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Review #1, by naflower05 Chapter 3

6th July 2011:
interesting story so far. cant wait to see where this goes, update again soon. =]

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Review #2, by Sev Chapter 2

27th April 2010:
This is a very intruging story and I VANT MORE!
i just love vampire stories (u kno, just the ones in the hp world) AND I VANT MORE

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Review #3, by florenin2u Captured

20th April 2008:
my god, that was amazing.
i read and read and kept on reading
i don't understand why these boring people don't leave reviews. 'cos actually i loved the story.
and let me tell you i have a fetish for vampire's stories. they're so dark and misterious, and they have to struggle with their inner self
i remember there was a great story about a vampire. it was regulus/oc.
and that introduced me into the world of fantastic vampire's stories which i fell in love with.
and i really likes this one because unlike the rest it tells you the story of the girl. why she became what she is. who she really is. and is it a wrog guess or the one with white hair is my beloved dumbledore.
m. i'm smelling success :)
so keep on writting girl
be sure you'll have a review from me in every chapter you write. and don't let your hopes down, cos eventually people start leaving coments after a week or so
i also have a sirius/oc
two in fact
one is in the process of being updated. so if you wanna give it a read, you're very welcome

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