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Reading Reviews for Destinyís Ghost
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Review #1, by Ladybug371 The Return

26th January 2014:
Excellent story lines, plenty of unexpected ideas, a few clues. Am looking forward to rest of story.

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Review #2, by magpie quill The Return

8th September 2007:
I love this story. Its really good. If the ghosts can see both worlds though why doesnt the weaslys use them to carry a message to harry? Anyway update soon!

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Review #3, by messymissymisty The Return

8th July 2007:
update soon please pease please

fabulous! stupendous! amazing! splendid! fantastic! wonderful! incredible! fantastic!

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Review #4, by of_friends_and_loss67 The Return

8th June 2007:
I love it!!!
please update soon!!!

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Review #5, by migldixmagldi The Return

4th June 2007:
I'm soo chuffed to see another chapter! Please update soon because this is a truly magnificant story and I would love to see what you imagine next. 10/10

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Review #6, by J The Return

10th February 2007:
wonderfull chapter write more soon it is good to see another one up it looks like this new world is gonna be in some trouble soon

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Review #7, by HiJane_2 The Return

17th December 2006:
FINALLY! YAY! I was so excited to see that you had updated! Please, please update again soon, I love this story and I want to see it through to the end. YES another chapter! Oh I'm so happy! Great job! ~HiJane_2

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Review #8, by giggi The Sock Hunt

15th October 2006:
This is great. Please update soon. You really are a talented writer. I'm just asking but, since the other world is a year behind Harry/Evan's world wouldn't that mean that the Triwizard Tournament will be at hogwarts that year? Isn't Voldemort still after Harry, or are the Potters safe now? When do we find out what the other prophicy says about Harry/Evan? How will Dumbledor get ginny from the chamber of secrets if none of the teachers speak parsletongue? How is Evan able to become a spirit of sorts to speak to Destiny and Jacen? If they meet Harry/Evan won't they recognise him as Ghost? I love storys like these. Update soon please!!!! 10/10.

Author's Response: Even though the new world is behind Harry's original world, there is a war already going on. This means no need for the Tournament. As for Voldemort being after Harry, he went after Neville as a child so why would he bother with Harry. The new prohecy will be learned a long ways down the road, not even close to it here. The matter about Ginny will be address (hopefully) some time later once Evan has told them who he is. As for how he is able to speak to Destiny (I can't tell you). When they do meet, Jacen has never seen him and when they cross paths he's too excited to really listen to Evan's voice and it is so out of context to what he knows of Ghost that he doesn't put two and two together...Destiny on the other hand... You will just have to wait and see. I hope this answers some of your questions, if not feel free to ask away and I will try to answer them. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the new update.

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Review #9, by Dark Oblivion The Sock Hunt

18th September 2006:
Fantastic story so far! I rate the whole story so far a 10/10
keep up the good work. :)

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Review #10, by HarryPottersFantasyGirl The Sock Hunt

2nd August 2006:
This is SUCH a cool story! Please update soon, you're a brilliant writer! And you have great ideas. But a great story like this needs a banner (sorry, that was cheesy), so, if you'd like one, just send me an email at squirrel-with-spear@mugglenet.com and let me know. And, if its not too much trouble, could you please email me telling me if you don't want one as well? Only then I can keep track. Aesome story, update very, very, very soon!

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Review #11, by emerald_princess92 Promises Fulfilled

2nd July 2006:
love it do u do banners to if so please tell me

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Review #12, by Death2Muds A Place to Crash

5th June 2006:
Storyline seems good. Not all multiple dimension fics make sense, but this one does so far. The tense is a little odd though; I'm used to fics written in past tense rather than present. Not necessarily a bad thing, just different.

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Review #13, by HiJane_2 The Sock Hunt

14th May 2006:
Hey! This is a really good story! I love the story so much! You need to update very soon! I like the originality of the story! Well Good Job and Good Luck with it. I hope you don't have writer's block too bad to not finish this story! ~HiJane_2

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Review #14, by Fuct Up Kid The Sock Hunt

28th March 2006:
I LOVED this chapter! I hope you update soon. It's an awesome plot. I really like Destiny, she sounds soo cute. And I really like the idea of Ghost.

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Review #15, by xx Promises Fulfilled

15th March 2006:
Actually, I'm more confused then I was before! I hope you will update soon because I get frustrated when a story has been left for a long time and I really want to know what happens!! you are one of my favorite authers on this site.

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Review #16, by J. The Sock Hunt

15th February 2006:
geezz took us forever a day to finally get up another chpater am sop proud you didnt forget about this story so please write more but am sorry bout your home likfe and writeres block but am sure ull come up with something you always do. please post another chapter soon not a year from now lol

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Review #17, by stagess The Sock Hunt

1st February 2006:
woah. That was so cool. How can Harry/Evan become a ghost whilst still living? update soon.

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Review #18, by xx The Sock Hunt

31st January 2006:
You were right. This was worth the wait. It makes more sense now. Thanks for carrying on with this brilliant story. I hope you wont leave the updates longer this time because I want to know more. Update soon, please.

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Review #19, by niki The Sock Hunt

16th January 2006:
great story plz rite more

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Review #20, by Darkened_Soul Promises Fulfilled

13th January 2006:
Nice story I have a similar taste and especially the main idea you have here about him going to another dimension in one of my stories I am writing something like that as well....it will be interesting to see how this story continues along

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Review #21, by Anonymous The Sock Hunt

13th January 2006:
I do not understand what this new chapter has to do with the story there for it is confusing me greatly....please explain and what it even has to do with the plot..........???

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Review #22, by Shadow00 Reassurances

10th November 2005:
I love this story. It makes you think and I like the fact that Harry and Ron aren't really nice in this world and that not everything is perfect. What I can't understand is why Dumbledore would send him to another world where death eaters were still around unless he wanted Harry to defeat Voldemort again. Anyways, keep up the amazing work.

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Review #23, by just annother stupid idiot Reassurances

10th October 2005:
cool cool, i wana more!!!

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Review #24, by just annother stupid idiot Reassurances

26th September 2005:
cool cool cool

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Review #25, by xx Reassurances

16th August 2005:
your story is brill!! please update quicker.

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