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Review #1, by ForeverInMyHeart My Reality

12th June 2011:
I put off reading this story for a little while cause I have my own story with Ted in it and I didnt want to change his character. Oh well :P
Your story is great so far

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Review #2, by desiderada Vacationed

11th September 2010:
OMG! he closed the window...? Symbolism?! or am i totally misnaming the intended literary device? or is it foreshadowing?

LUVS this chappie! i remember reading it, but i totally forgot to review! Bad Desiderada, BAD!

favourite parts:
1)Little Fred setting fire to the living room couch... Man, that kid's already got the twins' imagination... oh wait, he's in the broom shed with the gifts on top of things? ho ho, he's clever alright... ^^

2) Dominique & Rose's (but especially Rose's) enthusiam for Teddy... so cute... i bet you they'll be like that with Albus and James when they get older...*laughs evilly*

3) Gem -the gluttonous falcon. I love him! he's so awesome! i also like the part when " 'Ouch,' I muttered. He dug them deeper" i heart Gem XD

4) "Apparently, the Potters - and Weasleys were very big on Quidditch" no duh... it's totally like Harry to give Teddy a sweet...

5)"I could also let my eyes turn red, but that would probably have been too much..." niice

6) "Definitely likeable, this Bill Weasley" i guess it comes with being part-werewolf...

7) "Apparently, Rose had a thing for inaccessible guys; I should introduce her to Scorpius. That would certainly please her father." oh no he didn't! that would be so funny...

8) " 'I know.' Believe me." YESS! Ze reeturn of ze zarcasm! ... *ahem* okay, i'll let the writing French accents in English up to you...

9) " 'Because she slept with Teddy' " oh man. Poor little Rose doesn't know what all these adults are thinking really happened...

10) "She was hauling her heavy trunk behind her" (nice alliteration, by the way)So will Victoire be sleeping in Teddy's room permanently, if she's bringing her trunk in?

11) OMG, I laughed SO hard at the missing tooth incident! Lolx1000 XD

12) " 'Oh my' " humm... for the bare chest? or the scar? maybe a mixture of both? ^^

I luv fluff... but i also can't wait 'til he goes back to Hogwarts..!

Update whenever you can! We all love you!

Until next time,

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! It's definitely been a long time, but as usual I'll try and update whenever I can.
To respond to your comments: yes, Teddy closing the window was meant to be symbolic (although he does it without realizing it... typical Teddy). It shows he's starting to accept having Vicky close to him.
I had a lot of fun writing about Rose and Dominique - especially Rose. Such (ironic) enthusiasm ^^
Gem is awesome. Period.
At first, I didn't intend on having Teddy liking Bill, but as I incorporated "Uncle Bill's" character, the interactions just seemed to write themselves. That's always nice when it happens like that.
Regarding Scorpius, well, I have my own plans for him... muhahahaha.
I tried my best to write a French accent... it's rather hard... I hope I did okay.
To answer number ten (or not answer it, rather), you'll see in the next chapter.
As for number twelve, well, I like to think it's a mixture of both :P (then again, I'm pretty biased)
Thanks again for all your wonderful *shining* support!! ^^

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Review #3, by desiderada Accomplice

22nd August 2010:
Yay! I luvs long chappies! Thanks for updating!

Again, oh crap! Victoire's got it figured out! Good for her... not so good for Teddy... well, i guess we'll see... by the way, thanks for answering the few/numerous questions i had about the previous chapter... much appreciated! =)

favourite parts:
1) "Oh Merlin, I was going crazy." lol, aren't we all? Return of heavy sarcasm! a critical hit! it's super effective..! XD

2) "Their eyebrows were perilously high" Oh noes, i hope they don't think... you know... Teddy & Victoire. oh noes!

3) "Andy raised a suggestive eyebrow" Perhaps Victoire shouldn't have told Ms. Wingham that she was Teddy's girlfriend... News travels fast around Hogwarts...

