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Review #1, by Tizzet Just Between Us

21st July 2009:
*drools* This story is fantastic! You have a great talent for writing. I ADORE this pairing and never thought anyone else liked it. Snape and Lucius are so smexy together, and you captured that perfectly! ;3 When I came onto this site, I searched for the littlest bit of slash, and found this story and all your other ones too. I was so happy people actually write slash on this site. I would'a been so alone...

Wuvs, Tizzet

Author's Response: Thanks so much Tizzet! :) I'm really glad you liked this story AND my pairing. They really are "smexy" together. LOL

I know what you mean about trying to find slash on here. Definitely not that many here. They don't even have categories for any of them. I actually had to go to other sites because of it. I rarely come on this one anymore, since my stories have been focusing more on slash lately (and a bit more...ummm... naughty then would be allowed here), but every once in a while I will post here and read a few things.

Thanks again for reviewing! Maybe I'll write another Snape/Lucius story in the future. Definitely not out of the cards. Sadly I'm on this Draco/Harry kick and can't seem to get my head focused on anything else. LOL (Not that I'm complaining...really)

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Review #2, by BitterSeaStar Just Between Us

10th December 2008:
hehe thats funny HP/DM... i liked it it was good...sort of reminded me of brokeback mountain...if uve seen that.

Author's Response: :) Thanks, BitterSeaStar. I'm glad you liked my story. Yes, I have seen Brokeback Mountain, and I can definitely see where you could be reminded of that. Especially with the cold and needing to warm each other up. :)

Thanks for your review.

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Review #3, by icefire_lioness Just Between Us

2nd June 2008:
Hey sweetie! I haven't read many Severus/Lucius fics, but I liked the idea to this. There were a few things that didn't work SO great (just a few kind of cliched bits, but trust me, I'd be a total hypocrite if I called you out on it. Just to let you know that they're there. ^-^). So there is a prequel? Mm, I had definitely better read it! I have to say, I loved the last little mention of H/D. It was VERY smile-worthy. Are you into that pairing? I have three stories that deal with that, and I'm hoping for more (I have so many ideas, it isn't even funny). I know you've read and reviewed 'sweet revenge' and I totally loved you for that, so I would be tres tres happy if you read these other ones and told me what you thought! (By the by, I'm sorry for the blatant self advertising, I hardly ever do it, but I love your reviews, so much!) My favourite that I have done is 'like breathing under water', but if you want something a little sexier, 'one plus one' is good too! Heh. Anyway. So, I'm now going to read your others, and review, too! Loves!

Author's Response: Well hello there! :) I'm glad you liked my Severus/Lucius fic (even if you found some things a bit cliched). I honestly haven't read any fics with that pairing and really wanted to do something with them.

Yes, there is a prequel. :) I hope you will read it, and I also hope you will like it! Yes, H/D are very smile-worthy. haha I LOVE those two together. There's just something about them, you know? :) (which is why my prequel is about them!)

OMG... I'm definitely going to have to read those fics you have. And tell me about it with having so many ideas. I just can't seem to quit thinking about all the possibilities out there!! :) And don't apologize about your advertising. If you didn't, I may have skipped through them. It's not like HPFF has a pairing for H/D right? Sigh... they should though. :)

Thanks for reviewing!! I will definitely check out your others, too! :) HUGS!

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Review #4, by xXharry and draco_luvrXx Just Between Us

19th May 2008:
now THAT was interesting i am going to read the prequel now yay



Author's Response: :) haha YAY!!! Glad you liked this story!! Ooh...I do hope you will like my prequel. I'm excited about writing. :)

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Review #5, by Weasleys Forever Just Between Us

17th May 2008:
Very well written piece. What a pairing, but it actually worked very well. Good characters. Believable.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you found this story believable. I don't know. Something Lucius and Severus... it just sort of called me. :)

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Review #6, by Rackylover Just Between Us

1st May 2008:
Sorry for not coming around here for such a long, long time [my computer's the crappiest!], that you've written 2 fictions already.

I love the idea very much, even that i don't like slash pairings. It was well written as always. Keep up good work!!!

Author's Response: Aww YAY! I missed seeing your name, Rackylover. :) So glad you came back to check my other stuff out. You'll also have to check out my third story, which should be up in probably a day or two. It's a Lucius/Narcissa song-fic. :) And I'm working on another Draco/Hermione story right now. But don't worry, thoughts of a sequel to my other story is still in the works. :)

I'm glad you liked this story. I wasn't really into slash myself, until I read a few and got hooked. It's just something different. :)

Thanks again for taking time and reading!! :)

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Review #7, by HarryGinny4eva Just Between Us

18th April 2008:
Hi there! Found you!

