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Review #1, by Kaizoku Zuko All My Children

21st June 2013:
The first time I found this story, it was on another site and it ended with Wendy creeping up on Tonks while she was in bed after her and Severus made up. Now it ends here. PLEASE add more!

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Review #2, by Parvati_Khatri Fighting

1st April 2012:
why, why, why, why, why?! Love this so far, keep writing! That was an order not a request! :P

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Review #3, by weasley_gang Wendy

14th June 2008:
only a few more??

thats horrible!!

this should go on for the entire pregnancy!!

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Review #4, by bring_back_sirius Wendy

13th June 2008:
now i see why wendy was afraid of severus in the beginning. aww, now i feel so bad for hating her. what happened to her is kinda like what happened to remus (when he got bitten).
only a few more chapters? wah:( im gonna be so sad when this story ends, youre gonna have to think of another one to write :P

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Review #5, by bron Wendy

13th June 2008:
omg i'm almost crying. i love wendy now, i feel so sorry for her. i'm so glad shes not evil, i mean, there is a part of her that is but it isnt by her will. AND! the verse from the bible you used is one of my favourite =]
aw i'm glad we know what wendy is now, and that dora has realised how lucky she is and is now happy.
this was a great chapter and i cant wait for the next one, this chapter was awesome! there was lots and lots of dialogue, you know how much i love dialogue :)

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Review #6, by Nym_Dora Lupin Misconceptions

11th June 2008:
This was a wonderful chapter. I am glad they are starting to clear somethings up.

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Review #7, by bring_back_sirius Misconceptions

11th June 2008:
omg i cant believe snape was so thick and so paranoid. trust him to have enough insecurity to feel jealous of a dead man. this is great, i love flawed and damaged characters.
its kinda sweet, really, means he cares for tonks a lot...more than he's letting on.
as i was reading this my mind was literally spinning thats how good the chapter is :D ive been trying to guess whats gonna happen in the story and i gotta say im not having much "inner eye" must be going blind or something.
anywaaay...what is wendy doing there? has she come to have some...ah...dinner? how i hate cliffhangers.:( update soon

Author's Response: geez now I'm feeling pressured. It's not one of those stories with a big plot... I think it's more about the evolution of the characters... similar to Little Nymph...

And yes... he jealous of a dead man.. because he knows Tonks will never feel as much for him as she felt for Remus... sad... I know.

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter.

I didn't even notice it was a cliffhanger... I would have written Muhahaha...

Thanks again

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Review #8, by bron Misconceptions

11th June 2008:
i knew he wasnt upset because she was pregnant!
aw that makes me so happy, but what the heck is wendy doing there? is she going to apologize or whats? WHATS GOING ON!
great chapter, it was very descriptive, but not that much dialogue which is a shame, but i spose cause theywerent talknig to each other there couldnt be any dialogue so it makes sense
please update soon!!! i am so hooked on this story!

Author's Response: Oh you know how I enjoy writing dialouge more than anything else. but they weren't talking so I really had to use discriptions...
She should have never lied to him... when will she learn...

And wendy... hmm you guys will see... some might like it... some might hate it... I personally like that's all I will say.

I will update tom... I promise....

Thanks again..

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Review #9, by weasley_gang 

11th June 2008:
u call it slag tag, us in aus call it hickeys

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Review #10, by weasley_gang Buying Clothes

11th June 2008:
that is soo eww but im compelled to keep reading!!

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Review #11, by weasley_gang Babysitting

11th June 2008:
i know this is a bit late, but i thot that u said teddy was dead?? nw he's in hogwarts? im seriously confused!!

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Review #12, by Nym_Dora Lupin Stressing

10th June 2008:
Awesome. Not the way I thought he would find out. That should teach her to listen to the Healers. Why does she not want to take any potions. It sounds like she has been very ill since Remus died is there something we don;t know about?

Author's Response: Oh no... I just decided that I should give her some habits... JK didn't develop her much beyond being clutsy so I decided she will have another one... she just hates medicine and hospitals... and that could be related to Remus too. because she would have been recovering in the hospital and that would have been one of she worst times in her life... so she just hates the place. She didn't drink that potion because it might affect the baby.. you some muggle medication should not be taken while your preggers. and of course Sev didn't know she was preggers so he wouldn't make a potion that was safe to take while preggers.

