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Review #1, by Adahmel Beauty In the broken

27th January 2016:
Update! Please. Loving it!

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Review #2, by Pet Voldemort Beauty In the broken

28th December 2013:
Hey when r u going to finish the story. This was put up in 2008 and now it's almost 2014. Please Finish writing it.

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Review #3, by janepotter Beauty In the broken

23rd October 2013:
God's!! Update please!!

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Review #4, by iona deady Beauty In the broken

14th June 2013:
Where did you, you have not imploded nearly 5 years

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Review #5, by Michaela S Beauty In the broken

15th March 2012:
Where are you?! It's been YEARS since the last update on this sequel and I was really enjoying this story! If you ever get the chance to continue, please do so! By the way, LOVED the first story, Pushing the Brink of Insanity. Amazing!

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Review #6, by just me Beauty In the broken

23rd February 2012:
Hi! today I read both of your stories and I thini they're great. I havent read hpff in a long time and to speak the truth Im only doing so because I dont have the time to actually buy new books. I know with the ending of the books and movie it feels a little pointless to continue but I really think that if you find the time you should continue your work because you're really good. You have a talent girl!

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Review #7, by Georgia Beauty In the broken

17th February 2012:
I think it's time for you to continue this story. You've had a four year break now start again! It's too good to be abandoned.

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Review #8, by RandomRyter Beauty In the broken

19th December 2011:
I really wish you would update this, I am so curious as to where it goes.

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Review #9, by mackenziee3 Beauty In the broken

29th November 2011:
you should finish this, the two are definatly my favourite... You're an amaing writer :D

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Review #10, by HartOfARebel Beauty In the broken

11th July 2011:
You haven't updated this since 2008, are you done with it??? Please say your not. I loved the first story but wasn't a member on this so I don't think I ever reviewed. I did leave my email though and you used email me about updates ha! It took me ages to find your emails from then so I could get the name of your story! You should continue this on!!! =]

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Review #11, by Silent At First Beauty In the broken

29th June 2011:
please hurry up with the next chapter i luv ur story

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Review #12, by malfoydraco Beauty In the broken

5th February 2011:
I can't wait for the next chapter. (I read the first book just to let you know). It seems really interesting. I really like both books! You're a good writer you describe but isn't so detailed that it takes five minutes to get trough the first paragraph. Can't wait for the next one. Bye!

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Review #13, by dobby4ever Beauty In the broken

17th December 2010:
omg PLEASE post more, you're amazing!!!

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Review #14, by anonymous Beauty In the broken

1st October 2010:
Brilliant start to a sequel, im looking forward to reading the rest of it. Cant wait to see what happens on the date and Dracos reaction to the picture :)

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Review #15, by <69 Beauty In the broken

16th June 2010:
i really like your story and i do hope you'll finish it and update soon!:)

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Review #16, by ariana7 Beauty In the broken

2nd March 2010:
I really liked the first story and this one just continues to amaze me... you are a very talented author!

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Review #17, by MySoulSinger Beauty In the broken

1st March 2010:
Hey, I was wondering about when your gonna post again. It's been like a year since the last chappy. I hope you post another chappy soon. PLEASE!

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Review #18, by adluvshp Beauty In the broken

27th February 2010:
hey there. awesome work. i have a feeling this fic is going to be better than insanity. anyways, please do update more soon.!

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Review #19, by IS bookworm Beauty In the broken

28th December 2009:
OOH!! I loved it! Please update! It's so awesome and I really want it to be finished. You're a really good writer! It was a little confusing at the beginning but now I think I understand what's going on. :7)

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Review #20, by Nikkipotter Beauty In the broken

13th December 2009:
hey u so need to update. u got a great story and sequel now just update

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Review #21, by icefire Beauty In the broken

28th October 2009:
Very nice. Please update!

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Review #22, by Happyfeetthatsme Beauty In the broken

9th October 2009:
Come on and update already. It's been two YEARS! Nearly.

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Review #23, by Fleur_Weasly  Disarray

8th October 2009:
i missed you!! lol idc abou how quick Hermione said yes~ i woul dhave said it that quickly- history or not lol

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Review #24, by Nay Beauty In the broken

8th October 2009:

Just read the other part to this fic and Loved it! i hope you update this soon :) am loving it!!


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Review #25, by Miki Beauty In the broken

14th August 2009:
awesome story enjoyed it alot, so good, im wondering when u are going to update the next chapters, u havent updateing in like a year???

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