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Reading Reviews for Dursley Potter Reunion
22 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Sophie Francoeur Sharp Snaps

1st December 2014:
I NEED ANOTHER CHAPTER! I love your fanfiction so much.
I always thought fanfiction was stupid, but now I don't have
such hard feelings (sorry, that came out wrong). I can't wait for you to finish yours (but by
this rate it will be 10,000 years before you do). I will DIE a slow and painful death if you abandon this amazing story.
death if you abandon this amazing story!

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Review #2, by Willie M. Hes Not Going To Forgive Me

29th March 2013:
A-MAZ-ING! I love how you'd think that it'd turn out terrible, but it's the complete opposite. The strange bond between Rowan and Albus is adorable!

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Review #3, by Willie M. I Can Still Remember You

29th March 2013:
VERY, VERY GOOD! I did notice some typos, but everybody makes mistakes, right? Also, it seemed there were a lot of run-on sentences. It is a good plot line and I bet it took a lot to come up with. Overall, amazing job!

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Review #4, by sinwillys822 Sharp Snaps

7th January 2009:
i like the story and i think celeste is hysterical, i can't wait for you to add more.

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Review #5, by Gypsy_Girl Hes Not Going To Forgive Me

6th January 2009:
Poor Harry, he must be so surprised! I would be shocked!

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Review #6, by Gypsy_Girl I Can Still Remember You

6th January 2009:
I had an idea similar to this for story, so I was really glad when I found out that someone else had posted one, and now I get to read without having to bother about the writing aspect.

I only had one problem with the story and that was you writing seen where it should have said saw, and that was it!


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Review #7, by irrelevant Sharp Snaps

30th December 2008:
oh goodie, another chapter :) and the reason why Celeste is Sharps fave... I like that part:) I feel sorry for poor guy though. Story-lovely-as always. Did I mention it yet that I really like it how you start with a quote at the beginning of each chapter? Only one bad thing: I think you have quite a few typos and some spelling mistakes too. Like 'would of' instead of 'would have'-or do they also use 'of'? I'm not sure so please tell me!
Anyways, I wish you a very happy New Year!!! :) :)

Author's Response: We got to a reason. hooray. Yeah I'm not the most grammatically correct human being on the face of the planet, even with review help it seems. As long as it is still enjoyed. ^^ Happy New Years!

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Review #8, by irrelevant The Battle Plan

21st December 2008:
oh, cool :) thanks for the shout-out! :) :) :) still love the story :p I'm really wondering if there's another reason for Sharp liking Celeste so much other than her potions skills... and I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot of Daniel in the future, no? Can't wait 'til the next chapter! Oh, and Merry Christmas!!! :)

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Review #9, by smirkyhaha The Battle Plan

20th December 2008:
oh yeah me agian I just remembered when they were like one and a half they kinda acted like they were seven and now they act kind like they are kinda like 14 and like not their age but it is still great

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Review #10, by smirkyhaha Holy Hippogriffs!

20th December 2008:
me again sorry about the last post I didn't mean to be so heated i was angryat myself cause I was going to d it in thee chapter before that one, one more thing Why does she not know why Scorpius was weird around her after she told him that she changed his clothes for him? sorry again with the outburst
merry christmas Smirkyhaha

Author's Response: Our little Celeste is based on my favorite 12 year old girl. Yeah vastly over mature for her age, and as the fates would have it, so very dense. Living in your own world of bliss blocks out the fact that anyone should be weirded out about extremely embarrassing things.

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Review #11, by smirkyhaha Its Time For Something Drastic

20th December 2008:
hi it is a great story... but on thing has really been bugging me, I wish she learned that they are not related to the Weasley's you know because when she said "I get it from Uncle Ron" or something like that it really bugged me. but otherwise it is a good story, and she really doesn't know about why hogwarts doesn't havae coed rooms?
merry christmas Smirkyhaha

Author's Response: Well she is related to the Weasley's only through marriage. So she keeps that in her mind and forgets the rest of the important bits such as blood relations. But yes thank you for you post. And I hope you have a happy new year.

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Review #12, by kme Holy Hippogriffs!

5th December 2008:
"A Chistmas Story", you know, my family loves that movie, but I never got to liking it very much, good tie-in though!

Author's Response: My family loves A Christmas Story too. Every year in fact we watch it, it doesn't matter if we know what's going to happen. I think they believe it simple won't be Christmas without it.

Thanks for reading.

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Review #13, by irrelevant Holy Hippogriffs!

4th December 2008:
cool! I love it love it looove everything your story ROCKS !!!

Author's Response: thank you thank you irrelevant. It's always good to get reviews, but it seems that you are my only fan. None the less, as long as someone loves the story the show must go on! ^^ I think the next chapter you will really enjoy.

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Review #14, by irrelevant The Awful Name Society

31st October 2008:
awww I LOVE IT! I don't think Celeste's name is awful, nor Rowans, though Scorpius and Albus are strange names. I really feel bad for Tampopo though. I mean, her name may be real pretty in Japanese, but in English? ugh! makes me think of tampons, no offense. aaanyways, PLEASE UPDATE cause I can't wait to read more!!! why does Mr Sharp favor Celeste so much? Whats with Daisy and Daniel? I WANT MORE!!! so UPDATE!!!

Author's Response: Thank you kind reader. I update as often as the waiting period will allow. I have oodles of chapters waiting for the lovely staff to allow. Alas however one chapter at a time...it adds to the suspense though no? ^^

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Review #15, by WandOfLlewellyn Magic is Awesome

22nd October 2008:
Hi - came across your story and I like it a lot. Keep writing!


Author's Response: More is on it's way. Thank you for your support. ^^

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Review #16, by Sheena_ I Can Still Remember You

11th June 2008:
I love!

I loved Dudley's reaction to Leticia going into labour.

I can't wait to read the next update.

Favourited :)

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Review #17, by missvioletpotter4 I Can Still Remember You

8th May 2008:
I really like this story, please continue it and update it as soon as possible!

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Review #18, by szda I Can Still Remember You

20th April 2008:
that was awesome!it was

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Review #19, by CRW I Can Still Remember You

20th April 2008:
"That is a long time to go without speaking to family whether you got along with them or not! "

Dudley should be honest with Leticia just what is encompassed by "he wasn't treated the best," for several reasons:
- catharsis
- shows Leticia that he trusts her even with his shame which also shows how much he has grown because he is ashamed
- so Leticia will understand when Harry's wife and two best friends are cold, disdainful or hostile towards Dudley.

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Review #20, by HPsauce I Can Still Remember You

19th April 2008:
nicely written! Cant wait to

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Review #21, by hippogriff13 I Can Still Remember You

19th April 2008:
keep going, it's a good plot!

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Review #22, by RubySky I Can Still Remember You

19th April 2008:
Very good, this is a well written and funny chapter ;D

Dudley's reaction about Leticia having twins was hilarious. The twins are very cute and funny as well.

So keep up the good work! And I'm looking forward to reading chapter two!


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