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21st July 2012:
Wow, I clicked 'Random Story' button and your story came up - lets just say, I am glad I pressed the button... However, I see you haven't updated in a while, and that its a WIP - well, please! Keep writing!

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Review #2, by sworntofun_loyaltonone OF ULTIMATUMS, SNACKS AND HALLUCINATIONS

29th January 2009: favorite chapter so far. this story rocks! Reggie is my homie!!

Just a few grammatic errors.

Author's Response: :D BIG SMILE

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Review #3, by sworntofun_loyaltonone OF EVIL PLOTTING, MIRRORS AND ODDITIES

29th January 2009:
oooh. crap... I seriously loved the drama. sirius is getting quite clingy to her too...

There were more grammatic errors than usual...

Author's Response: Blame the luck of sleep. LOL. Sirius is really getting close to her. But in case you didn't notice, you'll soon find out why that is. ;)
Thanks for reading.
You're reviewer n° 30. Congrats! Not that I'm counting or anything. :S LOL

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Review #4, by sworntofun_loyaltonone OF PRETZELS, UNEXPECTED NEWS AND HAPPY BEGINNINGS

29th January 2009:
poor sirius... this story is heating up and I love it! Regulus rox!

There were a few places where the dialougue seemed rushed. check for that...

Author's Response: UHHH, I've been caught! Lol... Actually you're right. There're some places where I rushed, trying to update as soon as possible. Sorry, for that. But I hope it's still legible.
Indeed poor Sirius. I'm really happy you get to like Regulus so much. Not many people get to do that. And it was my intention from day one, for you to see it my way. So bravo!
Keep on reading. I hope you like it.

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29th January 2009:
FINE... Ill admit regulus doesn't seem so bad, but still

Can some one give poor sirius a hug cause thats gotta suck

And please get remus and marlene together, pretty please with ice cream and a cheery on top.

Until next time, ciao! dont make next time to far away though

Author's Response: I surely will not. Soon enough the chapter will be validated. And I get that it's hard to admit Regulus isn't that bad of a guy, so applauses for you! [CLAPPING AUDIENCE]
Sirius does get many hughs from his oh so called girls of the week, maybe this time he'll have to fight for a real hugh.
Thank you again! You know I love your reviews and well, cheers!

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28th January 2009:
HOLY SHIT!!! wow! ok soo this story is sooo original!! i mean regulus, i've always pictured him being a jerk when he was at hogwart. but here he is being such a sweetheart! i love this fanfic. the characters are hilarious!! reallu funny!!!
10/10 please update ASAP!

Author's Response: You have me from HOLY SHIT! Lol... Well, I'm really happy you liked it. Why is Regulus always pictured as the Chuck Bass guy?? Why??? Well, you'll find out more about him and why he is that way, the good and the bad in next chappies. I'll update ASAP, as you ordered ma'am. :)
A big WHOA for the review.

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Review #7, by sworntofun_loyaltonone OF ENCOUNTERS, SHOES AND SELF-PROVIDED ADVICE

28th January 2009:
oh. I liked that final paragraph.. I adore characters that make me think and yours are definately some of them. I like regulus. your getting much better at writing just from this... not much to pick out...

Author's Response: Aw... it's so cute! Thank you for your review. Happy you liked the last paragraph. I really don't know where I got the inspiration from, but when I finished typing it I was like... WOW, this actually isn't that bad.
And so I chose it for the banner thing.
The characters are kinda weird, aren't they? Well, I guess it has to do with the fact that I'm weird as well. Lol!
Keep on reading. Loved your review :)

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Review #8, by sworntofun_loyaltonone OF MEETINGS, SILLY KISSES AND MISTAKES

28th January 2009:
Ok...forgot to tell you... but your banner is AMAZING! I ked this chap caused it showed charlie's more thoughtful side and, of course, there is regulus... I love drama...

personally.. i think your writing has improved from the last chap to this one... but there are still a few sentances and bitty things that could smoothen out

Author's Response: Thank you again! Lol :)
Regarding the many mistakes I tend to make while writing, I'd be very grateful if you could point some of them out next time. So I actually know what is it that I'm messing with.