4) "Haden's mile widened and Andy whistled" *facepalms*
i like the way you slowly made that idea progress during the chapter... Poor Teddy! ^^

5) "Uncle Ron would disown you" - i suppose any Malfoy interraction normally means Ron turns purple, right? i just hope he never learns that Albus and Scorpius are good friends...*gulps*

6)"That's why I found you in the forest a few weeks ago" -- Huh? Which instance? wait, what? That time when the Vamps were there?! *Gasps!* She was actually there, in the forest, you mean?

Gah! Women!

7) I always love a little bit of character history!

Alright, i'm off to read the next chappie!

Until next time,

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much yet again.
Super effective? Really? Yay!
About the boys, well, Andy's quite the teaser - and he won't let Ted forget it :P
Regarding number six, yes, I was referring to the time when she went to warn Firenze. She was actually in the forest... well, she is a Gryffindor, so she has courage... but does she have some sense? I'll leave that up to you to make your mind.
I'm so happy the character history paragraph fitted well with the rest and didn't seem too choppy. Flashbacks and memories are always a bit tricky to write.
Thank you again!

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Review #4, by a rollerball Vacationed

19th August 2010:
Awww dats soo cute :') please update soon xD

Author's Response: Thank you, I'll do my best.

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Review #5, by a rollerball Accomplice

12th August 2010:
wow, pretty deep stuff when you think about it. and they're getting close ;) please please please update soon xD

Author's Response: As always, I'll be as quick as I can ;)
I'm glad you enjoyed.

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Review #6, by desiderada Slipping

8th August 2010:
Fiou, it's been a while! Thanks for updating right after the staff's vacation! (is there a caracter limit for a review? i think i went over it... sry if it doesn't all show...)

favourite parts:
1) "someone who had respected my privacy from the moment I had set foot in this castle" that's such a nice thing to say about McGonagall! ^^

2) The statue lept aside immediately? no password? or does McGonagall just really trust Teddy? (if that's the case, that's so sweet of her!)

Wait, so McGonagall's getting too old? perhaps she's tired? Do you have anybody in mind as a replacement?

3) "They wished to remain anonymous" oh man! no fair! although Teddy's assumptions about who knows what is pretty good...

uh-oh, Firenze knows a lot... Legilimens, anyone? lol;)

4) "oh, and bloody's the good word" niice

5) Victoire's logic at the end there "You were in human form" oh SNAP!

although, some of Victoire's arguments are kind of iffy to me... i do have a few questions..:
a) When she saw Teddy talking to the Vamps, if she was in the forest, no doubt the Vampires would have smelled her...? or maybe...

b) perhaps you're not allowed to confirm this (because it would give major plot spoilers away), but perhaps Victoire was in the Astronomy tower, or in Divination class, and saw (or Saw) Teddy in danger, immediately warned Firenze, who in turn immediately warned Magorian (or Ronan or Bane... who's the pack leader again?), who rushed to Teddy's rescue immediately..?

c) and finally, since Teddy's only part-werewolf, and already had (before becoming a vampire) some wolfy traits (such as liking steak tartare... i think you said something about that in the earlier chappie...), perhaps he would still have a very developped sense of smell, even in human form..?

anyways, still a great chappie! i hope we get to hear both Victoire & Teddy's explanations in the next chapter!

Until next time,

Author's Response: Apparently there is no character limit! It all showed ^^
About Victoire, well I'm sorry, but I can't say anything. It is a major element of the plot and I want it to remain mysterious. Feel free to try and fill in the holes, although that's what you're doing :P
About Teddy's sense of smell, well, I figured Werewolves would only become sensitive during full moons. The rest of the time, they are normal human beings... more or less.
About McGonagall, well, I just thought she would be nice to Teddy. She's seen Remus struggle with his condition too, so she empathizes with his son and wants to help. Yes, she's nice.
Thank you as always for taking the time to review! Next chapter up soon, I promise.

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Review #7, by a rollerball Slipping

8th August 2010:
huh ? im confused, care to explain to a lost person ???

