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Review #1, by Fireball Nymph Cruor Cancer

7th September 2009:
I just started reading this story today, and I really love it. I like the whole concept of only having a couple of days to live. I had a feeling Aly wouldn't die, I just didn't expect it like that. Awesome!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm glad you liked the little twist. =) Ally's life isn't yet secure yet.

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Review #2, by MRss_TOmm_FELTOnn Cruor Cancer

19th June 2009:

Author's Response: Oh I'm sorry I've had a brain block forever! I'll try writing this coming week!

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Review #3, by hp4eva786 The Diagnosis

5th January 2009:
really interesting start

Author's Response: Thanks. I love prologues that get a reader interested, thanks for the review.

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Review #4, by RonNiffler Cruor Cancer

30th December 2008:
Ok its amazing, but if you don't post chapter 10 soon I'm going to go insane.
Ok so maybe im already insane, but i'll go more insane! (If thats possible)
This is my faviorte stories out of all that you have wrote so you need to cuntinue!
You can't leave that on a cliff hanger.
By the way great story.

-Ron's Niffler (RonNiffler)

Author's Response: If you think that's a cliffhanger, wait till the next chapter. ;-) Thank you for the wonderful review, I'm currently writing the next chapter.

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Review #5, by RonNiffler Cruor Cancer

22nd December 2008:
That was great! I can;t wait for you to make chapter 10!

Author's Response: Working on it at the moment. Thanks for the review, I appreciate it.

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Review #6, by RonNiffler The Diagnosis

22nd December 2008:
That was really good! Can't wait to read the next chapters!

Author's Response: Thanks ;-)

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Review #7, by Perri Cruor Cancer

13th December 2008:
Well, I've never reviewed on this though I've read it before...but I'm reviewing now!!
Excellent, EXCELLENT story. 'tis awesome.
Hehehe...I can totally picture McGonagall giving Sirius and James the keys...
Hmm..does Remus know about the cure? Is that why he asked?? Will Laura see the article??? Will somebody contact the healer woman and convince her to give Aly the cure before her days are up?THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT HAUNT ME.

Sorry.I just had a dinner composed entirely of chocolate...with hot chocolate as well. You could say I'm hyper
What? Oh don't give me that look. It's my brother's birthday, it's like, a tradition to eat only chocolate on a family member's birthday.
Oh my sister is..I better go before my sister falls off of that chandelier she's attempting to climb on top of.
Stupid chocolate.

Author's Response: Those questions shoul haunt you! I want people to ask questions like that =D I'm trying to slowly ad a suspense aspect of this story, to make it different then all the other romancec stories out there.

Wow! You are hyper! I understand, I'm pretty bad when it comes to chocolate. Its a great, uplifter it is but chocolate does have it sdark sie.

Thank you for the review and I'm glad you liked it =D

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Review #8, by lala25525 Cruor Cancer

11th December 2008:
OMG! YAY! she might not die!! :)

Author's Response: Might not, is the key word there! ;-)

Thank you for the review.

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Review #9, by Werewolf_love Cruor Cancer

11th December 2008:
omg your back! I thought that you had abandoned this story! I will be definatly checking for regular updates now! It was so good! Short, but sweet! I cant wait to find out how Allison reacts to being on a broom. Anyways, cant wait for more!

Author's Response: I am back! Just basketball and AP are somewhat eating away my time to write. Anyways I should start on the next chapter soon, thank you for the review.

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Review #10, by Nausicaa Cruor Cancer

11th December 2008:
It's a bailout, unless it's going to be too late.

Author's Response: Dun... Dun... Dun...

Wanted to add some suspense in this story.

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Review #11, by siriuslydevoted A Spark of Bravery

7th December 2008:
Oh, this is so heartwrenching!
I really hope she isn't going to die, that's so sad!
And after she's just gotten together with Remus. :[

It's really well written, though, and I don't think that you should lengthen the part where she asks outs Remus. I think it really cute and just random and perfect! XD


Author's Response: Oh thank you for the review, this is a pretty long one too! Anyways I do like sad stories... I'm not sure why, jsut do.

Anyways I wanted it to be just the perfect length and I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

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Review #12, by Morgan The Infamous List

29th November 2008:
I love this story, it's really unique. One thing though, if Laura never knew that Allison had cancer, and Laura and Allison wrote the "Ten Things To Do Before I Die" together, then why does it say "become free of cancer"? Im just wondering, I probably just didnt understand somthing, im just a little confused as to why Laura was there when that was writen on the list but didn't know that Allison had cancer. If you could explain that to me that would be great!
Thankss, your an awesome writer!

Author's Response: Thank you, I really love hearing that its a unique concept - I really do try.

She changed it afterwards, since she didn't want Laura to know. The list became more personal that way, but she never planned to actually go through with any of them.

Thank you for the lovely review =D

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Review #13, by Gryf_Queen The Fateful Kiss (Maybe)

14th June 2008:
Great chapter.. Finally they kissed.. Can't wait to read more!! Update again soon..

