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Review #1, by NymphadoraLupinTonks Chapter 1

31st March 2009:
Remus and Tonks are NOT dead. I love FFs when they're still alive, I'm trying to find some loophole that means they're still alive. Until then, I'll read your story and hopefully (if you write it) the sequel to this fantastic story!xx
10/10, keep writing

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Review #2, by amy02 Chapter 1

23rd December 2008:
cool. sounds like the kind of thing teddy would have done because of remus being a werewolf. tonks is my fav!

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Review #3, by N Chapter 1

16th December 2008:
Aw, that was cute! I LOVE that Hermione is changing laws you can totally she her actually doing that and I think that Will is really sweet
Nicely done too x

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Review #4, by Rebecca Chapter 1

24th April 2008:
Sweet story. U know i really wanted Tonks and Remus alive in the 7th book and after reading your story it feels great. Good job.

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by meerkatalex Chapter 1

17th April 2008:
Ha! I've read all of your stories now but I agree with you when you say that Remus and Tonks should have died. Also, I think it may have taken another couple of years to find a cure for werewolves, but, overall, all of your stories are wicked! 9/10 from me!

Author's Response: thank you so much!!!

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Review #6, by Tonks the Klutz Chapter 1

11th April 2008:
This is really good! You should diffentally keep writing. 10/10
(hint hint this is a review)

Author's Response: Thank you! I've got one story in validation, and a few more ideas

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Review #7, by Nym_Dora Lupin Chapter 1

10th April 2008:
I liked this story. It would have been so nice for something like this to have really happened for Remus and Tonks

Author's Response: Thanks you so much!

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Review #8, by Tazzidragon Chapter 1

10th April 2008:
Wow what a great story!! It was really creative. I like how Lupin finally had something good happen in his life! =) Loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks! I definately agree with you about remus having something good happen to him!!

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Review #9, by vampirate_lycan Chapter 1

9th April 2008:
Aw! Loved it. Loads and loads.

Author's Response: thanks!

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