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Reading Reviews for Dream Come True
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Review #1, by magicmuggle01 Chapter Nine: Live and Loathe, or Lethal Love

22nd November 2010:
Dream come true is a fantastic story. Have read upto chapter 9 for now (to busy to read further) will read rest when I get a chance. I give you 10/10 so far, and I have a funny feeling this will be a 10/10 at the end when I reach chapter 16. Have added you to both favourite author and story lists. Will read your other stories soon and then review them.



P.S. Please feel free to read my first story Daughter Of Voldemort (my first attempt at a story) and let me know what you thing. I also have another (1st chapter of another story) going through validation as I write this review. So catch you later.

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Review #2, by Michelle Epilogue

9th March 2006:
please email me at princessmiki1@yahoo.com and tell me!!!

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Review #3, by Michelle Epilogue

9th March 2006:
hey i like it!!!! but what happens in the end? they live right but what happens to fred+Jennie?

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Review #4, by fallinforharry Epilogue

2nd January 2005:
aww!! so sad!! i wish they woulda gotten together!!

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Review #5, by Amy your toucan Epilogue

2nd August 2004:
I love your banner!

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Review #6, by Amy Epilogue

10th July 2004:
SAMMI!!!! I'm leaving a review since you told me to...and I like the story..hehe...

Author's Response: no one leaves longer reviews than you! wow...haha. thank you very much. Angelo insists I tell you he said "hi" 9_9

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Review #7, by steph Epilogue

14th June 2004:
eep i love how it ends! Sammi your such a good flippin writer! Keep writing babe! Love ya bye... and the story was awesome!

Author's Response: You lie, haha. Endofall sucks!!! I will keep writing because even though i know i suck, i like to. LMAO! oddities...But thanks!!! You make me feel good, my sexy giraffe!!!

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Review #8, by windforce Epilogue

12th June 2004:
good story

Author's Response: Thank You!!!

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Review #9, by jessie Chapter 13: I am a Death Eater.

2nd June 2004:
lol cool chapter. i didn't really think 'ol voldie really fit the charactier jk rowling put for him with the whole "just get it over w/" thing, but hey! its your story!!!! UPDATE!!! i love it!! there are like.. no other really great stories to read except yours!!! lol update soon!

Author's Response: AWWWW! Thank you! You're way too kind! I think I'm a horrible writer but I write because I like to...haha. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much for the kind review! It really means a lot to me. ^_^ And I'll definatly update soon just for you! Oh and by the way- There are about 3 or 4 chapters until it's over!!! I know sad...haha! Thanks again! ^_^

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Review #10, by nat_rulz Chapter One: The Letter

29th May 2004:
it was quite good, bit short tho.... keep up the good work

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Review #11, by the sexy wombat! Chapter One: The Letter

27th May 2004:
Sammi i love it, it's soo good, you are a really good writer keep it up hun!

Author's Response: Love, thank you for the review. One problem. You are the sexy giraffe. haha!!! you stole my name!!!

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Review #12, by jessie Chapter Ten: Belonging to Evil

15th May 2004:
HEYY!!!!!!! whats up w/ mrs. weasley?!??! whoa, i'm confused!!! but PLEASE continue!!!!! update soon!!!

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Review #13, by Addicted to Reading Chapter Nine: Live and Loathe, or Lethal Love

12th April 2004:
WOW! This is a GREAT story! You're a terrific author! I couldn't stop reading, and I won't be able to sleep peacefully until the story's finished, so HURRY AND FINISH IT! hehe..LOL. j/k But, really, it's GREAT!

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Review #14, by Amy the toucan Chapter Nine: Live and Loathe, or Lethal Love

7th April 2004:
OMG! This was a really good chapter. I liked it. I can't wait until the next one and you know that lol.

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Review #15, by jessie Chapter Nine: Live and Loathe, or Lethal Love

6th April 2004:
hey!! good chapter! i've been wondering when you were gunna update. whoa, jennie totally went beserk in this one, why won't she just tell the dream??? i mean, even if just the words or something... OH WELL!!! good chapter!!!

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Review #16, by the anna the banana Chapter One: The Letter

4th April 2004:
what i must do to make my sammi satisfied and content ._. I LOVE YOUR STORY SAMMI! U MUST CONTINUE!!!!!!!! :D XD!!!!!!.....i hope your happy, this took up valuable time hahaha jk, keep writing!!! i wuv u ^-^

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Review #17, by Amy the toucan Chapter Eight: Rendevous

29th March 2004:
I don't like Danny! Jennie is for Fred's...liking only! O_O wow...that sounded wrong... Anyway, I liked this chapter lol. Surprise surprise. Add a next chapter quick or I'll send my evil henchmen potatoes out to get you. O:-)

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Review #18, by darkbeauty Chapter Seven: Diagon Alley

22nd March 2004:
haha, great! please update soon! rating: 10/10

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Review #19, by darkbeauty Chapter Six: Eavesdropping

20th March 2004:
interesting....could there be a possibility of Fred and Jennie getting together? that would be interesting...rating: as always, a 10

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Review #20, by darkbeauty Chapter Five: The Girl In Slytherin

20th March 2004:
haha! she does a temper. good one! rating: 10/10

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Review #21, by darkbeauty Chapter Four: Welcome to The Order

20th March 2004:
good chappie! rating: 10/10

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Review #22, by darkbeauty Chapter Three: Dumbledore

20th March 2004:
how cool! great chappie! rating: 10/10

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Review #23, by darkbeauty Chapter Two: The Plane

20th March 2004:
dun dun dun! suspence! more please! rating: 10/10 p.s. AND THE PLOT THICKENS! hehehehehehe....

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Review #24, by darkbeauty Chapter One: The Letter

20th March 2004:
this is great! i automatically clicked on it without reading the summary because i know anything by u is good! how could i be so behind? i must read on! rating: 10/10

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Review #25, by jessie Chapter Seven: Diagon Alley

20th March 2004:
totally tight!!!!! so what about that slytherin girl?? whats gunna happen with her??? update soon!!! good chapter!

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