Thanks for the review

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Review #13, by bron Stressing

10th June 2008:
OMG how could you do that?
he wasnt meant to find out like that!
ah well, at least he knows now
i hope hes just angry cause she didnt tell him earlier.
i'm gonna go with that until the update =]
please update soon!
wednesday seems so far away
congrats on your internship by the way. what sort of internship is it? i just read Bring_Back_sirius' review. we are an inquistive bunch arent we lol

Author's Response: Once Tonks didn't tell him rihgt away she was never going to be the one to tell him... hehe..
You guys will know why he's angry by the next chapter... don't worry... or

Yeah it's something to do with exams. They haven't told me what I'll be doing yet.... it's all very hush hush..

And don't worry.. I love questions... and you guys always ask the best... thouhg I never asnwer most of them... but of course that's for plot protection purposes

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Review #14, by bring_back_sirius Stressing

10th June 2008:
i was not expecting him to find out like THAT! but i guess it was the only way, tonks was never gonna pluck up the courage to do it herself. why is sev so angry??? like, he is way angrier than i thought he woud be. ah, i cant wait for the next chapter, this is so interesting.
kinda surprising that harry was all for destroying wendy, he's usually the nice one. i wonder if wendy had anything to do with tonks' accident.
i cant wait to find out what is going through severus' head. though he's probably not gonna be totally open, as always (for plot purposes, as you say :P) 10/10
if its not a secret, what is your internship for??

Author's Response: It's so weird... I never for one second thought about her telling him... it was always in my head that he would find out... and I chose this way because well... I also decided that he had to be angry.. though you guys don't know why yet... Oh and he is VERY angry... I got that from my aunt... when she is angry she doesn't talk and when she is really angry she starts to sing... and since Severus will never sing so...

Well harry was the only one he had to say it. There's always a need for someone with an opposing view.

and your right he's not going to be open... at first.

I'm working with the Ministry of Education... I'm not sure what I'll be doing. I had to go to some magistrate and swear a vow of secracy. It's something to do with exam papers. I felt like I was being recuited by the CIA or something.

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Review #15, by bring_back_sirius Rice

9th June 2008:
when are you gonna you gonna update?? im having withdrawal symptoms

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Review #16, by miss_remus Rice

8th June 2008:
Urg, why is Tonks always so thick!?!? Of course Severus wants her to move in with him! I love how you added the small detail about his confidence growing once she had accepted. It was only mentioned once, but I think that most people feel that way when there is a mutual attraction. But it makes me sad that they're not in love :( Oh well, all in good time...

I almost start to feel bad for Wendy now... I'm not too sure what to make of her. Great chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: hehe... you feel bad for wendy... I actually wanted that to happen but you were like the only one who did... weird...

I just love making things really hard for tonks... She just can't see what's right in front of her...

thanks for the review

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Review #17, by bron Rice

3rd June 2008:
aw why did you put that in about his parents? that makes me so sad! i believe that eileen and tobias were in love once apon a time but he just let things deteriorate. nothing you can write will change my opinion. =] i'm so lame
gr why wont she just tell him! shes driving me mental!
but yay that he asked her to move in with him :)
please update soon!!!
by the way, i wrote a wedding scene and its been validated so yeah. its a bit chat though

Author's Response: for an explanation... I guess and I tie in point... you'll see why I did it eventually.

You know I change it up the stories from time to time... except Tobias always ends up a jerk. This is the first time I made both of them pretty bad.

hehe... she afraid... because how do you tell Severus Snape that.. gee... I'm afraid to tell him.

yes.. we all need some progress.

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Review #18, by bring_back_sirius Rice

3rd June 2008:
another chapter, yippee!!
first of all, i cant believe you put in that story about severus' parents. now tonks is never gonna tell him about the baby :( you're doing this to your readers on purpose, right? :P
and then, it was spectacular how severus asked her to move in like THAT, i barely picked up on what he was doing. harry pointing it out helped. its so in-character of severus to be all casual and nonchalant, i bet he was really worried deep down that she might figure out he was asking her to move in. god forbid anyone suspects him of having feelings!!! lol
it was very nice of tonks to pick up wht rice for wendy, i would have left her there. i think you've got a soft spot for the mean fireball thingy!! is wendy actually evil?
so tonks isnt in love with severus, hmm... i hadnt really thought about that. i suspect now that he's probably more into her than she is into him?? (or am i asking too much there?)
please let her tell him about the baby soon. i wanna know his reaction. you write severus so well, its bound to be brilliant and original.
10/10, as always :)

Author's Response: hahaha... that was the whole point wasn't it... I really wanted him to be awkward about it... lol... no... I guess he wouldn't want anyone to know.

You would have left it there... so mean..

A soft spot... Hmm... wendy wass pretty nice before Tonks started to push Snape on her then.. steal him from her... If someone took Sev from me... I might turn into a raging ball of fire.

