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Review #1, by katieKMY Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

13th August 2010:
Write more!! Please!!

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Review #2, by Lora Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

4th March 2010:
I looove your characterization of Teddy- he is soo adorable; plz, plz plz post the next chapter quickly!

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Review #3, by Petticoat_Alice Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

30th December 2009:
Woah. Breaking a plate? Remind me not to get Teddy angry...

Anyway, this is really addicting and I can't help but smile like an idiot while I'm reading. Please keep writing more~!

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much! I'm so glad you're so happy with the story :)

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Review #4, by Amrei Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

12th August 2009:
Very nice.
I exspecially like that you didn't picture Victoire as some perfect Veela, but a nice normal girl with mostly the same problems as everyone else.
And no, Teddy really sees her as a sister. Absolutly... well or not that much, eh? ^-~
I'm really looking forward to the next chapter,
please continue soon,

Author's Response: Haha thanks for the review, it was lovely. I'm really happy whenever people give me their thoughts on my charcters, especially Victoire as she is the first fan fic charcater I ever started to write. Thanks again, I'll try to update soon for you.

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Review #5, by Twinsmom Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

22nd July 2009:
What is Brandon up to? He was just saying to her that she and Ted are still on shaky ground. And now he's going on about her being in love with him. No wonder Ted is blowing a gasket. Yikes!

Author's Response: Hahaha I know, he is a funny one. I suppose he is just trying to get everything back to normal between the three of them. He didn't exactly anticipate Teddy getting so angry. Thanks for reviewing, I love hearing everyone's thoughts!

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Review #6, by BrazillianHotti9 Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

15th July 2009:

Author's Response: I definately will! Glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #7, by Jodie Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

11th July 2009:
;) very talented by the way

Author's Response: Oh no! Please don\\\'t cry! Thank you so much though, I\\\'m glad you like it :)

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Review #8, by gliter girl Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

11th July 2009:
awww i was reallly dissapointed when i got to the end of this i really wanted to keep reading. i love your story your doing a fantastic job. wish i had a guy like teddy lol. no boys are really like that lol anyway ... your story is gr8
x gliter girl

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\\\'m flattered! I know what you mean lol Real boys are very stupid :)

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Review #9, by penname23 Kids These Days

11th July 2009:
I really like the title to this story! Did you get it from casablanca? This story is so good so far! Keep it up!

Author's Response: Nah, I didn\\\'t. I\\\'m not sure where I got it from actually... I\\\'m glad you like :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

10th July 2009:
I can just feel the sexual tension between the two of them. Why can't they just kiss and get it over wish. God this is killing me. UPDATE SOON PLEASE!

Author's Response: Haha I can\\\'t do that, then the story would be over. Not to say tthat the story is going to end witha kiss or anything, because that would be mean. Alright, anyway, I\\\'ll try to update soon so we can move along to the part where Ted and Vic actually do kiss. Thanks!

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Review #11, by Elle Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

10th July 2009:
Where's the next part??? You can't leave me hanging like this!! I love it too much!!

Author's Response: The next part is still in what I like to call pre-production.which basically means I haven\\\'t started it yet. Umm.awkward...sorry about that. But, to tide you over, and yes I\\\'m shamelessly advertising here, why don\\\'t you check out some of my other stories? They all have pretty much the same vibe. Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by ohcrapidroppedmybrain Waking Up To A Not-So-Great Day

10th July 2009:
Wonderful. I am so glad you started writing again-- I thought for a moment you abandoned me =]]. After I refresh on these chapters I will go to the new ones you posted. Cheers!

Author's Response: Thank you! Don\\\'t worry, I will never abandon you. It may take some time, but the end of this story will be written and posted at some point :) Though I can\\\'t really imagine ending it.

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Review #13, by saraie12 Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

10th July 2009:
yay, an update! i hope to be seeing more of these :) i just rewalizeed that they're on eof my favorite shippings :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks. Victoire and Teddy are adorable. That\\\'s why I\\\'m writing two stories about them haha.

