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Review #1, by PotterGirl75 My Not-So-Secret Addiction

12th May 2008:
hahahaha, that is really really bad.. and i don't mean bad as in not good but bad as in funny.. haha.. i can't stop laughing now.. that is super funny.. wow.. nice one..

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Review #2, by HPluvr My Not-So-Secret Addiction

25th April 2008:
it cut off what i was going to i was saying
i luv yummy, poor HArry and omg, mini HP, totally true. way to bring him in. excellent story was so freakin' bueno

Author's Response: Well strange things happen when you are on a caffeine high at ten o'clock at night. that is how this story came into being. we still laugh about it

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Review #3, by HPluvr My Not-So-Secret Addiction

25th April 2008: funny LA and RI. i enjoyed it. i

Author's Response: Thanks RIN

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Review #4, by Faerin the Reaper My Not-So-Secret Addiction

22nd April 2008:
Um, I don't see how that was 'Drama' or 'Mystery', and I don't think lactose intolerance can actually KILL someone, and that story, was very random and made NO sense, but I kinda liked it. I couldn't give it a 9 or a 10 because it was so...well, un-story-like, and I'm not giving it an eight because it wasn't THAT funny, but I'm giving it a seven, and a compliment: You have a truly random mind. I like.

Author's Response: Umm thanks for the very complicated review. we are glad you liked it...for the most part. All of our stuff is random because that is just who we are. life is more fun being random and shocking people so we write like that too

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Review #5, by The_Nameless_One My Not-So-Secret Addiction

20th April 2008:
I love this!!! When I read the summary I thought it was gonna be something mores serious and then I see "cheese". Lmao the whole story's so random and pointless but it's hilarious and made me laugh!
the_nameless_one =]

Author's Response: YAY!!! We have a reputation for being strange and random, just not all of our stuff is like that

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Review #6, by SlytherinEmerald My Not-So-Secret Addiction

19th April 2008:
Very funny and really random but what are you guys on when you come up with these things?

Author's Response: usually nothing...for this story though we were on caffeine. so much fun. lol

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