No Tonks isn't in love with him... sorry... at least not yet. Well Sev appreciates for different reasons that she does him... you will see what I mean soon enough.

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Review #19, by miss_remus Worrying

31st May 2008:
Aww, I think that Severus does want to be a father. he was so good with Albus that I would hope that he would be excited about having his own with Tonks. But no!! I hope that he would accept the fact that she is pregnant because now I'm not so sure...

I thought this chapter was a really good length. Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hmm yeah.. Imagine Tonks feels the same.. all this worry. He is so hard to read.


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Review #20, by bring_back_sirius Worrying

30th May 2008:
i thought for sure she would tell him, at least about wendy.
i love the fact that this chapter was huge, so much to read! )) though somehow, not much happened in this chapter.
so i wonder how tonks is gonna find out for sure that wendy is the fireball. will she go for the scattered rice or find the skin?
i cant believe severus is so against babies. actually, i can believe it, but i just wish he wasnt like that. poor tonks.
thanks for updating so quickly, i cant wait for the next chapter.
p.s. you know how you told me i was being too harsh on wendy and then pointed out chapter 2, well. i re-read chapter 2 and i still dont get it. i think im just gonna hate her forever.

Author's Response: It was too chapters but I decided to make it one... all that reading and she still didn't manage to tell him..

You didn't get what I was talking about in chapter two? Hmm it has a lot to do with her reaction to Harry and Snape and what she told Tonks...

Thanks for reading.

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Review #21, by miss_remus Bad News/Good News

30th May 2008:
Aww, that's so cute! A little Sev and Dora baby... I wonder how he will react? I hope he's not too upset, although they did just get together. And like OMG!! That was the dream that Tonks was having a few chapters back... the fireball thing. Stupid Wendy, I was never too fond of her...

And gosh, you update so quick!! I like it but it takes me a while to read and review each chapter, but keep them coming and I will :)

Author's Response: Aww yes that will be cute. Yeah... one night... sounds like an ater-school-special... Yeah it was the fireball thing... it puts you to sleep so it will always seem like a dream... and by morning you forget everything.. Wendy has skills... evil skills... but still skills

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Review #22, by bron Worrying

30th May 2008:
oh shes so stupid! i wish she would just tell him! delaying things like that just make it worse!
i love harry in this chapter. they seem to be really good friends which is awesome cause i think tonks needs a friend.
oh i wish she would just tell sev!
oh well. there's always next chapter :)
this was nice and long and there were some great desciptive passages.
well done

Author's Response: Tell him... and what would be the fun in I sort of thought Harry and Tonks could be friends when they got older because they are close in age.

I merged two chapters because they were so similar in tone... I decided not to put you guys through the torture of having to read two chapters where nothing really happens.

Thanks for reading agian..

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Review #23, by miss_remus Taking Potions

30th May 2008:
Hmm, now I'm dying to know what's hurting Tonks. I hope it's not too serious that she's in the hospitol. And why doesn't severus know what potion it is... that also has me worried. I hope she's not seriously ill, but then why would the nurse not explain about the potion? Well, so many questions, I should probably just go ahead and read.

Author's Response: Hmm... I'd say it is sort of serious...

He doesn't know the potion because it is totally new and Tonks didn't tell him what it tasted like because she knew he might be able to guess what is was for based on some of the ingredients...

so continue reading. I'm posting a new chapter after I write this review.

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Review #24, by miss_remus Cold Heart

30th May 2008:
Aww, do I finally have to say FINALLY!! Well obviously it was going to happen, seeing as this is a Snape/Tonks pairing, but seriously, I was getting nervous. I don't even have time to have sympathy towards Wendy because I'm falling behind on chapters, so off I read.

Author's Response: You were worried... we all know that was coming... I was just building up the tension... so it would be more rewarding when it happened.


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Review #25, by bron Bad News/Good News

30th May 2008:
did you make up that bug thing? because if you did that is INCREDIBLE. everyting makes so much sense now! oh you just put me in the best mood! a little sevadora! i knew there was something fishy about Wendy, i just wasnt sure what. and, i cant believe Wendy called Tonks a slut. that was so uncalled for, especially when Wendy was drinking her blood!
oh how will sev react? i hope he doesnt freak out. that would break my heart.
oooh i'm so excited now!

Author's Response: I'd like to take credit but No... I didn't make that up. It's folklore from Trinidad so I've been hearing about these things since I could remember.

Wendy is just bitter right now because well... she doesn't have a

Sev freak out... what... never. * evil grin on my face*

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