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Review #14, by bespontaneous Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

10th July 2009:
okay, to start off, great chapter
i love teddy, he's such a cutie[:
and i like how victoire never knows what to say around brandon and teddy
like i said earlier, great chapter
update soon!

Author's Response: I DID! It\\\'s an actual miracle! I thought I would never get around to it, but I finally sat down and lectured myself, and this chapter was the product. I\\\'m glad you enjoyed!

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Review #15, by originalordermember Making Up Is A Beautiful Thing

10th July 2009:
oh crap. this whole teddy being jealous thing is starting to get to me. please just make them fall in love and skip off through a meadow filled with daisies already.
okay, so, dont make them do that.
just, make them fall in love! ahahaha.
this was a great chapter, and the story is great too. i cant wait for you to post more.

Author's Response: haha thanks for the review! I Love hearing your feedback. Hmm..meadow of daisies... I couldn\\\'t do that, could I? Waayyy too cheesy...then again... alright, I\\\'ve stopped. That probably won\\\'t happen.

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Review #16, by marieluz Kids These Days

10th July 2009:
Aww, Louis is so cute! Anyways, luv the chapter..

Author's Response: Haha I love Louis :)

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Review #17, by marieluz A Little Bit Of Family Time

10th July 2009:
I really like Victoire's character. She's not too annoying, and she's not boring (no clumsy person is!)..

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Author's Response: Oh thank the lord! I always get really worried about my characters, just in case they\\\'re too OC, so I\\\'m relieved that you like!

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Review #18, by marieluz Of Affectionate Adults and Overprotective Brothers

10th July 2009:
Ha. I like it. Good job. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by MarauderAddict Misinterpreting A Conversation

4th July 2009:
Damn I love this story...Teddy is soo adorable.
The only advice I can offer is to update sooner.otherwise you may happen to find a rather large truck of mutant purple rhinos ready to charge down your house!!!

Update a.s.a.p


Author's Response: Wow.gotta watch out for those purple rhinos! Thanks for the breview, I know updating is my fatal flaw. But, in my defense, my computer was broken, but now I\\\'m back online and I\\\'ll can\\\'t wait to update all my stories!

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Review #20, by Natures Nobility Misinterpreting A Conversation

28th February 2009:
i love this fiction! keep going. the characterization of victoire is amazing and teddy's coolness but not actual coolness is funny.

Author's Response: haha his 'not actual coolness' has been commented on several times by my readers lol. I'm glad you like it, and I'm working on the next chapter now :)

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Review #21, by puh_the_sound Misinterpreting A Conversation

19th February 2009:
yo, home skillet! Story rocks! Brandon seems like a really nice guy, I hope I get to see more of him.

Author's Response: You wil most definitely be seeing more of Brandon as I develop his character and his role in the story. I also have to give Teddy another friend haha. I'm glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #22, by puh_the_sound A Little Bit Of Family Time

19th February 2009:
I love this story so far, love. I laughed out loud more than once, and it was rather well-written.
Four more chapters to go!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm thrilled I made you laugh :) Good luck with the other four.

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Review #23, by julia  Misinterpreting A Conversation

10th January 2009:
it was great!
Hope u update soon - since there arent a lot of fun ted and vic stories out there...

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I'm really glad you like it :)

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Review #24, by Christina Misinterpreting A Conversation

11th December 2008:
this is unbelievably good, and i cannot wait to read more.
You're an excellent writer! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the flattering review! I will be updating as soon as I can. As I mentioned, I'm on holidays from school now and will be devoting more time to my writing. Thanks again!

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Review #25, by emmapotter Misinterpreting A Conversation

8th December 2008:
Oh goody..more Teddy/Vic coming soon! Can't how long did you say you'd take to update?? Hope its soon.10/10 btw.. :)

Author's Response: Hmm..Not sure exactly how long it'll take me to update, I've got a few other stories that are in desperate need of one, so hold on! Thanks so much for the review!

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