Author's Response: Victoire was always a bit suspicious since she saw him with Vampires... after what Teddy said about the smell, well, she kind of guessed it was true. I'm sorry you got confused!

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Review #8, by desiderada Suspicion

29th July 2010:
omg, such a long chapter! i loved it! (actually, i'm going to re-read it, it was soo good! ^o^)

favourite parts:
1) "Blood? Blood? I was bleeding? I couldn't smell anything" yes i'm surprised as well... maybe it was someone else's blood, like that other (were)wolf..?

2) " 'Did you see that? His eye was bloodshot red,' some student drawled.
No, my eye is red."
alright, so does that mean that whenever Teddy's either unconscious or tired, his Metamorphmagus abilities stop working..?
return of inner sarcasm & short responses! victory! =)

3) Teddy's inner monologue about telling or not telling Hogwarts about the coven in the Forbidden Forest is quite good... i do like Teddy's cause>>effect manner of thinking

4) " I must admit I had smelled and heard her coming and had done nothing to move out of her way. Guilty as charged." hehe, i guess that's one way to force something out of Victoire...

5) "With that, she swivelled around on her heels, her blond hair fanning around her. I couldn't help but notice that she was slightly limping." OMG, it really is Victoire then? but i thought Bill was only part werewolf..?

6) Scorpius embracing his inner-Draco: so cute that there's someone who still has that spark of Malfoy/Slytherin overconfidence! ^^

7) "I could feel my heart pump faster; thank Merlin it was silent" Man, Teddy is one lucky part-vampire-part-werewolf... if those Vampires could hear his heart, well, maybe they would figure he's not a full Vamp afterall...

i do have a question though: how does the coven not notice that Teddy's wearing Hogwarts robes? or, if he's transformed, that Teddy's partly naked? or has Gem redressed him as he did in previous chapters?

8) Teddy thinking of Victor as a name... man, that Vamp must've had a thick Bulgarian/ Eastern european accent for Teddy to think of Victor Krum, of all people...

omg such a long chappie! i luv long chapters!

what? no more chapters after this one? *pouts* please update whenever! =)

until next time,

Author's Response: Such a long review! (To go with the long chapter!) I shall start by thanking you. Very much.
About your first point, yes it's Teddy's blood. But now that you mention that, perhaps I shouldn't have said anything - it does lead to an interesting intrigue!
About number two, yes, Teddy does struggle with his Metamorphmagus-induced appearance when he's unconscious. Seeing as he is only part Metamorphmagus, I thought it would be fitting.
As for you next point, I always portrayed Ted as a rather logical guy. Very rational, calculating.
For number five, I won't say anything but this: don't make any assumptions.
About point six, well, you know how much I enjoy writing about those Malfoys!
As for the dress code problem, I figured Teddy would change out of his uniform to go wandering into the forest, especially since there's a good chance they'll get dirtied.
And lastly, I wasn't thinking of Victor Krum. Perhaps another person whose name is similar? I'll let you think ;)
Thank you!!!

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Review #9, by desiderada Déjà Vu

29th July 2010:
Yay! Gem's back! when was the last time we saw him...? i don't remember, although i do think that Teddy's mild humour needed a friend to properly be shared with...

favourite parts:
1) the blood potion: whoa, do you think Teddy's blood just, like, froze the moment he became a vampire? since his heart is still beating (is it? i don't remember... darn, i should re-read your story^^), what about blood circulation..? or does he just have major coagulation?

2) The other (were)wolf: aww, i guess that howl really does work... is that another Hogwarts student? or just a random Canis lupus lurking around? are you allowed to tell me...?

