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Review #1, by arthurandmollynerd A Kiss is Just A Kiss

21st June 2011:
Exactly how I imagined Fabion and Gideon!!

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Review #2, by White_Dragon A Kiss is Just A Kiss

14th November 2008:

What a nice read on a late November afternoon! You give us a good snapshot of Molly and Arthur in their youth, though the core of their adult selves is still very visible. Arthur is rock steady and reliable, and will take charge when needed. Molly is her warm self, always worried about what others think, showing a degree of personal pride that is neither brash, nor wishy-washy.

Although the story is about Molly, you give us a brief flash of her brothers, who you use to reinforce more of her character traits. You also hint at a deeper story line to the relationship between Lucius and Molly (maybe she spurned him on more than one occasion -- maybe Lucius has a thing for red-heads, like Molly and Lily). But that's another story I guess!

Well Done!


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Review #3, by hanna's Mom A Kiss is Just A Kiss

8th October 2008:
Lovely, I like Arthur/molly stories.

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Review #4, by ElissandrAnne A Kiss is Just A Kiss

24th May 2008:

I read this fic ages ago, and I truly thought I had reviewed it back then. I am so sorry I forgot. :S

I've never read that many Molly/Arthur fics, but they have been in most of the stories I've been reading. It's a nice change to read about them before they were married and became parents though.

It is a very sweet story, Juls. So they have been blood traitors all their lives, eh? I'm not surprised. And it is easy to see why those two fell for each other. :D

Good job, dear!

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Review #5, by Luna Longbottom A Kiss is Just A Kiss

5th April 2008:
So cute, Fabian and Gideon remind me so much of Fred and George.

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