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Review #1, by Luna/Blaise-addict! Waiting

26th January 2010:
Omfg, it was so sweet! Really adorable :)

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Review #2, by Sarah_Bee Waiting

26th October 2008:
you reviewed something of mine and so I'm returning the favor and reading something of yours. This was quite interesting. I haven't read much about Blaise around here at Hpff.though I rarely find the time to search for a good one but anyways, lovely and short. It's sweet how they love each other yet they can't be together. I love how powerful the last lines are. 3rd person is harder for me too. I've been practicing at it. Loved this. Luna is one of my favorite characters. :)

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you! It was unnecessary but definitely sweet. ILY.
I haven't read too much Blaise either - apart from when he's a bit of a player and is nasty. >_> I like Blaise being sweet. Thank you so much, again! Third person is so much harder than first, I think. And Luna = Love.

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Review #3, by Emerald_Girl Waiting

8th October 2008:
I dunno why, but this nearly had me crying D: This was absolutely beautiful! And dont worry, I love weird pairings too XP Never read a Luna/Blaise pairing before, but your story made it seem so realistic. And I just love how you wrote "Slytherin could only be with Slytherin", And who they were supposed to be with too. It was almost like you were having a disagreement with canon ships :P Funny stuff!

The beginning was wonderful. Such a beautiful description, really! I was pulled into the story right away. And you didnt just go on either. It was just enough. And I just love the mention of her earings XD So funny!

I really love the way you've portrayed Blaise and Lunas relationship without even having them interact yet. Its very believable. Its not stupid forbidden love either. From what I understand they actually knew eachother before they went to Hogwarts, yeah? Sorry if I'm wrong. Either way I just loved this!

The end was soo cute. All of Lunas previous thoughts like Blaise not calling her Loony but accepting her for who she is were comfirmed. I thought it was cute that he said “Not even a Wrackspurt could keep me from getting to you, my love,” and the end line was wonderful! Actually, this whole one shot was. I absolutely adored it. Excellent job!

Author's Response: I'm not sure it should, but you almost crying made me feel good. Not because I'm sadistic or anything, but because it made me feel glad that you like it. And thank you! Yeah, I adore canon but sometimes it really gets on my nerves. There's just so many things I'm itching to change, but wouldn't really want to because J.K. Rowling is a genius.

It makes me so glad to hear you liked my description, as this story was quite hard for me as I'm much more of a dialogue person, usually. So this one didn't have as much dialogue, and I had to substitute it with description, and I'm glad it worked. :]

You're so sweet, you know? And, erm, I think they were meant to know each other before, but it wasn't that big of a deal. I dunno. My memory fails me. XD

Thank you so much for reviewing, and even though I've taken much too long to reply, know that it means a lot. ^_^

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Review #4, by icefire_lioness Waiting

7th October 2008:
Oh, Ali. *sighs lovingly*
This was gorgeous. I was getting those little shivers, you know, when you really love a story, and it's just so sweet? Well...oui. I, Ali, you're so great! Luna/Blaise! You made it so canon! Seriously, one of my favourites of your fics. Loving it muchly. The heaven bits were...well, heaven.


Author's Response: Thank you, Maja!
You are so not good for my ego. P:
And I know, I cop out. I write an uncanon pairing in a canon way. xD


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Review #5, by lunaluver1293 Waiting

2nd June 2008:
touching. i enjoyed it.

Author's Response: *huggleglomps* I gues you like Luna, because of your username and you reviewed both my Luna fics. :)
Luna's cool. :)
Thank you for the review!!

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Review #6, by gryffindor_princess21 Waiting

23rd April 2008:
I loved this! I've never read a Blaise/Luna story, but I'm writing them as a pairing in one of my stories. I think they're a great pairing and you did this very well. Thank you for sharing it! Emma :D

Author's Response: Oh Gosh! Thank you! :D

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Review #7, by GubraithianFire Waiting

22nd April 2008:
Aww, Ali! *hugs* I know, I suck at the whole reviewing thing, but after the absolutely gorgeous Sun ones you've left, how could I not? Plus, I needed fluff to inspire me to write the ending of that fic. Absolutely simply adorable! *adores* It was short but incredibly sweet. Now, I am a firm Luna/Rolf shipper, but this was just so sweet! And yeah, I just said that, but whatever! That's exactly what this is. Luna and Blaise, funnily enough, make a lot of sense, more than they should to someone like me. I would have liked to see more of Blaise himself, though. But that's just me and my usual distaste for short one-shots. Having said that, this was lovely as is! :P Adorable and poignant... lovely. *hearts* Wonderful job my dear! *huggleglompsquishtackles*

Author's Response: ZOMG! You liked it??? That was this quick thing I wrote sitting!
Yes. It's short. But I couldn't really be bothered adding more. :P

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Review #8, by RW n BZ r MINE Waiting

15th April 2008:
That was cute! I loved it and your 3rd person was very good you should be PROUD!! U made me fall IN LOVE with this paring!

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by Seankingston77 Waiting

14th April 2008:
Im writing a reviw for u, its gud, but i didn't read it, but aniwayz

Author's Response: So wait. You didn't read it, but you reviewed, and you're saying it's good?

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Review #10, by miss_remus Waiting

13th April 2008:
Aww this was cute :) I was in the mood for a cute, fluffy one-shot, and this was perfect. I loved the reference Luna made to all of the different creatures-- It gives the reader a good sense of her thoughts. Although part of it, seems a bit ooc for Luna (I can't imagine her getting all romantic and "kissy" with a guy) but maybe that's just me :P

Overall great job, and a cute nice read.

Author's Response: Thank-you!!! Yes. Super FLUFF!!!!!
Yes, I couldn't think of Luna being in love either, but then I remember that she does have kids...


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Review #11, by war and peace Waiting

29th March 2008:
Ali! You already know how I feel about this, but still. you had no reviews, and the story looked so lonely...

'At the end of the day, she would be the one who survived when Heliopath’s invaded.' - best line ever. I love it to bits!
BUT (what would a review be without critisism?)
'In the same park that Luna waited impatiently in that very moment. ' - this still doesn't make complete sense. You've improved it, and I'm proud, but still. It's not entirely clear what you mean. I know what you mean, but it might confuse other readers...

THe ending just makes me squee... I just love it so much! This is my favourite piece of fluff in the whole world, you know that? And you write Luna PERFECTLY.

'Nuff said - it's past midnight...

Author's Response: EMEMEMEMEM! Yay. You reviewed! You nicey!

Yay! I wasn't so sure about the line you loved. But if you loved it!

And yes, That line you critiqued is a bit confusing. But can't update till after queue reopens *hitshead*

And thank-you so much Em! After midnight. You'd better get some sleep... :D

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