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Review #1, by X-rayLady Chapter twelve

29th October 2010:
Ah, nice story. I am glad Neime found happiness with Anna too, I genuinely liked the guy :-)

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Review #2, by SeVeRuS LoVeR Chapter twelve

4th January 2010:
OH that was an absolutely adorable story :)) it was really cute how both pairs ended up together haha who doesn't love happy endings :DD

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Review #3, by Dramionelover1106 Chapter twelve

15th October 2009:
This is sooo sweet!!

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Review #4, by tEar_leSs Chapter twelve

26th July 2009:
ohohoh, could you write maybe a sequel to this story? maybe more on the Neime/Anna pairing?

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Review #5, by rosie_sirius93 Chapter twelve

20th November 2008:
that's so sweet!!
I loved your FF!!!
I'm going right now to see if uv written any other ones I can read!

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Review #6, by Christy86 Chapter seven

11th June 2008:
update soon can't wait what going to happen

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Review #7, by scorpy_4_evr Chapter seven

11th June 2008:
This story has kept me on suspense from the moment I lay eyes on it. It's different than the other ones and I love it!
Just when you think you know whats going to happen is changes and twist in ways unimaginable.

=[ I'm sad, I feel so bad for Scorpius, then angry at Rose for takin her sweet long time on making up her mind ArGH! so annnoying but I love all the charcters. I feel that I can relate to abosolutely every character including Armene. Speaking of which, I cant wait to hear what comes to be from her new juicy gossip!!

Remember to read my story and leave a review thnx


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Review #8, by heyhottie Chapter six

7th June 2008:
NO!!! what did you do!?!?!?! ah.I still love it though but really what where you thinking?? 10/10 good work except about the ending!!!

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Review #9, by The Kyo Kind Chapter six

21st May 2008:
Oh my. what are they going to do? Poor, poor Scorpius... sigh, but Neime is just really sweet too. what a dilemma!

Please update soon :) it was a great chapter ;)

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Review #10, by scorpy_4_evr Chapter six

21st May 2008:
Oh no ! No! No! No! OHNO
What happened! No fair!
Why do they have to like the date
OMG i thought you said that she liked scorpius, what happened now!! They broke their promises to their best frineds!!! How could they?? They betrayed their best friends=[
I truly feel for scorpius now, i truly do.
Sad... so sad
People these days. Pft!
I used to like Rose until now=[
Anyways on a much happier note why dont you check out my page. Well in a few weeks in gonna put my own Scorose fic up
called "Bubble Bubble Rose in Trouble"

Im changing my name to Mistress Malfoy though..

Scorpy_4_evr (for now)

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Review #11, by Marcia Heap Chapter five

16th May 2008:
Please hurry up with the next chapter

Author's Response: sure as soon as HPFF validates it:)

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Review #12, by pixy7 Chapter five

12th May 2008:

Author's Response: Aww thanks sweety.will get the next chapter as soon as HPFF validates it, hope u like the next ones just as much:)

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Review #13, by Christy86 Chapter five

11th May 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

Author's Response: hey the next chapters in line for validation, will be out soon I guess:)

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Review #14, by steph Chapter five

11th May 2008:
uh, poor,poor scorpius i bet he's mentally shooting himself! i like how you make it more complicated for rose and scorpius-and oh no now Neime likes her! things really don't look good for Neime's and Scorpius's friendship, does it?! 10/10

Author's Response: lolz I have to make to make their lives difficult inorder for th story to be interesting right??..Anyway thanks for the compliment, will update soon:) And looks like u've guessed a few of the plot points;)

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Review #15, by alix Chapter five

11th May 2008:
ooh i really like how you developed this story, and i especially like how we see both rose's and scorpius's POV. i love the neime/rose/scorpius triangle thing too, drama!lol. Keep writing new chapters! 10/10

Author's Response: Aww thanks sweety, And yes thrs plenty more drama to come;)

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Review #16, by scorpy_4_evr Chapter five

11th May 2008:
Oh no ! They both look good! How is this going to end??!!?!?
*sigh* poor Scorpius ..poor Rose ..poor Neime( btw how do u pronounce his name?)
I dont really like love triangle or rectangles or pentagons or s... you get the idea.

This story had me on suspense for the very begging, even my friends loved it!! Hurry up and update!
Keep up the good work=]

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much for all the compliments, Im glad u liked it so far.and I hope u'll like the next ones just as much, And believe I hate love triangles as well, but somehow I found it enjoyable to write, Strange o_O

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Review #17, by A Diffrent type of Flower Chapter four

1st May 2008:
uhh ohh... thats not gunna turn out good... but i likedk the chapter

Author's Response: Thanks :)..Im glad u liked it..Next chapter coming up soon

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Review #18, by Christy86 Chapter four

1st May 2008:
update soon can't wait for more chapters

Author's Response: I really am trying to update as soon as I can, trouble is HPFF takes a lot of time to validate each chapter, so I have no choice but to wait around:(

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Review #19, by Mendika Chapter four

1st May 2008:
Yay, love it! ^^

Armene ...

Hope you update soon ^^

Author's Response: Hehe..Looks like ive doen my job well at making her despicable..Next chapter coming soon:)

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Review #20, by rosie2424 Chapter four

1st May 2008:
Wow, that's a sticky situation Rose has got herself into!

And what is the Armene up to??

Can't wait to find out! Update again soon!

Author's Response: sure is..Next chappie coming soon:)

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Review #21, by Mendika Chapter three

25th April 2008:
Not Zabini and Rose! >_<
And I'm not sure, but isn't it Zambini it is? With an M? Just wondering xD
You write great! :D


Author's Response: Thank you so much:)..And no its Zabini..Its Zabini in the books..And dont worry the story has just begun..whats the fun in the romance if theres no struggle:)

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Review #22, by Christy86 Chapter three

21st April 2008:
update soon cna't wait for more chapters

Author's Response: More coming up:)

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Review #23, by A Diffrent type of Flower Chapter three

21st April 2008:
uhh oh. well i like this story alot. i m half happy half sad that they didnt get together. =] great job

Author's Response: Hey dont worry, the story's not over yet:)..And thanks for the compliment

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Review #24, by quidditch_wife Chapter three

21st April 2008:
shame man! poor scorpius!

that was totally unexpected. and i loved it!

i cant wait to see what heppens on rose's date!!


Author's Response: Ha got you dint i!..lolz. Next chapter coming soon..

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Review #25, by rosie2424 Chapter three

21st April 2008:
I love the story so far!
Stupid Zabini, Way to get it the way! lol

Author's Response: lolz..But thr has to be someone to mess up the story, right?Next chapter in line for validation

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