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Review #1, by Flower n Prongs A Gift For Evans?

21st April 2009:
First off, I'd like to say that I am so, so sorry for not reviewing this for nearly a year! I completely disappeared off the surface of the Harry Potter world, so I didn't even see the response to this challenge. But, now that I am back, I think you should get a well deserved review.

First and foremost, I think the idea of James almost buying Lily medicine for Christmas was priceless. Especially with his reaction when the clerk asked what her symptoms were. Sirius's response was very witty too, and it seems like something he would definitely say. I bet he wouldn't let poor James live this one down for awhile.

This was short, but cute. Definitely humorous as well, which is usually not something I say to fan fiction writers. Good job and sorry for reviewing several months late. I enjoyed it. =)

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Review #2, by csh A Gift For Evans?

29th March 2009:
It was very funny. Keep writing.

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Review #3, by Accio Malfoy A Gift For Evans?

11th February 2009:
Cool really funny LOL

Accio Malfoy ;~)

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Review #4, by sreduaram A Gift For Evans?

30th January 2009:
haha only the marauders could be caught in such a situation :P
its really good! xx

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Review #5, by katey A Gift For Evans?

6th May 2008:
silly boys=)
this was fun, good one.

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Review #6, by harrylilyjames A Gift For Evans?

22nd April 2008:
awe... i was smiling like a dork at the end. =]
It was really sweet, even though it was really short.
But i still loved it!! haha.poor james.

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Review #7, by Ron A Gift For Evans?

21st April 2008:
that was really very funny.
do write more like this...

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Review #8, by luvlunageorgefred A Gift For Evans?

21st April 2008:
He he! dat was funni!
keep writin'

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Review #9, by Weasleys Forever A Gift For Evans?

21st April 2008:
This is really well written, and very amusing.

Poor James. Us muggles can be very confusing!

Keep writing.

Author's Response: Hehe, we are aren't we!? I'm sure that if I was stuck in their world I'd be just as confused though.

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