3) The chapter title: hehe, that was evil, wings... making us readers think it was some horrible foreshadowing... i happy that Teddy' still (relatively) alive... wait, has he been bitten?! OMG NO!!! hopefully he won't lose all the human blood that's left in his system...

well, who knew there was actually a coven of vampires in the Forbidden Forest. maybe it should stay Forbidden after all... *wink*

alright, on to the next chappie!

until next time,

Author's Response: The answer to your first question is somewhere in the story... can't remember where exactly, but anyways - your question was/shall be answered.
About your second question, well, I'm afraid you'll have to wait... it's part of the intrigue... muhahahah...
Ah ha, I actually changed the chapter title at the last minute - yes, I for once had inspiration for a title! I'm glad you liked it ;) And yes, the Forbidden Forest is a rather dangerous place to be at the moment.
Thanks again... I'm sorry it was so short. The next one's much longer!

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Review #10, by desiderada Forbidden

28th July 2010:
OMG, invent a potion? man wings, whoever that teacher is, he/she's making Teddy's year work for their grades...!

favourite parts:
1) "he was only answering what he thought I wanted to hear. Or what any normal adult would want to hear, the key word being normal." LOL it never occured to me that young Scorpius might know how to lie properly... then again, he is a Malfoy...

2) "If the staff finds out, then the Forbidden Forest will become the Forbidden Forest again(...)" I like the fact that the forest isn't forbidden anymore... but wait a minute... i'm sure those centaurs haven't forgotten about people like Dolores Umbridge...

3) Scorpius being friends with Albus: I can't wait until their fathers hear about that... hihi ^^

4) "Quidditch: a man's excuse to be dramatic" oh man, you're so right... men get so dramatic over sports.

alright, i gotta go, but i can't wait to read the next chapter!

until next time,

Author's Response: Thank you! And yeah, it looks like potions is still not that pleasant of a subject... nonetheless, Teddy is taking Advanced Potions.
Yes, little Scorpius knows how to lie. But hey, you don't become a Malfoy without earning it.
I always thought that the Forest would be open to students, yet still mysterious and dark. Most students wouldn't even wander there.
Albus and Scorpius! Don't you think they'd make great friends? That's what I thought ^^
Thanks again!

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Review #11, by desiderada Complications

25th July 2010:
favourite parts:
1) " 'Vampires,' the young professor announced in front of the class, 'are most fascinating creatures.'

Why thank you."

omg, the return of the Humor!!! IT LIVES, even beneath the angst!

2) the DADA teacher... he is so funny! ... Well, i guess Teddy's inner thoughts aren't exactly helping my portrayal of him/her... by the way, who is this teacher..? it's killing me!

that scene in the cafeteria was quite funny... i like it when Teddy forgot to Vanish his beets.

gotta go! i can't wait to read the next chapter thought!

until next time,

Author's Response: Thank you once more.
Yes, humour is awesome. And it does live on.

I pictured the DADA teacher as a young man, probably just out of school himself and totally fascinated by his subject. He's just a character I made up... and who has yet to be named!

Thank you very much for your kind reviews! I appreciate the time you take to write them!

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Review #12, by desiderada Unexpected

25th July 2010:
omg, thestrals? really? *sigh* Teddy, you're such a bad liar... blood wouldn't drip everywhere on you... but really, how does Victoire know that Teddy can't see thestrals?

Favourite parts:
1) When Teddy realizes he's killed Fluffy.

2) And then when he walks away...

3) And when he realizes he forgot a change of clothes. (whoops)

4) Victoire's whole monologue, when Teddy's like "Just finish me off. Please." even if that's sort of angsty, because of the context, i found his inner thoughts quite funny, to be honest..! =)

"I guess I could also try ignoring the nightly racket in hopes that I would get used to it, a bit like I got used to not hearing everyone’s heartbeats and simply dismissed the sounds."

eh?wouldn't he be hearing everybody's heartbeat? or am i reading this sentence wrong...?

anyways, very amusing chapter! onto the next one!

until next time,

Author's Response: Thanks again!
About thestrals: I think people would know and talk about it if Ted had seen someone die. Then again, you do have a point: there's no way for Victoire to be absolutely sure.
Teddy's inner thoughts can be quite entertaining, I agree.

I meant "everybody's heartbeats" because you heart beats more than once! Although, it occurs to me now that you may have thought I meant "everybody's heart beat" (as in a verb). Anyways, thank you for paying such close attention!

