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Review #1, by MrsMosley one-shot

15th May 2011:
I enjoyed this story.

Author's Response: thank you so much for the kind words!

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Review #2, by disgirl0 one-shot

7th September 2009:
ahaha..i loved this one too!! h/ of my fav ships!! i love how u ended this one..very interesting, and that last line! ahaha...i just loved it!!

Author's Response: ooo, a harmony fan?! yay! and thank you so much for the ego bolstering review, meant the world to me!

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Review #3, by MrsMosley one-shot

8th August 2009:
Exactly what I was looking for: a well-written, romantic but not too gushy, H/Hr one-shot. Thanks!


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Review #4, by Timechild one-shot

23rd July 2009:
"I silence him with a kiss, he talks too much anyway." LOL. That is just so funny. Did you mean it to be that way? I like how they went through the gambit of emotions here from friends to strangers to friends again. You put nice detail into the fic.

Nicely written

Author's Response: lol, yes i did... hopefully that's not a bad thing... hopefully...

thank you so much for your kind words!

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Review #5, by Dmali one-shot

10th July 2009:
yay!!! i liked it. well done. didnt feel rushed or anything, i could see the sequence of events and the their interactions playing out over a period of time.nicely written.

Author's Response: oh thank you so much, that means the world to me to ear, esp b/c this is one of those pieces (for me) that i was a bit skeptical about... in terms of realism, flow, etc.

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Review #6, by long_live_luna_bellatrix one-shot

18th April 2009:
Argh. I'm so sorry for taking so long. I took a few weeks off frm HPFF to finish up other things in my life... and didn't get to reviewing. Sorry. But I still enjoyed the story a month after recieving the request.

I liked how you wrote Harry and Hermione, they didn't seem too different after the war, which how some people present them. I don't usualy go for Harry/Hermiones, but this was very enjoyable. I liked how it jumped from day to day, not bothering with useless information in between. You wrote Hermione's angush beautifully.

It was incredibly written, you could feel every single emotion. 10/10


Author's Response: but better late than never, too! thank you so much for this wonderful review, it means more than you can imagine to hear this news, truly. i am very insecure as far as my writing is concerned, so hearing this truly means the world to me!

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Review #7, by Ariana_Gryffindor one-shot

19th May 2008:
hey this is Ariana from the forums here to review.
i liked this is was very well written and you do very well when it comes to descriptive writing and analogies.

Your grammar and spelling was good too i only found to mistakes which i will point out to you.
"but fell free to continue with the compliments" ~ fell should be feel.
"Ron used to call be “brilliant, but crazy.”" be should be me.

Other than that i liked it. They did a lot of dancing didn't they, i think it was three times and i love how you made Harry i hopless dancer it the first time they danced and he stepped on her foot was very well written.

That's all i have to say
Keep writing
Steph @0o0@

Author's Response: oh thank you so much, that was soi kind of you to say

as for all of the dancing, yeah, this was actually an entry for bella's beatles songs challenge and i got the song dance with you (if you look at the quote in the beginnign it's from the song) so i felt i shoudl pay homage to that by havign it as a headlinign activity in this fic


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Review #8, by Lilyput one-shot

11th May 2008:
You like your Harry/Hermione ones then.

I've liked your other stories, but by default I hate harry/hermione. Even if JK wrote a one-shot pairing them herself I would hate it. (even though she never would because its a bad match)

Author's Response: umm... okay?

i dont really understand, i still write lily/james, coming out with a one-shot, and am posting a new multi-chap fic about them as well...

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Review #9, by Femme_Fatale one-shot

8th May 2008:
This was great. I loved it! And I love Harry/Hermione. Feel free to post on my thread with any other stories you may want me to take a look at

Author's Response: aw thank you, that's so kind of you to say!

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Review #10, by queen_luna one-shot

7th May 2008:
Hi, this is queen_luna here to review as requested :)

First of all, I read your disclaimer and I was like "Ah! You HAVE to read the books! Only because they're AMAZING." Seriously :P

As a whole, this one-shot was very enjoyable to read. I like post-Hogwarts H/Hr, and I really like reading about this type of scenario--when they get caught up in the world and don't know what to do. I do have a few pointers for you:

1. Your time cues ("one week later," "the next evening," etc) are a little abrupt. I would try working them into the actual story.
2. Hermione seems a little OOC and quite honestly, the word "damn" appears too much for a story from the POV of a girl like Hermione. But then again, fanfiction is likely to be OOC and you presented an interesting side of Hermione that is fun to read :)
3. There were a few grammar errors, typos I'm sure, that could be easily fixed with a thorough proofread or the help of a beta.

So, I think you represented the Beatles song very well with all the social galas and parties Harry and Hermione danced at. And the ending, with the kiss, is very sweet and cute. Great job. Keep writing!


Author's Response: lol, i just never thot that they were really any good. i did read them, 1-6, but never got into them

glad to hera that you enjoyed it

1. makes sense, i'll deffinitley consider going back and fixing that!
2. well i guess i figured with maturity there would also come an acceptance for that sort of thing (esp when ron was her best friend) one that makes her more acceptable of it-- and even willign to use it when depressed or angry, you know?
3. yeah, i'm putting in a beta request this wkend, thanks for reminding me to, i;'ve been meanign to do that one!

ooh, so glad to hear i represented the beatles song as i wasnt too sure how well i pulled that off lol

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