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Review #9, by sworntofun_loyaltonone OF MAYHEM, SWEETS AND PURPLE BANANAS

28th January 2009:
okie dokie.. this is my new favorite story I've read! And I've read a lot... She reminds me of me and my best firend... yes, you should be frightened. Absolutely adore charlie & Marlene... and the portrayal of characters. personality was good and long chapter [thank you!] And it was absolutely hilarious!

There were a few grammatic errors and runons here and there so just watch for those... but all in all



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28th January 2009:
Regulus is such a cornball! A cute cornball, but a ball of corn none the less.

This was a good chapter... kind of panic inducing with the whole drowning drama. I really like how you keep Regulus a Slytherin with all the Slytheriny traits instead of going with the whole 'He's so nice and sweet I have no clue why he's in Slytherin. He should be a Gryffindor,' type of thing that seems done if somebody does mention him in a positive way.

I really liked all the heads we got to see into in this chapter.

Good chapter, update soon?!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! LOL. I'll surely update soon. Right now I'm also working on another story, so I first have to update there. But after that thing is taken care of I'll devote myself to this. Promise!
I like to keep Regulus like that. Sometimes you fall in love with the bad guy and that's it. You just love the good and the bad in him. Nobody is perfect and the whole 'It turned out that in the end he was a good guy' is a big fat lie. They all have something dark in them and that's what makes it more interesting.
Glad you can share my point of view!

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Review #11, by siriuslyawesome OF EVIL PLOTTING, MIRRORS AND ODDITIES

28th January 2009:
two weeks notice anyone ???

Maybe regulus seems so happy about the idea of walking into the great hall with her because it will show his buddies he is doing the task set up for him, even thought he may have real feelings for her i think he will end up hurting her for his so called friends cause he is already in deep...

I loved that caroline who is this clingy girly girl punched out charlie even though that sucks.

Remus should just listen to charlie, and whoops he almost let slip sirius's ittsy bittsy crush

Author's Response: I can't reveal too much about it. But you'll soon find out about Regulus' intentions. Anyways, here is a piece of advice, don't relate what you know or have been told about him in other fanfics because I'm trying to build a new, a completely different character.
People don't really get into too deep when it comes to Regulus and he has been a character that I feel connected to. I've always been what others want me to be, trying to be perfect in every aspect of my life and I admire him because at the end he stood up to all that shit and did it in a humble way. He was a hero in some way, 'cos he lead Dumbledore towards the horocruxes and he didn't brag about it. He was a silent hero.
Is it too obvious I love him? Lol... Keep on reading and thank you for reviewing. :)

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28th January 2009:
I can not believe that i have not reviewed in sooo long.

Well any who
Regulus seems like sweetie but im a hard core sirius fan, i love reggie being a good guy but i still think that telling ur friends ur with her to get to her brother is like those guys who brag abut how far they think they can get.

I loved marlene, hangovers can be horrid poor girl but remus is a winner nancy was a great side character too so props to you : )

Stupid sirius u do not make out with barbies when u want someone else does not set a good example... But obv charly was not comfortable with sirius knowing she is going to see reggie, mixed feelings anyone ?

Author's Response: LOL... thank god someone got it... it was my intention to let you see that she likes regulus very much but i also wanted you readers to suspect that there's something in stock for sirius too.
I'm glad you liked the characters. And yeah, regulus has many flaws, but he's only human, you'll soon grow to like him. He's a sweetie!
Charlie has mixed feelings indeed, but sirius does too. Oh, hormones! Lol
Hope you like it, and keep on reading. I promise you'll love it... I'll try to ;)

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27th January 2009:
I love that Sirius thinks he knows it all! Best lines ever! Ahhh, the one with many enemies. Ive heard about her, children fear her and men get terrorized by just hearing her name. Shes a legend. and Eyes can mislead, smiles can lie, but shoes always tell the truth. It was awesome!

Author's Response: You don't imagine how honoured I am... I mean, I love your stories! They're so cool. I was really delirious when I wrote most of the chapters, lol. Really, writing this means for me getting rid of all madness that I can actually apply to real life. Go figure.
I also like the fact that Sirius knows, but now I have to see what he does with that knowledge which is so much harder. I just don't want him to sit around and wait for everything to fall down if it really falls. So we'll see.

