alright? And thanks for the review! You made my day!

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Review #6, by Loveee Nimbus 2000s and a New Name

30th November 2009:
I absolutely love this story ! Good plot and job, please write more!

Author's Response: Thanks! ^-^ I'm working on updating, don't worry! As soon as I can, the next chapter will be up! Happy Reading!

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Review #7, by Lily and James rock Nimbus 2000s and a New Name

19th October 2009:
I on the fence if I liked that chapter or not :-/. Any way I was wondering if you knew another way to talk to authors other than reveiwing?

Author's Response: I'm not really sure, to be perfectly honest. I know there's a forum and podcasts, and some author's have a separate page, but I'm not entirely sure how that all works. I'm really not 100% sure, but I can ask some of the people whose stories I read for you, if you want.

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Review #8, by cedricfan4life A Chat with the Cat

12th October 2009:
I LOVED this chapter. I love long chapters...>^_^

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! Sometimes I forget to stop, haha. ^-^ I just get really into it, you know?

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Review #9, by irrelevant Nimbus 2000s and a New Name

12th October 2009:
Love it! :) cant wait for more :) i hope Lucy or the Potters will find out really soon that she is their lost Baby.

Author's Response: I can't answer that the way I want to because I don't want to ruin anything for you... But thanks! I'm really, really glad you liked it! And don't worry. Everything will happen in time... (Which is a horrible thing to say to a reader, I know. I apologize in advance for the annoyance you'll probably feel reading that.)

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Review #10, by cedricfan4life Ten Names, Tea Dregs, and Dancing Toast Men

12th October 2009:
I loved your chapter. I liked the dancing toast men, that was cool...hehehe:) Lucy is so cool. I don't get the thing with Lucy and Professor Knot. It cofused me...?

Author's Response: Lucy thinks Professor Knot is a big fake and that bugs her a lot. It's like lying to everyone, all the time, and acting like everyone is too stupid to know it all at once, I guess.
And thanks. The dancing toast men were fun to write about. ^-^

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Review #11, by cedricfan4life The Sorting

12th October 2009:
I liked this chapter. It was really good. I'm glad thing are looking up for poor Lucy. I loved the part where Lucy kicked Lucius in the back of the knees. He needed it after calling Lily a mudblood. hahaha Lucius...(:

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I'm glad someone liked reading it as much as I liked writing it. (You're the first to comment on it.) I figured Lucius deserved a little something for that. ^-^ Hitting someone in the back of the knees really DOES make them fall, though, if they're not ready for it, so watch out.
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Confused Fly Nimbus 2000s and a New Name

12th October 2009:
It's so good! It'll be really sad when she goes back to being a student. :( And truth to be told, I'm rather sleepy and am to lazy to say anything else, except that I love this story. :)
Update soon!

Author's Response: You won't be the only one that'll be really sad when Lucy goes back to being a student. (I know I, for one, am gonna miss it...) She makes a good teacher, I think. Really fun.
Don't worry about being too sleepy or lazy to say anything else: I'm already grinning. Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Confused Fly Chocolate Pudding Monster

5th October 2009:
Oh. My. Gosh.
I dunno what to say, really.
It's indescridable. Honestly.
Totally love it.
Why can't there be more people like Lucy?
And even people like everyone in this story? In real life people are just stupid and selfish. At last almost everyone I know.
Can't wait for James and Lucy finding out they really are brother and sister. [They ARE, right?]
Why is there so little reviews? Can't understand that one.
Update VERY soon!

Author's Response: Wow... Thanks for the great review! I really appreciate it! It made me smile. ^-^ And I'm not really sure why there aren't more people like the ones we read about; maybe writers create what they'd like to be instead of what they see? I don't really know. Either way, good characters come out of it. ^-^ Although there ARE people who are like that out there, I can promise you that.
It won't be giving anything away to tell you, so here: Yes. James and Lucy WILL find out that they're related. Promise.
And I'm not sure why there aren't many reviews. There are tons of reads, which makes me happy. I guess it's cause I don't tell my readers to review? Maybe most of them just forget? But every once in a while I'll get one, and it usually makes my day. Like yours just did!
Thanks again for the review and Happy Reading!

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Review #14, by FluffyBunny Chocolate Pudding Monster

3rd October 2009:
Thank you for adding another chapter! :) I couldn't resist giving a review because your awesome work deserved a good review! Once again I really like your writing style and the flashbacks of course.

