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Review #1, by Joyfull Scroll Chapter two

25th May 2008:
Aw now that was a rather nice ending. You mean ALL looked more like Lilly than James? Cool twist! Lilly doesn't get enough credit sometimes even in fanfics. She's a very overlooked character in Harry Potter verse. Only mentioned to be 'Very Bright Witch of her age'.

Author's Response: I shoved Lily's hair and eye colouring in their because it matches the wifes colour, and thats the only reason I had. thanks again for reviewing so often

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Review #2, by Joyfull Scroll chapter one

25th May 2008:
*laughs* Oh that line was funny on Fate. Knocking Harry for a loop was rather fun to read! Oh the bit with Ron and Ginny was just their infamous Weasley Temper comming out. I'm surprised that Molly didn't join in!

I'm glad they had a registry on such things. They been 'married' for years! Figures they wouldn't know of it till one tried to marry the wrong one for them.

Author's Response: Yeah I sort of thought this would be a fun way to let Hermione know she aint supposed to marry the morRon, even if Jk thinks its a good idea.

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Review #3, by Weasleys Forever Chapter two

23rd April 2008:
Good chapter.

About the children: what a pity to have 2 good looking parents and not have a child that looked like them. Perhaps black bushy hair or brown untidy hair, with green or brown eyes. Or even big teeth. I know that genetics happens, but the fun thing about fiction is that imagination rules.

Author's Response: Yeah a bit naughty of me to go against the grain with this one, I just fancied the idea of the deep dark red hair, or that could be because dark red hair runs in my family.

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Review #4, by Weasleys Forever chapter one

23rd April 2008:
Really sweet. Just lovely. I can't say more.

Author's Response: So glad you like my work, hope you stick around long enough for the next tale

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Review #5, by Potter n Mione Chapter two

26th March 2008:
Ah, that was sweet. Could have used some more detail though. :)

Author's Response: Sorry it was done on the spur of the moment due to requests, still it gives an idea of where their lives lead them.

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Review #6, by auror_snape Chapter two

26th March 2008:
It's probably just me, but when I read a story the first thing I think of after the plot is "is this possible?"

This epilogue is great, except for one tiny thing at the very end: the hair color of the five Potter kids. The only way they can have red hair is if both parents possess the recessive gene for red hair. Harry does, I know, but Hermione has brown hair. I know brown is dominant, so it takes only one gene to get it, but no one (and I mean Rowling) ever said she was a carrier of the gene for red hair. Also, even if she is, only half of the kids would get it. The other half would get either black hair or brown.

The Weasleys are the only family with a bunch of redhaired kids, and I don't think you intend to insult the Potters.

I'm sorry if this offends you in some way. I'm just picky about things like that.

Author's Response: Hi again, sorry about this but I have to disagree with you on this one, first because it is fiction, and then because I have a Brother in law with red hair, I have a son with red hair, and my sisters son has red hair, now with all these red heads it gets confusing but even though my sister's hubby has no idea if there was a red head in his family they have three boys all with red hair, now my sis, like me has black hair, her hubby has brown, and now we have three red heads who almost look like triplets with almost identical features of their father .
So like I say complicated but just because the gene isn't mentioned don't mean it's not there.

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Review #7, by something random Chapter two

24th March 2008:
a nice little chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks glad you think so,

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Review #8, by dennisud Chapter two

23rd March 2008:
Great to see this continue! and just about all bases were covered...but the Weasleys. Still a nice short ficcy!


Author's Response: Thanks glad you liked the addition, nice to have regular readers reviewing.

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Review #9, by MoonyandProngs Chapter two

22nd March 2008:
I would have reviewed to the first one, but couldn't wait to read the rest, the story was great and I loved it!

Author's Response: Not to worry one review is a lot better than none at all, so thanks.

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Review #10, by apAidan chapter one

22nd March 2008:
Actually, I found this is a much better read than the original. The transition out of her wedding to Ron is fairly smooth and really unarguable. A very nice step for a H/H ship.

Author's Response: Thanks for the great comments, I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, hope you enjoy my other work just as much.

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