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27th January 2009:
Show me a woman who doesnt feel guilt and Ill show you a man. I scoffed. LOVE IT! SO TRUE!But you should watch your grammer it's one of those things that if you just re read the sentence you would be like "oh!" I do it too but my friend Tina points out my mistakes and i fix them. PS: Brothers are trouble!

Author's Response: I know my grammar sucks, big deal! The thing is that I don't have a Tina friend. I'm from Argentina and here many people can't speak English and those who actually can, do it just to pass the class or get a digree at uni. So it's a quite mediocre English. Mine isn't much better, but I still love it and that's why I'd rather write in English and read as well.
If you find something, don't hesitate, point it out. I'd be very glad to know. :)
And yeah, brothers are certainly trouble. But so are sisters ;)

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27th January 2009:
Please tell why there is always a Bridget? Pink is a color not a lifestyle! Oh and I absolutely love Charlotte! I love her quirkness! The banter is quite amusing!

Author's Response: Mm, I sense some attachment towards pink colour. Lol! Well, it's a prejudice... pink girl = bimbo girl... and believe it or not, sometimes prejudices help a writer personify the character more accurately.
I'm glad you liked Charlotte. I like the fact that she's quite naive and still pretty savvy. You'll find out more about her, hopefully.
Cheers! And thanks for your several reviews which are so welcome!

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3rd June 2008:
this is equally random and amusing. i don't want to like regulus, but you have written him very well indeed, so well done for the characterisations! poor sirius though, how will he win this bet i wonder. . . . ?!

Author's Response: We'll see... One thing is for sure. It'll be really hard work for him to earn the girl's love.
Is random good? Lol
Thank you for your review :)

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Review #17, by napoleonsolo OF MEETINGS, SILLY KISSES AND MISTAKES

3rd June 2008:
love your writing style, and this chapter had a great mix of dialogue, descriptive writing and character details. again, very amusing. poor charlotte, torn between the two black brothers on her first day back!

Author's Response: Really, I think it was too much drama for one day. :S My bad.
But I don't think she's so torn between them. As a matter of a fact, I believe she had her priorities in mind the whole time. It's just that I have to make it more interesting for you. Lol!
Thanks again. And I'm glad you liked the style. I bet there are quite a bunch of errors though. :S

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Review #18, by napoleonsolo OF MAYHEM, SWEETS AND PURPLE BANANAS

3rd June 2008:
very, very amusing! i love the way this is written and charlie & marlene are absolutely hilarious. great first chapter!

Author's Response: They are quite a pair. Aren't they? Marlene and Charlie are in fact really crazy. But crazy is good.
We've too much normalcy around. :)
Keep on reading. I'll do my best to perform better in future chappies.
Your review is very welcome.

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24th May 2008:
Hotmail eats my emails on a regular basis, sadly. I tried again however and I will try once more if it didn't work this time.

I did enjoy this chapter, but I think you need to re-read more carefully. Some of this chapter wasn't that clear; the words got a little muddled.

For example when Sirius said: “Just don’t get hurt. And don’t fall in love with what he shows you to be.”

"-what he shows you to be." doesn’t make much scene, did you mean something like "what he shows you to be him" or "the person he shows you he is."?

also "-I drew my hand to the place his hand was resting and moved it out of his face." doesn't flow well, also it's not to clear exactly what it happening. , it would be better to say "I reached up and moved his hand away from his face."

but on the story and character side, this chapter is good. we see more of everyone, get to know them better. I look forward to seeing how Sirius will try to make Charlie jealous.