Author's Response: I was happy to add another chapter (I kinda lost my flash drive back there for a while, so I was kinda loosing my mind). And thanks; I'm glad you like it enough to review! I'm also flattered that you like my writing style and the flashbacks that I have so much fun writing. ^-^

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Review #15, by irrelevant Chocolate Pudding Monster

3rd October 2009:
oooh goodie :) love the chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I was gonna post up another chapter, but it's not finished yet. ^-^ The posts finally caught up with me, haha.

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Review #16, by casa_bella Wild Magic and the Disappearance of Lily's Bed

2nd October 2009:
Just thought I'd review this chapter and then move on, awesome chappie, loving the plot line. =)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad to hear you liked it! I hope you can keep reading! ^-^

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Review #17, by Lily and James rock Memories of a Past Forgotten

19th September 2009:
Oh come on. When are the Potters going to realize that Lucy is Baby. The suspence is killing me. Come to think of it that's probably what you want. :-)

Author's Response: ...Okay, yeah. Maybe a little. ^-^ But I like writing it too, not just because the suspense is slowly killing you (and most everyone else who's reading Lucy, too). But I can safely assure you (without giving anything any) that they ARE going to find out. Just not at this instant.
Keep reading, though, if you want. ^-^ Craziness is always waiting to happen.

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Review #18, by irrelevant Memories of a Past Forgotten

5th September 2009:
I absolutely love it! You convey such wisdom through both Baby and Lucy that it's astounding! Oh, and I think Baby and Lucy are one and the same. Can't wait for your next super-nice-wonderful-and-long chapter!!!

Author's Response: Thanks irrelevant! I'm so, so glad you like it so much!!! And thanks again; I really try my best to show certain things through Baby and Lucy. I just think that they are great to convey the things that're really important through: Baby has the knowing innocence of a very small child, while Lucy has so much more knowledge and an even more complex way of thinking and yet is still innocent enough for things to become very clear coming from her.
I'm looking foreward to posting the next chapter quite a lot; I already have it mostly written. I just need to go over it a bit, to check it over, which I can do while the Lexi chapter I just sent in is being validated.
Thanks again, and Happy Reading!

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Review #19, by Chantii Memories of a Past Forgotten

5th September 2009:
Are you going to let Lucy know that she is a Potter or is she someone diffrent please get to the point. I love this story and everytime I get on here I have antcipation for it to happen pleace continue the story.


Author's Response: Lucy (and everyone else) will learn that Lucy's really a Potter later, don't worry. I wouldn't torture them all for nothing, to put it bluntly. I guess you could say I'm setting it up for that to happen later on? I dunno. I'm glad you love Lucy's story; it makes me happy. I'll definitely keep writing.

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Review #20, by irrelevant Summers--Part One

3rd September 2009:
I love your story! The only things I don't get is why you write that they'll stay at Hogwarts for 8 years, and how come the four boys already managed to become animaguses. I thought that only happens like, years later...

Author's Response: The eighth year is for kids who want to have a free year to study up on whatever they want before they try to get whichever job it is that they want... And yes, the guys are way too young to be Animagi. I'm pretty sure it happened in their fifth year when they found out and became Animagi, but I altered that a LOT to make the story easier to understand.

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Review #21, by irrelevant The Sorting

3rd September 2009:
second through eight years? didn't you mean seven? Otherwise, a great story!

Author's Response: I added an extra year for a free study period. It's still 1-7 mandatory, but the eighth years are just kids who want to study more for a chance at better jobs once they leave. Almost like a transition between school and finding a job? So that they could know more and have a better chance of getting the job they want.

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Review #22, by Musically_Challenged Memories of a Past Forgotten

1st September 2009:
Ok...I have one word to describe this story...EPIC!! Well, I could describe it in many words but I don't think that it would have the same dramatic effect!
Firstly, before I go on, I would like to apologize sincerely for not reviewing before this, I just had to finish this story before I left any review.
Right now that that is out of the way, I would just like to say that you are a fantastic writer. You are capable of making the reader feel real, raw emotion. After reading chapter 14, it was about 3 in the morning and as I was getting into bed, I was thinking...Why am I feeling so happy? I went through a million and one reasons in my head but none seemed legit. I figured out after a while it was because of Lucy and what she had said about her 'students'. I have never felt that happy in my life and I am not just saying that for the sake of this review, I am being 100% honest!
I am really into this story and love how each character is described. One thing though that has caught my attention is that they seem to be a lot more mature than one would expect the average 12 year old to be. Also, I don't think it would have been possible for James, Sirius and Peter to accomplish becoming an animagus at the age of 11.
I'm not sure if you just said this for the sake of the story of if you didn't realise it as you were writing (I know how easy that is to happen =]) but I just thought I would ask anyway. I promise to review every chapter from here on out! =]
Well done, Brilliant work!

