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Review #1, by emerald_princess92 Phase 1

12th May 2009:
hun, you should update real soon. this is really great. and aw to harry. he's so adorable =]

really good, update soon.

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Review #2, by emerald_princess92 The Bet

12th May 2009:
I love Draco/Harry!!! (i think that is why i left hpff for a while to go on a harry/draco hunt. i've been quite successful and satisfied so i'm back!!! :D lol)

love this story already!

i love bets!

next chapter for me!

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Review #3, by Miss Edna Phase 1

3rd March 2009:
Well, I loved it. ^_^
Cant wait for phase 2.

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Review #4, by Miss Edna The Bet

3rd March 2009:
Gasp! *runs to next chapter*

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Review #5, by hotbod Phase 1

31st January 2009:
omg sooo effin hot! u have to write more!!! ahh i love it its amazing

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Review #6, by rose_bear Phase 1

15th December 2008:
hahaha. i can tell this will be an interesting story!!
keep writing!!!


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Review #7, by N_aya Phase 1

22nd November 2008:
Hey, great story!;)
Just read it and was sad it ended so sudden... Hope to hear more of this Draco/Harry slash you got going and phase 2 will come up soon;).. Great plot by the way

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Review #8, by jennainloonyland Phase 1

22nd November 2008:
Please update! I love where this is going and it's such a good start! I love this! I hope Malfoy wins actually! ;)

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Review #9, by Crazygirl1281 Phase 1

13th June 2008:
YAY IT'S UPDATED! -dancedance- Oh yesh! Ello girlie! Guess who ;) Lol! This is looking to be absoloutely fantastic! Random ramblings do turn out to be quite good sometime! 'Hey Sexy' Ok, that line almost made me spit out the water I had been drinking! Freaking hillarious! Harry was a bit thrown at being so close to Draco, but that's discomfort at the moment. The only thing I didn't like was Draco's complete bluntness at the fact that he's going to try to break Harry's heart. But that's just me being overprotective! =)
Anyway! This chapter was really written well. It made sense and, though short, helped move the story along! Well done Ambs!
Ily girlie!

Author's Response: yay! Thanks girlie!! And of course you're being overprotective of Harry. Gosh, you and your roleplay characters. So overprotective of them!! lol. I'm glad you liked it!! Starting with the next chapter, you'll beta the rets of this story, (if you want to obviously) but I know you, so i know you want to. lol. If for no other reason than the perk of reading the chapters before anyone else!! :)
Ily Girlie!

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Review #10, by Crazygirl1281 The Bet

9th June 2008:
AH! YESH! DRARRY DRARRY AND MORE DRARRY! YAY! -cough- Ok Girlie! Guess who? If you get it wrong I'll kill you...Lol just kidding! Or am I? Hmm...Sorry I'm on a sugar high! Lol!

Anyway, This looks like it's gonna be good! Although, I hope this will be something that lasts longer than a week. The rating wouldn't really be realistic in a weeks time. Maybe Harry can win the bet, but Draco still wins later on! Hmm I don't know! I'll talk to ya later! Oh and I'll work on a banner!


Author's Response: You don't have to explain, Alex. I have known you for too long to not recognize when you've had too much coke at midnight. ;) Haha. And I'm glad you like it so far!! I'm touched that my new fic has gained your seal of approval! (Not to mention earned the right to another of your amazing banners!!) Thanks so much girlie!!


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Review #11, by Bama The Bet

27th May 2008:
Next chapter please!

Author's Response: Soon, dear, I promise. Its is in the queue as I type!

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Review #12, by TheCrunchie The Bet

21st May 2008:
Sounds interesting! I'm intrigued!

Author's Response: I'm glad!! Hope the next chapters intrigue you as well! :)

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Review #13, by darkangel13 The Bet

20th May 2008:
This seems funny. PLease continue

Author's Response: I will soon, I hope. Time is not my friend right now, but I'll update as soon as I can!

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Review #14, by jennainloonyland The Bet

5th May 2008:
oh my god, this is going to be GOOD!
I can't wait!
How will Harry resist him? haha
I wouldn't even try.
This was great, really good idea!

Author's Response: I dunno. Haven't written that far, but we will both find out. :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by Tori Piano The Bet

20th April 2008:
I knew I was staying up way late, pointlessly wandering the web for a reason!
I found this story and I love it so far!
I love how you took a different approach to Draco, as in having him already been in relationships with boys.
Please keep going!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. And I'm glad you like Draco's character. I'm trying really hard to keep everyone in character; I think Harry might be the onyl one who gets a little out of character later in the story. But anyways, thanks for the review!!

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Review #16, by Mandy The Bet

18th April 2008:
Very interesting so far. I've got to see how Draco makes Harry loose, but I really don't want him to have to forfeit a quidditch match. Maybe you can work out some clever way to make Draco loose but harry still be in love with him. Or have them call of the bet. I will wait patiently to see.

Author's Response: Patience is a virtue, and I'll admit, one that my readers must have. :( As i've never been really faithful in updating quickly, but I will try, promise!!

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Review #17, by lothlorien The Bet

17th April 2008:
this is fun already and it hasn't even started. yay.
so is there really any way that harry can lose? i mean even if he starts to like malfoy surely he can last a week. right?
please continue soon.

Author's Response: Yes, well, Draco was never one to just give up, now is he? lol. Anyways, I will try to update soon.

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