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Review #1, by Multiverse_Guardian Peace and Quiet...Not!

18th October 2015:
So, it is currently 6:52 am, and I am dying of laughter. Amazing story! And we really should start harvesting oil from Snape lol.

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Review #2, by john Prologue: Third Time's the Charm

9th May 2015:
you really need to finish two other long stories but leaving two incompletes is not good can not give higher on unfinished stories

Author's Response: Working on it. I know I always hate it when good stories are left incomplete.

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Review #3, by Wolf82 Yule Ball

17th November 2013:
I do hope that you continue this story It is one of the best I have found on here and I have enjoyed it so much.

Hope that you get over your writers block soon

Author's Response: I'm trying, I really am, but all of my ideas are for later in the story. Maybe a new chapter in a couple weeks.

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Review #4, by Specky Clarke Ariana Dumbledore

15th August 2013:
Still a good story, but the gaps between paragraphs are annoying. The standard English is one line between paragraphs and two spaces between sentences. Love the Guardian Angels and Merlin.

Author's Response: The spacing always gets messed up when I post. Usually I just leave it if I can because it's easier to deal with then.

I love the Guardian Angels, too. They're so fun to write.

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Review #5, by Specky Clarke. Delayed Exposure

14th August 2013:
Good story so far, I like where it is going. Your chapter numbers on the printer friendly version are confusing though.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like the story. I'm sorry you're confused by the numbering. Because I started with a prologue, I made the next chapter "chapter 1", and so on.

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Review #6, by Wolf25 Yule Ball

11th October 2012:
I do hope that you continue this story it's one of the better ones that I have found not to mention funnier ones. please continue looking forward to the next update

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm sorry for the wait. I'm glad you like it.

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Review #7, by onorus Yule Ball

7th October 2012:
Just wanted to remind you we're still patiently waiting for more story! Which in retrospect is a bit unfair, given that I'm also waiting on at least two other stories of yours to update, and you can only do so much. Regardless, I enjoy your writing, and thought I should let you know that.

Author's Response: I'll get on it as soon as I can. I'm truly sorry for the wait.

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Review #8, by he-who read-an-awful-lot Prologue: Third Time's the Charm

28th August 2012:
why kill all of the weasleys to quote you

"Dumbledore never figured out what could have happened to ruin the plan he and Molly Weasley"

killing molly i can understand but ginny (newborn) Ron (1yr's old) the twins (3yr old's) percy (5yr's old) and bill and charlie (dont know how old) for no good reason, i dont see angelic beings arranging for the death of

Author's Response: They didn't arrange for the deaths of all the Weasleys, but they had to get Molly, Ron, and Ginny out of the way. They just altered events so Voldemort accidentally Apparated into the Burrow right before the Weasleys' arrival. I'm sorry you don't like it.

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Review #9, by LauRawr Yule Ball

27th March 2011:
please please please continue soon xx

Author's Response: I'll try, but it might not be until summer when I get the next chapter written and posted.

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Review #10, by Aaabi Yule Ball

14th February 2011:
Please say there's more chapters on the way? This story is brilliant! It's definatly the best story I have come across.

Author's Response: There's more coming...eventually.

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Review #11, by interested reader Yule Ball

10th December 2010:
Is that all to this story? Or is that all you have written so far? I like the story very much. Thanks for the good read. I also like the way you added the back ground story of Chronos and Odin.

Author's Response: That's just all I've written so far. I've got writer's block.

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Review #12, by Dallas A Girlfriend? Already?

11th November 2010:
I really like your story. The only part i dintlike was that Hermione kissed him good-bye after talking at Ollvanders. Its too fast and tha wouldnt really happn. She also wouldnt be snuggling with Harry in the carriage when they havent even kniwn each other that long or been going out. Plus she wouldnt agree to some type of future dating deal. I love how Chronos is involved. I dont like how he is working with saints. Normally i would say choose greek mythology or christianity. Don't merge,but you make it good. So overall your only flaw is that you are making Harry and Hermione get too cozy TOO fast, but its only the second chapter. I'll withhold my judgement. 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing. Normally they wouldn't be going so fast, but Chronos decided to move things along.

