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7th August 2011:
Your opening three lines gripped me and hooked me immeditetly :) They where really creative and do tell me how do you use big words to describe a situation or secenario...

-The others brought their own things to the table: bravery, loyalty, fidelity, intelligence, wit, cunning, faith… But I was the one with the dream. I was the one who made it happen.
I wouldn't even know these words properly unless my Beta changed it for me or I had the dictonary in front of me!! ^.^

Well done on that.

Yes I did think it was Helga, you sneaky person. I really didn't even know it was Salazar until you mentioned Rowena and Godric, which then only left one main character ^.^ Well written there.

I like how he explained that he is not a liar and that he accepts that what is done is done. The way this story was written was amazing. You went from past tense to current tense, and generally noone can do that very well, but you did! It worked *Applaudes*

I promise I did not judge Salazar for his ways, and nor will I ever. - Wow old english is starting to rub off on me :P - but I think that the part where you wrote about Perfection was great. Because that's all Salazar ever wanted really wasn't it, was power - Voldermort much - and perfection. He couldn't teach those who didn't have magic in their blood.

Silly Wizards- Pfft - ;)

Well done on a magical story... if your still on the Archive I would love too see more from you in the future ^.^

Forum Name: MyMyMiss
House: Slytherin.

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