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Review #1, by Kenz Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

21st January 2012:
I love your stories! Please continue them! I am obsessed with all of them, they are so good and you're an amazing writer!

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Review #2, by HEE HEE I SING WITH GLEE Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

29th September 2011:

Author's Response: i really like this story, but i have been distracted as of late. i have the next chapter started, but i am unsure how to get from A to B. once I get there, have no worries. i am not one that likes to leave projects unfinished. :)

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Review #3, by Lily Rain Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

24th August 2011:
I love it but I don't know how it ends. :(
Keep writing, I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: don't worry, i do have more updates planned. i was just distracted by my other story, untold. more to come eventually!

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Review #4, by anonymus Chapter 3 - Finding A New Resolve

18th July 2011:
awesome story u have

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Review #5, by hazellilly Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

18th July 2011:
I am so in love with this story! I cant wait for your next update! though i expected lily to at least kiss James on the cheeck in this chapter after all he saved her life!

Author's Response: the lily i am writing is way too shy and scatter brained at the moment. she's going to find her gryffindor courage eventually. :)

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Review #6, by 22potterfan Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

17th July 2011:
isthere more!? im estactic to find out wqat else happens

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Review #7, by Lily Rain Chapter 2 - The Musings of Lily Evans

17th July 2011:
Your french could do with work but I love the story so far

Author's Response: lol. it's called babelfish... :P

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Review #8, by Hope's Mom Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

17th July 2011:
Such an eventful chapter! Wandless magic?! This is a very interesting Lily/James story! It is intriging to read Lily as such an unsure personality. The addition of. Alisha as James' twin makes the story unique. I hope you continue the story - thank you for sharing it with us!

Author's Response: thanks for the review! i was busy working over the untold story for htis website once more so i've had my attentions divided. i do have about 7 or so chapters left for this one in mind so eventually...

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Review #9, by pattyweasley Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

17th July 2011:
i am in love with this story, can't wait for more!

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Review #10, by nisarg_91 Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

31st May 2011:
please, please continue... i've read all 5 chapters and i cant wait anymore... i'm even done with untold story twice...i'm hooked to your stories...

Author's Response: lol. ty! i will do my best to update this one as well, now that the drama surrounding my untold story is about to be finished.

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Review #11, by wildcard Chapter 4 - Interference

4th October 2010:
I don't mean to pester or rush you, but this is my favorite story and I can't wait for the next part (I would have wrote this on the latest chapter but I've already written a review for that chapter). I know that it's probably not fair for me to ask when you have a bunch of other stories to write and update, but I can't help it. I'm really excited about the next part.

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Review #12, by wildcard Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

22nd April 2010:
Hey, love your stuff so much, there my favorite stories, especially this one!
I'm so excited for the next chapter, please please update soon!

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Review #13, by tme is fun Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

23rd January 2010:
keep up the good work. please update soon!!! i am waiting egarly and hungerly for the next chapter. if your not going to update then you shoud tell every one that your on hiatus or not continuing the story!! love it to pieces

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Review #14, by Jamesie Poo Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

16th November 2009:
No update? :(
Please! I NEED another chapter, ASAP..! There aren't many good James/Lily stories here on the site and I really liked yours in particular although the OC you created, which actually fitted in very nicely, I really liked Alisha's character btw. :D
Oh, and please do try to continue the story.. I'll be waiting. (:
GL with the writing anyways! :P

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Review #15, by yan Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

20th August 2009:
This is a good story, so I want to read more! Please...please...please update!

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Review #16, by Alex Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

17th July 2009:
Can barely wait for a update, fantastic story as in your other James/Lily fic. I think i must have read both of them 4 times hahaha. Keep up the great writing.

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Review #17, by RonNiffler Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

15th April 2009:
Haha. I love James and Lily stories! Well great chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: i'm happy to hear that you liked the latest chapter! i will do my best to update soon, but i am immersed in BAR prep at the moment. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Miss_Marauder Chapter 4 - Interference

13th April 2009:
"Completely free-will"
"Alisha dragged her here! By the hair and everything!"

I love it.
I love your story.
its fantastic.
siriusly... :D

You know we love you.
Miss Marauder.

Author's Response: lol. i loved writing sirius saying that. i was cracking up too. i'm glad you like the story. thanks so much for reviewing! ;)

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Review #19, by anon Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

11th April 2009:
I love the story! I love finding good writers. Please update soon

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed the story so far! i will update as soon as i can!

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Review #20, by nss112 Chapter 1 - The Other Potter

25th March 2009:
Hey there!

I'm Nisha, a new reader & fan of yours! I've read this first chapter, and can't wait to begin with the next. But its around 2 am now. :P

Seriously, LOVED your 1st chapter. B'ful work... take care! :)

Author's Response: i'm always happy to have a new reader! i'm glad you liked the chapter and the different storyline. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Fran Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

24th March 2009:
I really love this story!! When I first started it, I was a bit wary because of you giving James a twin. Usually made-up characters in fan-fiction are kind of annoying, but yours is fabulous!! This is one the best fan fics I have ever read - can't wait for the next chapter! Thanks for sharing this with us all!

Author's Response: yea! i'm always so excited to hear people embrace the idea of AU, well, when it works or the author tries to make it work. i'm glad that you think mine does. i wanted to do something completely different from my other story. thanks so much for reviewing! ;)

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Review #22, by siddhi Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

24th March 2009:
hey aly.
amazin story telling, this chapter is awesome..
pls update asap, both the stories...

Author's Response: i'm glad you enjoyed the chapter, and i am so busy right now. i will do my best to update both of my stories as soon as things settle a bit.

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Review #23, by Aine Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

23rd March 2009:
Wow!!! I loved it!! The chapter was amazing!! But how in the world the death eaters got in the castle? I also loved the whole James/Lily interaction, seems like Lily has started to notice there's definitely something there and Alisha, hahaha I just love the girl even though she wasn't that much in this chapter. Keep up the good work, can't wait to read some more from both of your stories :)

Author's Response: i'm happy to hear that you enjoyed the chapter and you like alisha (i know a lot of people were on the fence about her initially until i got to develop her a bit) and all the james/ lily interaction (my favorite part of the chapter, naturally). as for the death eaters, i'm sure there are ways into the forbidden forest that might not be as protected as they could be, and the protean portkey of the dark mark might be untraceable, but that's just my opinion, as i'm coming up with that guess on the spot... lol. i just knew they would be able to get in somehow, if they wanted. although, as you can see, it's not something that was thought through because they were easily caught. thanks for reviewing, and i will do my best to update soon!

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Review #24, by lili_flower Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

22nd March 2009:
yayyy.. another chapter.. im so happy :D
how sad is it dat im so patheticaly hooked 2 ur stories.. dat a new chaptr can make my day :P. bt den again IT is james potter we'r talkin abt ;) lol

Author's Response: hmmm, james potter. i agree. lol. i'm glad my chapter made your day, and i wish i had something ready to post right now, but my writing time is close to nil as i'm stuck prepping for the BAR exam. i will update as soon as i can. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by yan Chapter 5 - Unexpected Visitors

22nd March 2009:
nice. seems like lily and james are getting closer. can you be quick with the next chapter? i really want to read it.

Author's Response: i'm glad you noticed the closeness element, but it's still a closeness neither one of them can really see or understand yet because they're too stubborn and prideful. my life is a whirlwind right now so writing time is kind of scarce. i will update as soon as i can. thanks for reviewing!

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