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Review #13, by desiderada Stumbling

25th July 2010:
ohh man.. i remember this part...hehe, Teddy's kill is going to arise so much suspicion... especially since he killed the beloved (CENSORED FOR SPOILERS).!! :'(

but wings, so much angst!!! gah! the best parts though were Teddy's descriptions which, altough altogether dark, were quite detailled.

Is that Victoire's laugh? i certainly hope so!

oh, and is that Padma, or Parvati (sp?) Patil? I do remember Flitwick (again, sp?) being charms teacher and Head of Ravenclaw, so maybe it's Padma, since she was in Ravenclaw...?

anyways, i also liked the idea of a collective smell... i suppose Hufflepuff would smell like good food, since they reside near the kitchens, the SLytherins would smell like Malfoy Manor, but indeed, what the heck you the Gryffindors smell like? maybe like Weasley's Wizard Wheezes...?

anyways, I'm off to the next chappie!

until next time,

Author's Response: Hahaha, thanks for censoring ;)
I know, I know, it's a lot of angst... but that's how Ted feels - sadly.
Oh, and yes, it was Victoire's laugh. And yes, it's Padma Patil, who also happens to be head of the Ravenclaw house.
Gryffindors probably just smell like... adrenaline, or something, considering they're so courageous all the time. And Slytherins probably smell like Scorpius - pampered ^^
I'm glad you enjoyed!

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Review #14, by absibi Suspicion

15th July 2010:
I just read through all eleven chapters and loved every thing :D
I would love for you to continue :)
I found it really interesting 10 / 10 for every chapter ^-^

Author's Response: Thank you very much!
I shall continue - new chapters coming up soon!
Thanks again ^^

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Review #15, by desiderada Learning

13th July 2010:
aww man! i read this in like, 2 seconds because it's so good! and i got a lot of favourite parts in this one, so here goes..!

favourite parts:
1) "Err- some of them are first years and asked me to go eat them... I mean, with them." soo good!

2) "(...)descended just in time for my first class." alright, so we know Teddy's not in Gryffindor, and Slytherin's in the dungeons, so that leaves Ravenclaw (Tower) and Hufflepuff (Kitchens, ground level or dungeons, no? i don't really remember)... i'm going with Ravenclaw... am i totally off-target?

3)Is the Mrs Malfoy teaching Arithmancy Astoria? or Narcissa? i don't remember which from the previous chapters... although Astoria would make more sense for Scorpius not wanting to take that class...

4) "it made him smell like something toxic... meaning inedible, of course." lol who would've thought that our perfumes are so nastly perceived by vampires? lol ^^

5)"And worse - yes, there was worse - I had just been classified along Basiliks" oh man, poor Teddy... i guess like you said in the first or second chappie, vampires are non-wizard part-human... Dark Creatures!!

keep on writing... although i hope that Teddy revelation at the end won't make his humour go away... me heart sarcasm...

Until next time,

Author's Response: I'm so glad - and entertained - that you're taking such an interest in the story! Yes, Teddy is in Ravenclaw. He actually explains in at the start of the next chapter, so there. And yes, it is Astoria, Scorpius' mom, who is teaching Arithmancy. And too much perfume is a nasty thing...
I'm afraid you'll have to read on to find out how Teddy copes with his "revelation", as you say.
Thank you so, so much for your always so wonderfully kind reviews! Thank you thank you!

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Review #16, by desiderada Rising

13th July 2010:
hehe! i like this chapter! Finally, Ted humours us with an angsty+heavy sarcasm funny!

favourite parts:
1)"That's when I realized why my senses happened to be so accurate. Who wanted to hang around a Vampire?" ah-ha! Evolution also happens for mythical creatures! ^^

2)"It's a sad day when you think of your best friend as lunch" oh man, that's a good one. i hope we can see more of Teddy's humorous/sadistic side ... it's so awesome!

3)"Gem only got edgy for one reason. (...) His stomach" oh man, i swear, Gem is a guy Animagus!

