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Review #1, by GryffindorGoddess06 danger all around.

21st July 2006:
I honestly really like this. I like the idea, and the way it was written. I know that you abandoned it, but I really really think it could go MUCH further. If you want, I'd happily look it over and correct some things. I think that you should continue it, and I'd help you. =) If you want to...email me at soccerclutz878@yahoo.com. If not, then it's a good story gone to waste!!

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Review #2, by Forgotten danger all around.

5th February 2004:
The plot ideas and general descriptions are solid, but you may want to look into getting a beta reader. Just a suggestion. You seem to have a good grasp on the idea of writing a story though!

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Review #3, by max_wiseacre danger all around.

5th February 2004:
It's a good start. You did a nice job with characterizing the Dursleys and Harry, though I would have liked Harry to say a bit more. You need to work a bit on sentence structure. There's, way, too many, commas. :-) The plot seems to be pretty good though. Keep going.

Author's Response: thanks, i know i was anoying the coma use is bad, i need to improve. meh, what can you do. lol. thanks for the review though!

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