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Review #1, by x0xcaitlinx0x The Moment

26th October 2008:
Oh wow. Seriously, wow. That is one of the best pieces of writing I've read on this site, scratch that, read ever! I cried at the end, it was so sad and bittersweet. I loved this, it is so going in my favourites, and I'll be looking out for any other fics by you. If I could give this more than 10/10, I would. The writing, and the descriptions, and I could feel George's pain. Great, amazing, brilliant job! I cannot believe this is your first.


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really wanted readers to feel how George felt. It is bittersweet because George would never be lonley and depressed his whole life,for he would need some time. Yes this was my first fic, and it is great to hear that you loved it. Reviews like this make me want to write more! :)

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Review #2, by WitnesstoitAll The Moment

26th May 2008:
This is great. A little abrupt, a little too tragic, but great. :) The last line is my favorite...

Author's Response: Yeah it was a bit tragic and abrupt, but I was going for an angsty vibe. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #3, by Weasleys Forever The Moment

7th May 2008:
This is lovely. It made me cry at the end.

You have written this very well. I love the way you have shown the passage of time.

Keep writing.

Author's Response: Awww I'm sorry you cried. I wanted to show how George moved on slowly and how his life went on without Fred. I am very glad you liked it! :)

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Review #4, by Hermione Clone The Moment

6th May 2008:
I don't usually read angst, but this was wonderful! I loved the imagery you used, with George drowning in a sea, and then finally breaking the surface as he comes to accept that Fred is gone.

Is this really you're first fan fic? It's really good! I never would have known if you hadn't said so!

Now, I have one comment, but it's only a minor thing. I don't think that when George is 99, all his siblings and in laws would be dead. Remember, that in the magical world they live longer than we normally do, so 99, though old, would be like how we think of people in their 60's. Plus, George is older than several of his siblings/in laws, so unless everyone died abnormally young (for wizards), some would have to be alive.

Other than that, I loved the ending. I thought it was perfect how George greeted Fred at the end.

Great job! :-) :-) :-)

Author's Response: I did fix the 99 thing, and I'm glad you loved everything else. Thanks! :)

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Review #5, by harrylilyjames The Moment

6th May 2008:
omg!! That last bit just got to me =[... those last words were soo sad, and i was totally not expecting it!!
really really really nice job, it was really good. poor george =[
Beautiful ending *claps*

Author's Response: Thank you I really appreciate it. I am glad you liked it, and yeah it was a bit sad. The ending was probably my favorite part of the story. I loved writing it. Thanks for the review ! :)

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