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Review #13, by williamy98 Potions "Mishap"

23rd October 2010:
mythological smackdown 10 dont miss or ull wish u hadnt been born

Author's Response: Correct. It won't be graphic, but it'll be there.

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Review #14, by williamy98 Oops

23rd October 2010:
THE JACKASS turned into a jackass hm isnt that a band?. oh wait thats just snape nevermind
10 of 10 just for thaT scene

Author's Response: Thanks! That was one of my favorite scenes to write.

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Review #15, by williamy98 Yule Ball

27th September 2010:
ok get the next one up pronto so i can continue to laugh at the misfortune of the grease ball and have my fill of h/hr

Author's Response: I'll get it up as soon as I can, but school keeps me busy even on the weekends. I'm glad you like the story, though.

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Review #16, by williamy98 A Speech and an Impostor

27th September 2010:
and now u finish the circle with setesh i was wondering when egypt would play its part

Author's Response: Yeah, most ancient pantheons appear in this story.

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Review #17, by williamy98 A Furry Little Wedding

27th September 2010:
the talk isnt evil and yes kids today have the internet and health class damn u health class u ruined my life

Author's Response: Yeah, I still have nightmares of my teacher's "little black box".

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Review #18, by williamy98 Operation Butler

27th September 2010:
i liked it and i was actually wondering how u were going to get harry on the team with the no 1st years rule since everything in harrys life seems really good now

Author's Response: I will always find a way to do that, never fear.

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Review #19, by williamy98 A Girlfriend? Already?

27th September 2010:
great job on the chapter i like how u introduced harry with hermione and all that jazz

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #20, by williamy98 Prologue: Third Time's the Charm

27th September 2010:
very good chap i agree with the mythological characters but next time if u mention them in another story do some serious study on them chronos wasnt just roman he was greek to and odin was norse and anglo saxon just try to give the credit where its due is all im saying other than that great job

Author's Response: Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.

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Review #21, by hogwart_lady Operation Butler

21st August 2010:
the phrase hes an honorable man is from lord of the ring therodan said that to ewoyn in return of the king

Author's Response: That is one use of the phrase, yes, and I believe it's also talking about Brutus, or someone else from Caesar's era.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #22, by Malfoie The Other Seeker

23rd January 2010:
Wow non stop laughing in that chapter it was great, but I do have a question. I understand that Hermione had seen or had something done to her... I assume that it was Snape, but we all know what happens when one assumes something... I know that her Bogart is Snape... So how can she be all brave and stand up to him for Harry and prank him then turn around and cower from him the next second... Its just inconsistent... Still great story keep it up.

Author's Response: She stands up to him when Harry's with her or she perceives him as a clear and present danger to the one she loves. But she is always scared of him. Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #23, by Malfoie A Furry Little Wedding

22nd January 2010:
Note about Author and Editor note... I know what you mean now a days theirs sex ed in middle or elementary school and THE INTERNET were one can find all the info one could ask for and a hole hell of alot they never did.God bless the internet.. Great story I just don't want to stop.

Author's Response: Actually we had it in high school, and our teacher taught us a lot of stuff we never wanted to know. And that's the polite way of saying it.

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Review #24, by Malfoie The Diary

22nd January 2010:
As long as you can get Colin past his weird gay stalker tendency's he is a fun character to use and have around. Great story I know I did not post in a couple of chapters, but it was just to fun to stop.

Author's Response: Yeah, Colin's great if you can get him past the whole stalking thing he had going.

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Review #25, by Malfoie Operation Butler

22nd January 2010:
Is this change in Dumbledore for real or is he just trying to manipulate his way back into control of the Potters. Or is he really a nice guy and is just a Dimwit. Time will only tell. Great story.

Author's Response: He's a nice guy, just seriously misguided. And the memory charm didn't help matters why it was still in effect.

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