Let me tell you. I had NO idea how many other stories were out here. lol Once I found Dramione, I guess I never looked at anything else. What have you done to me?! Now, I will NEVER sleep. lol Oh, well...

Now, this story...MAJOR APPLAUSE! First, I am so impressed. People who can write good one-shots and have a beginning, middle, and end, and a full story in so few words are a rare breed. And, you my friend, are one of them. Honestly, this was good.

These two are simply delicious together. This was slash at it's best; no vulgarity or creepiness. I actually felt bad for them in the end. But, you ended on the perfect note, because I honestly laughed out loud at the other set of initials. :-D

Two thumbs up!

Author's Response: HI, HG4eva! Glad you found this one. :) OMG I know what you mean about the other stories. When I first came on this site, I was all about Dramione fics. Then I realized there are actually other stories out there that are good, too, although I still tend to focus back to the Dramione ones. :)

Yay!! So happy you liked this story. :) That definitely makes me HAPPY!! Yes, I agree with you regarding one-shots. It's hard to have all three in just one chapter, but I'm so happy I was able to do it. :)

Yes... Lucius and Snape. I don't know what it is about them, but they are very delicious. Together or not together; they are delightfully delicious. :) I felt bad for them, too, when you could tell how much they actually did like each other, but pretended it was nothing more.

haha Yes... the end was nice, wasn't it? :) And what's great is that it allows me to do a prequel, which I'm already working on. Now we will all learn how that came about. :)

Thanks again for the review. I hope you come back for the prequel! :)

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Review #8, by Moondanser83 Just Between Us

17th April 2008:
OH... My. God.
The visuals. wow.
great job!
Absolutly LOVED the ending!!!
It is absolutly fantastic how you tied toe 2 concepts together!
Just increadable!
Much Love

Author's Response: Aww YAY!! So happy you liked it! :) And, yes, the ending was particularly the best for me, too. It gave me a great way to tie in my Harry/Draco story I've been working on. :) It will now be a prequel to this story. The first chapter is already in the queue, so I hope when it gets posted you will enjoy it!! :)

Thanks again for the review, Moondanser!

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Review #9, by gryffindor_princess21 Just Between Us

15th April 2008:
I really liked this. It must have been difficult to write about this pairing and you did a great job! I applaud you. *claps*. And I was laughing at Lucius' like Draco. Speaking of which, the initials...I wonder if that leads to the other story you were talking about? I'm intrigued...let me know when you post the Draco/Harry story! Great job once again!

Your biggest fan,
Emma :D

Author's Response: Thanks, Emma! I'm so glad you liked this. :) And, you know, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be with these two, which I'm definitely happy about. Thanks for the applause. :) Yes, you can definitely see where Draco gets his smugness from. haha And finally: the initials. You are correct about the my other story. :) It's going to be a prequel to this, but it won't be a one-shot. It will probably be a novella. I will definitely let you know when it's posted. The first chapter is already awaiting validation. :)

Thanks again!! :)

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Review #10, by Draco_Luva Just Between Us

14th April 2008:
Strange pairing but nicely done. I loved the Harry/Draco thing at the end btw!! You should explain more about that story. *hint hint*


Author's Response: I know. For some reason, those two just popped out in my mind, and I really wanted to write about them, since you rarely see them paired together.

haha I'm glad you liked that part about Harry and Draco. And you'll be happy to know that I'm already working on the prequel and the first chapter is already in the queue, waiting for validation (it will more than likely be a novella). :) I do hope you will like it.

Thanks for the review, Laura!! :)

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Review #11, by DracoMalfoylover123 Just Between Us

12th April 2008:
I originally decided to read this because of the unusual pairing and was a little sceptical, to be honest, but was pleasantly suprised. It was very well written and you depicted the characters incredibly well. And I LOVED the bit at the end:

"Once he finished, he suddenly noticed another set of initials on the wall to the right: HP/DM."

Just adored that little mention and am quite intrigued as to what happened that night.

Many thanks, Becky x

Author's Response: I'm happy you took a chance with my story and liked it. I'm with you regarding the pairing because you rarely see these two together. :) haha Yes... the end was my fav part, too. I already have an idea of a prequel in mind. The prequel will not be a one-shot, however. I do hope you will come back when I post it. :)

Thanks again, Becky! :)

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