Author's Response: Yay, one of those fluff chapters =D

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Review #14, by Bookwyrm Run, Allison, Run

9th June 2008:
Your story is so sad! I love it and your style is great. I can't wait to read the next one! I cried when I read about her dying in ten days!

Author's Response: Oh thank you! I'm so glad you enjoed the story. =D

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Review #15, by ginny_weasley_54 Run, Allison, Run

27th May 2008:
i love this story. i think it is really well written and just amazing. i hate cliff-hangers but i also love them. it drives me insane to read a cliff-hanger but i love to write them. can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: LOL, I'm exactly the same way. After reading it isn't that big of a cliff-hanger but I wanted something for people to dwell on while I put up some one-shots. Thanks for the review. ;)

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Review #16, by Girldetective85 Run, Allison, Run

26th May 2008:
I think Remus and Allison are really sweet! I thought Remus told her he was a werewolf a little too quickly but hey, they only have a few days left together so I guess it's all right. ;) I like that she got the sweet sensitive Marauder. It was pretty funny when he knew immediately that she was sneaking up on him! I guess it makes sense since he's been living with those crazy friends for years. Allison's dream at the beginning was scary, and same with the one at the end of the chapter. She knows time is running out! But the list is getting shorter and shorter. Great job so far. You asked me to read Chapter 6 too but it's not up, so I think I'm done? Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: That's the thing with this story. I get a lot of 'that was rushed' but you have to remember that I only have ten days to do this all. Everybody on the forums always said that you don't want to make Remus the complete innocent bookworm when he hangs out with the marauders so that's my attempt to make him a little bit more marauderish. Orginally the second dream was going to be the finailly but I found teh chapter too short. I made it pretty simple when it came to symbols. Also it is showing more of how she's feeling when she doesn't really show that to the world. I'm sorry about Ch. 6! I must have been thinking Ch. 3, 4, 5. It doesn't matter though, thanks for the reviews. I'll contact you when Ch. 6 is up though. =D

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Review #17, by Girldetective85 The Infamous List

26th May 2008:
Haha this was so cute. I love that Laura and Allison made that list - it's a pretty good list, especially #7 and 9. It's so sad that she changed the first one, but she had to do it, right!? And now she's gotten in trouble at school. She should have just kissed Sirius when they were together behind the tapestry and gotten another thing out of the way too :P This story is really sad but I like that you're infusing it with fun and hope. It's like Allison knows that she only has 10 days, but they're going to be the best 10 days that anyone has ever had. It's really sweet :) On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Oh number 7 and 9 are the romantic, cheesy ones. I'm glad you like it. =D The reason why I had her change the first one is because I realized she would find the list on her 9th day and I really wanted her to get one thing done a day. Kissed Sirius? I never even thought of that happening. ^-^ I'm glad you like the story, I get that a lot - sad but happy. I'm kind of striving for that. Thanks for the wonderful review, as always.

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Review #18, by Hell_Hath_No_Fury Run, Allison, Run

23rd May 2008:
not bad but, really, it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. i mean THESE ARE HER LAST 8 DAYS ON EARTH! shes gonna die, be extinct, be gone, ya know? it just seems like it should be a little more than this...

Author's Response: Well think of this: She is still in shock. People go through phases in depression and she is largely in the shock period. When she comes to terms with it she'll go through the other stages. Like true denial, bargainning, ect. Its just right now she's still mainly in the shock catogory. Also I've never been in this situation so I don't know how one would truely feel. Thanks for the review though I'll try to bring more of the other emotions in for sure.

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Review #19, by Lilau Run, Allison, Run

23rd May 2008:
When I've read your story I was not so inclined to do it. I was thinking "another story about the Marauders and OC's" and to be honest when reading your summary I was not sure that I wanted to read it. But it was the review chain thread from the Ravenclaw Common Room and I decided to give it a try.

Now I'm glad I pulled myself into reading it. Your story is very well writen and Allison is well thought. You did a great job. She is not overly sad even though she is going to die and we know it right from the start. The reactions are great because all differents. The parents' one is accurate and Laura's one (part of denial and sadness) is just the right one. I was a little puzzled at Remus' one but it was not so weird on second thoughts.
Her relationship with Remus is going smoothly yet quick at the same time. That is how I would have pictured it. Then I'm happy you chose to pair her up with Remus and not Sirius like a lot of other stories. You stroy is definitely one of a kind.

Just a thing though, I can't really understand what Allison is thinking. She is going to die but yet sometimes it feels like she doesn't care. Maybe it's just me but I would have thought that she would be completly devastated when alone and be acting like crazy around people.

Other than that I really enjoy your story and I will be waiting for the next chapter ^_^

Author's Response: First of all - thanks for the great and long review. Remus isn't my favorite marauder but now writing this story I think its easier to write one of your lesser favorite characters. You have to show the flaws of the characters and its harder to do with your favorite ones. I'm glad you thought it wasn't a 'classic marauder' story and enjoyed its uniquness. I really strived to make this different. I'm so glad you liked the reactions of everybody, I really wanted to make each one a bit different.