Author's Response: Oh, I got the mail yesterday, so I could read your complete review. I didn't know you were dyslexic... but let me tell you that you write far too good, though. Well, the problem you have with your writing I have it as well with mine, but in my case it's because I'm from Argentina and I'm a Spanish native speaker, so imagine. If oneself never gets to know his/her own language how am I supposed to learn everything about a different one?
I'll have in mind your advice. I really appreciate that 'cos it helps me with my writing which I'm not very good at, as you can see and I'm having an exam in a couple of months. I don't know if you've heard about the C.A.E. it's an advance level... then I'm going into the Proficiency. I want to have as good management of English as it's possible for a non English native speaker to have. Meaning a lot of hard work. So when I get help from people, I know I'm improving little by little and I know it's something good for me, so don't be afraid to correct me whenever you think something does not fit properly.
I have a friend who is also dyslexic and we've Keira Nightley and many actors and actresses who are as well... and they have gone really far in life... So I appreciate the fact that you write even when it's not easy for you. My mum always says that it's simple to do things the easy way but when you do it the other way around, results are magnificent.
So, good luck with your stories and thanks for the reviews you generously left here. I'll edit the story and correct the mistakes you pointed out.

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23rd May 2008:
hi! so what can i say
it's great and let me tell you again and again that charlie in some way reflects ¿? your personality
love you girl

Author's Response: hahaha, i got out of msn yesterday so i didn't give you the chance to critise, did i?
well, girl, i love you too
cheers, barbie!

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Review #21, by emocut_or_blackrox OF ENCOUNTERS, SHOES AND SELF-PROVIDED ADVICE

22nd May 2008:
so random
so so random
very random
extremely random
so random that it is brilliant
update soon!
random person lol!

Author's Response: when i read this review i thought you disliked the story, but when you encouraged me to keep on writing beacuse I'm random, everything clicked in the right place. I'm not the only insane person, there're others like me. It's not the fact that you call the story random, beacuse honestly, I don't even know myself the meaning, purpose or goal of PURPLE BANANAS. But you're crazy because you found out it's random and you liked it. And for that fair lady, I will try to write the next chappie as fast as my brain allows me... which isn't very fats give the fact that it's quite busy right now, studying for the tests and all that. But I'll do what I can. Let's make the world become insanely crazy! :)

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20th May 2008:
Well, you have me thinking! I really like Regulus' character, but I love Sirius too! I have to admit though - I like Regulus more, I'm incredibly sorry to say... :(

Aww! Sirius hugged her! I guess I think it's cute because I picture it in a brotherly way... if it wasn't, I guess I wouldn't of been "aw"-ish.

I wonder how Sirius is gonna make her jealous...

Update soon!

Author's Response: I really liked your review, 'cos it means I have accomplished my goals which is make you doubt which one is the one. And to be honest I don't know yet, but what I can't decide, destiny shall... and you may not understand now, but I assure you'll in the near future.
So, Regulus, he's quite the guy, isn't he? But well, I guess that the image of perfection that he shows isn't going to stay there for too long. Everyone have a kinf of a facade, and Regulus isn't the exception.
About Sirius, well yeah, the hug was pretty brotherly but it was also those kind of hugs that brothers who aren't brothers give to girls, meaning he fancy her pants off. :P
And about jelousy, it will be quite a show back there.
Thankz for your amazing review and keep in touch.

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19th May 2008:
That was really great and very funny. Can't wait for more!!! B)

Author's Response: lovely review and well... you don't have to wait to much for the next to come... It's just that it will be something out of the ordinary, so it needs a lot of thought. When you try something new, it usually happens that it can turn out to be a terrific success or a completely disaster, so I'm putting all my mind in it to be the first one. Meaning, it won't take too long but you'll have to wait a little more than what I usually make you wait. But you'll see it's worth it.
Till then ;)

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Review #24, by Columba_the dove OF MEETINGS, SILLY KISSES AND MISTAKES

17th May 2008:
i like this story, it's funny.
i sent you a email, see that for full review!

Author's Response: I didn't get the mail, I'm crushed by guilt... You wrote an e-mail for me and the sodding computer, Internet, hotmail or whatever isn't decent enough to send it to me.
Well, I guess you don't have to, but if you happen to have another copy of what you wrote, or saved the info in the e-mail, you can send it to me... But if you don't, it's ok, don't worry... I won't put you through the pain of having to write another one just beacuse this thing doesn't work. I appreciate the review and... well, that's all.
Just, thank you very very very much, and I'm sorry... DOWN WITH HOTMAIL!

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4th May 2008:
funny, me like. write more!

Author's Response: will do ;) you read, i write... life's order
thankz... review funny, me laugh

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