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Review #1, by Madam moony Head Case

4th July 2011:
It's cool
Words of the day Bertie botts beans

Author's Response: I'll remember that

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Review #2, by iloveHPcarley Talk?

29th October 2010:
hmm exciting o?? . xx

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Review #3, by iloveHPcarley Rockstar

29th October 2010:
really weird but cool :L xx

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Review #4, by Jelly1066 Lie

2nd August 2010:
:O awww poor aaron :'(

Author's Response: i know but hey ho

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Review #5, by Jasmin Evans you can be anything you want to be

28th September 2009:
how was it that the press found out the lily was Evie

Author's Response: Their Manager, he wanted the Pr... it was kinda suggested, but not really clear... Does it really mattter?

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Review #6, by Rubba_duckie you can be anything you want to be

23rd September 2009:
awww i thought this was going to be silly and not good because of the rockstar thing but i read it and im glad i did its cute!

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #7, by skeet500 you can be anything you want to be

12th April 2009:
i liked the last line, but not so much what led up to it

Author's Response: Ah well, it was a difficult chapter to write

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Review #8, by skeet500 Lie

12th April 2009:
i have a strange feeling aaron's going to kill himself. don't ask me why

Author's Response: No idea why that is... Read on find out what does happen

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Review #9, by skeet500 Head Case

12th April 2009:
wow now i got it for some reason i thought it said something about red ears. i guesss i'm not that great of a reader afterall.

Author's Response: That could be my fault... MAybe a mistype

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Review #10, by skeet500 pushing the boundaries

12th April 2009:
sooo confused, man i feel so dumb, but what exactly's wrong with paul??

Author's Response: Drugs.. think typical young rockstar gone off the rails

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Review #11, by skeet500 You Disgust me Potter

12th April 2009:
one thing, jasper potter? it is supposed to be jasper evans, right? because you had me totally confused. and i'm glad james and lily are head boy any girl, and they've got this tension, but i think it should have been introduced earlier in the story.

Author's Response: Yes, JAsper Evans, I will fix that eventually.

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Review #12, by skeet500 Two Worlds Collide?

12th April 2009:
i thought this chapter ended at a rather strange spot, and i wish you'd make your chapters longer. i just feel like there's so much more in them that just needs to be squeezed out. i did enjoy the interview however. it was pretty funny.

Author's Response: I'm working on it, and the interview was good.

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Review #13, by skeet500 Rockstar

11th April 2009:
can you say hannah monntanna? not that it's necessarily a bad thing. i went and saw the hannah montanna movie yesterday and thought it was fab, so i'll definately give this story a chance.

Author's Response: LOL, I'd like to think it is slightly different/

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Review #14, by xXharry and draco_luvrXx you can be anything you want to be

4th April 2009:
OMIFREAKIN'GOSH that was SO awesome and sweet and all that crap.i absolutely loved it

score:10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 100 x 100 x 200 x a billion million trillion times awesomely amazingly cooly magnificently ooberly dooberly sooberly and extremely awesomely awesomed awesome awesomeness times like a REALLY big number


Author's Response: lol, I guess you liked it then??

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Review #15, by MorningMoon you can be anything you want to be

1st March 2009:
I was just thinking about this story and wanted to re-read the last chapter. Good as ever (as with anything involving James!) =] but my favorite's still Mine??, from like 2007!

Author's Response: Oh, Mine was pretty good, it got deleted actually... I jsut could never get it finished, I lost the plot, sorry.

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Review #16, by Eavan Shea You Disgust me Potter

12th February 2009:
Hey. Really nice plot, and well written. You called Lily's dad 'Jasper Potter', though. Maybe I missed somthing...

Author's Response: No, it was a trypo

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Review #17, by emmapotter you can be anything you want to be

29th November 2008:
Amazing.too good! I wanna noe what happened to Aaron tho...
10/10 :)

Author's Response: Well, he'll be a washed up rockstar, and that's it.

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Review #18, by emmapotter Rockstar

28th November 2008:
So this is something like Hannah Montana right? I love the lets the story too, btw!

Author's Response: Erm, kinda like Hannah Montana, yeah, not exactly, but you got the idea

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Review #19, by surabhi you can be anything you want to be

23rd November 2008:
after a very long time i read a fanfic and u rock.keep it up.

Author's Response: Aw thanks you!

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Review #20, by sillyjobug Not Good

15th November 2008:
I'm just assuming this is based on Hannah Montana. But as it's well-written and fairly interesting, I'm going to ignore that detail for the time being. :-)

Author's Response: it's like Hannah Montana, but i don't actually know much about HM, I've never watched it before.. But the general gist of it I think is similar

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Review #21, by blonde_red_head2 you can be anything you want to be

14th November 2008:
this story was effing brilliant! wow!

lol...aaron left her tho! oh it!

Author's Response: Wow, glad you liked it so much!

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Review #22, by Shanny88 Behave

11th October 2008:
Yes, you are lovely indeed.
Damn Aaron. Childish behaviour. Although I guess he has things to deal with aswell.
Thank God for James picking up the pieces. but she broke all her instruments! noo!

Author's Response: I know I'm lovely XD

And Aaron, he's messsed up, and really, he's better out of the picture

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Review #23, by Shanny88 Lie

11th October 2008:
It's so sad! But I think she's right about not carrying on. It just wouldn't have been the same.
Really well written chapter, again! lol.

Author's Response: It would never be the same, and thanks!

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Review #24, by Shanny88 Devestated

11th October 2008:
Troy and Paul.. NO!
It's so sad. Poor Lily. I don't think I could cope...

Author's Response: I know, but I had to do something

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Review #25, by Shanny88 Talk?

11th October 2008:
Okay, James is being stubborn.
He needs to just listen to her. grr

Author's Response: He really does - but as you said, he's stubborn

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