4) I also love how he describes the smells.. especilally Malfoy Manor...!

i can't wait till he gets to Hogwarts and all hell breaks loose!

Until next time,

Author's Response: Well, let's hope all hell does not break loose, hehe.
I also enjoy writing Teddy's angsty sarcasm, although I'm always afraid that too much humour will make him out of character. I'm glad you didn't think so! That was actually a hard chapter to write, and I re-edited it a lot. So double thanks!

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Review #17, by desiderada Waking Up

13th July 2010:
dun dun dun dun! I know, i know! lol.

Man, Teddy is so angsty... even in his descriptions! maybe he just needs a hug...well, one from Victoire might do the trick =)

Where's Gem? and wait, a bird can dress a human? How awesome is Gem? ^^

On to chapter 5!

Until next time,

Author's Response: Oh yes, Teddy IS angst.
I love Gem. That falcon is awesome. Period.
I love cliffhangers, too.
On to your next review! Thanks!

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Review #18, by desiderada That Night

13th July 2010:
OMG! when i saw that you had rewritten parts of "My Inconvenience", i never thought i would have so much fun re-reading it!

I like the minimal interraction with Victoire... they're not going out yet! gives you plenty of room for character development for her...

Now i'm curious! " (...) a muggle poem that compared the night sky to a velvety blanket." really, which poem?

i'll keep reading and reviewing! Great so far! Even though it's my second time reading this, i'm enjoying it like it's the very first time..^^

Until next time,

Author's Response: I'm glad you're having fun ^^ again...
About the "poem", well I made it up. But if you do find such a muggle poem, I'll gladly read it!
Yeah, I wanted to keep Victoire in the background at the beginning. Thanks so much for reading again!

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Review #19, by a rollerball Forbidden

6th July 2010:
amaing chapter, plz plz plz update soon (: xx

Author's Response: I will, thank you!

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Review #20, by a rollerball Complications

3rd November 2009:
brilliant story!
plz plz plz update soon

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it.
It's a work in progress...

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Review #21, by kix10 Complications

30th July 2009:
Ha, I must say I'm impressed with how you're writing Teddy as a vampire AND a werewolf. I was honestly expecting something along the lines of Underworld and him transforming into some weird hybrid thing, even though he is sort of right? Sorry if that didn't make sense. Anyways I'm thoroughly enjoying this story and I'm going to favorite. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, it can get a little ambiguous sometimes, but I'm glad you like it, still. And thank you for the favorite! ^^

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Review #22, by sooo Stumbling

25th July 2009:
whats the answer? what was it?

tell meh!

Author's Response: Ahhh! I can't tell ;)
But trust me, it's the first word of the next chapter.
I just love cliffhangers... muhaha.

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Review #23, by awww My Reality

25th July 2009:
"No. My inconvenience was to blame.
Ted Remus Lupin’s inconvenience."

Aww if ted remus lupin could have heard that it would break his heart )=


Author's Response: But the character is Teddy Lupin... ? And, to some extent, I guess yes, it is Remus Lupin's fault if Teddy is a werewolf. Yet Teddy would never blame his parents - he's much too stuck on blaming himself! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by BigTiggaPwnz My Reality

26th December 2008:
You are a master of words, my friend. This was beautifully written and I'm still completely shocked. The last person that made me go 'Wow' as much as you are right now was Gubz, and that is one high up fanfic author. ;) Keep writing. You have a knack for it. 10/10.

Author's Response: I'm in 'Wow' now! Geez, thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing it and I think that is perhaps the best recipe for a good story. Thanks again! 10! Wow!

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Review #25, by Weasleys Forever Happier Days

22nd May 2008:
Teddy, with all his angst, is a really likeable well written character. Your characters are all good, your storyline is starting to develop and your pace is excellent. I look forward to reading further chapters when they are posted.

Keep writing.

Author's Response: Thanks again! I don't like taking it too fast; it feels like you're missing out of stuff. I'm glad you agree! Thanks a million!

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