Author's Response: Wow... thanks! This has to be one of the best reviews I've ever gotten since I posted this story!!! Thanks! You wouldn't believe how happy you just made me, honest! ^-^ I don't mind if you haven't reviewed until now; the fact that you liked it so much you couldn't stop means a lot to me, so trust me, you don't have to apologzie!
I am so completely ecstatic that Lucy's story has made you so happy (and at 3 in the morning at that!); it makes me feel great! I loved writing what Lucy said about her "students"; it made me feel like I was giving everyone a piece of Lucy; an invaluable glimpse into her mind... Or something along those lines.
I'm really, really glad you like how I did the characters, by the way. I worked really, really hard on them. I try to make them as real as possible, and as individual as I can... Which can be really, really hard sometimes.
They can be really mature sometimes, especially for twelve, I know. But I kinda figure that the majority of them are pretty bright (whether they want to admit it or not, like, for example, James). It's true, though, that they are pretty mature: I'm glad you caught that, actually. I am going to try to tune them down just a bit, though, so I really appreciate the comment on that.
I also am impressed by the Animagus comment: It's true that they're waaay too young to be able to transform... And that James would probably not tell his parents about it, either, to be frank. I think, in the series, the group learned about Remus and became Animagi in their fifth year, to be honest, but I tweaked it (a lot) to make it fit a little more comfortably into Lucy's story. (Mostly because I figure that, since Lucy had basically had Remus figured for a long time without actually acknowledging it, I might as well have cut the guys some slack and made them just a little more observant. And talented, I suppose, with the whole Animagi thing.) I knew it was most likely in their fifth year, but I used up some of my "creative author liscense" tokens on that little magic boost of theirs.
I knew that they were way way waaay too young to be Animagi and trust me, it's been bothering my "Marauder timeclock" thing. ^-^ I'm dealing with it, though, because it just kinda makes it easier for the story to flow better. Because this way the guys had a chance to "know" about it before Lucy. Because even though she kind of knew before them, her actually KNOWING it before James, Sirius, and Peter would've made it harder and even more confusing than it probably already is.
I really, really appreciate the great review you left me and I'm glad for all the great input you gave me. And thanks so much for the review promise; it made me smile. And since you caught up to the last chapter already, I guess you'll have more time to. I don't mind if you don't review each and every one; I'm glad for just this one. Thank you, though, and I look foreward to your next review. I'll do my best to update Lucy's story ASAP, okay?

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Review #23, by Christina Wild Magic and the Disappearance of Lily's Bed

29th August 2009:
I like this chapter, but you are confusing me, because now Lily has started calling her lucy in front of all the marauders. Do they know her name now or what? i also noticed in chapter ten Regulus called her lucy, also.

Author's Response: I realized that Lily calls Lucy by her name a few times and figure that James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter wouldn't catch on right away, especially in the middle of something crazy. (Well, I'm kind of banking on that, anyway.) Also, I think Regulus should probably know her real name, but since he and Sirius aren't exactly "chummy", they wouldn't really discuss her. (Plus, as far as anyone knows, he and Lucy aren't "friends".)
I'm really, truly sorry that I confused you in this chapter. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask me: I'll clear everything up for you right away, promise. I'm glad you liked it, really glad, but I'll try my best to keep it clearer from now on, or at least try to explain things in an Author's Note, just in case.

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Review #24, by Christina The Sorting

29th August 2009:
I really like this story. Its good. But, at one point, you said second thru eighth years. Hogwarts only has seven years.

Author's Response: Yeah, I know. See, Hogwarts has seven mandatory years, right? But I decided to add an eighth optional year for those who wanted to study longer before going out and getting a job. Almost like a mini-college thing, I guess? A year for those who already graduated to do some extra work so that they might have a better shot at whatever they want to do. Almost like in school, when you have study block, only for a year. Like a grace period between school and work? I'm not quite sure how to explain it, but I figure there's got to be at least some kids who'll take the chance at another year of study and prep before trying to find a good job.
And thanks. ^-^ I'm glad you like it

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Review #25, by FluffyBunny Memories of a Past Forgotten

27th August 2009:
:) I just love it, it's so wonderful written! You've got so much talent, and you touched my heart. :)
Good Work!

Author's Response: Thanks Lara! I'm so glad you like it! I work really hard on Lucy, so knowing that people like it makes me glad. And I'm so, so happy that what I wrote touched you. ^-^ It's a good feeling, knowing that.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your review made me happy all over. (I don't get reviews often, and on top of that you said such nice things!)
PS: I hope you keep reading Lucy Potter till the end, even if you don't review anymore.

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