So I know I took a long time to respond to this review but its because I was thinking about waht you said about what's she thinking. So I've been thinking for a long time about how I could because I understand exactly what your saying. In the next chapter (and perhaps some of the early ones) I think I'm going to try to think what she's thinking. Do take into consideration that she really hasn't accepted it yet and is trying to make everybody else around her happy. Like she's doing the list for Laura, ect.

Hope that clared things up, thanks again for the review!

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Review #20, by HannahGranger Run, Allison, Run

22nd May 2008:
another really good story...although i don't know how remus could take that so calmly, just bc why woudl he get involved with someone, knowing they would die so soon?.otherwise well done!

Author's Response: I actually asked that on the forum and the main response was that he would be very calm and collected about it. He would be very comforting to her as well. He'll show emotion later - I promise. And how could he just break up with her after he found that out? It would be a bit cold-hearted in my opinion.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by obviously394 Run, Allison, Run

21st May 2008:
first paragraph, line 6- 'to see' was in there twice

Second paragraph, last line, 'lumOs' instead of 'lumAs'

When Lily and James are arguing, you wrote 'slim ball', it ought to be 'slime ball'

"I'll just have to make them count that's all."

Oh wow, I love this line. It's so sweet! (but there should be a comma before 'after all')

Overall, I really like this chapter. Remus and Allison's relationship is moving a bit fast, of course, but that's understandable. Lovely chapter, dear. 9/10 :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the grammer things. My beta is only on chapter 2 so it really helps when people spot things. I'm glad you like the chapter. Its sort of bugging me that Remus and Allison's relationship is going so fast but I only have ten days to work with. So in that retrospect I'm trying to get them to be in a pretty good relationship but I only have like 8 days to do it. In the next few chapters the pair will discuss how they've liked eachother for so long and joke about how they were both so shy. Hopefully that will help. Thanks for the review - as always!

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Review #22, by Werewolf_love Run, Allison, Run

21st May 2008:
AW It's so cute! I love Remus Lupin, and you just made him so much more adorable! This was an amazing chapter, and I'm quickly becoming more addicted to this story! I think that Allison and Remus are absolutly perfect for each other, and I am really sad that you wont be updating soon though. *sigh* I guess I'll just have to go back and re-read the chapters...LOL

Author's Response: I'm gald you like their relationship. I'm probably only going to do two one-shots and then I'll have a few more chapters typed up and ready to be sent. Thanks for the review.

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Review #23, by obviously394 The Infamous List

20th May 2008:
The list- I think it's something that a couple of thirteen year old girls could have put together. Yes, it's a bit sappy, but not fake.

I do like the way you've portrayed Sirius. And I don't really know enough about Laura to pass judgement quite yet, but pretty good so far.

A few typos- mainly missing commas, but overall, a very nice chapter. 9/10 :)


Author's Response: That's kind of what I was going for. They weren't that old and were just putting together a list for fun. And its something she's doing mainly for Laura. I'm glad ou like Sirius, and thanks so much for the wonderful review. =D

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Review #24, by Girldetective85 The Diagnosis

20th May 2008:
Hey! Well this is definitely a really unique idea on this site. I love that you started off at the end, when her heart has failed, and that you're writing the whole story as sort of a flashback to the last 10 days of her life. That's really interesting :) So they "got rid" of the cancer and then it came back to take over her heart? I got a little confused about whether Allison was a Muggle or a witch - I'm guessing she is a witch because the doctor performed that spell on her to see when she would die. But wouldn't doctors in the wizarding world be called "Healers"? I guess that was why I got confused. I think I saw your question on the forum about whether cancer existed in the wizarding world too. Anyway this is a pretty intriguing start so far. I don't have much criticism, I did notice a few grammar errors here and there - mostly awkward sentences - so I might go back and proofread a bit. For example:

"A girl lies in a hospital bed, her eyes closed. The dull beeps of her heart monitor filling the room. The clock ticks nearby, its little dings that signify the passing of time are like gun blasts in the silent room."

The second piece is a fragment, not a sentence; I would combine it with the first. So:

"A girl lies in a hospital bed, her eyes closed, the dull beeps of her heart monitor filling the room."

That third sentence is a run-on sentence and I would change it to something like:

"A nearby clock signifies the passing of time, its little dings as loud as gun blasts in the silent room."

You don't have to use that sentence - I was just giving an example. :) Good start so far! I thought it was well-written and that combined with a good plot, and I think you have a really interesting story here. :)

Author's Response: First of all thank you so much for all your comment, and I'll be after I get back from vacation going back and fixing all that. I've gotten the Healer thing a few times and I need to go back and fix that. I'm glad you like the idea and stuff.

Thanks for the review. =D

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Review #25, by Hell_Hath_No_Fury The Infamous List

19th May 2008:
i take it the other thing off the list is the beign cancer free?
good chapter.
i like the list and stuff but the stroy isnt quite going anywhere. well it didnt in this chapter. still like it though and i cant wait for more!

Author's Response: Yes because before the cancer returned to her body she was almost cancer free, and therefor that one is done on her list.

I always have a tendacy to have my second and third chapter start off a bit slow but I hope it picks up soon. Thanks for the review.

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