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Review #1, by Fluffzy Full Circle

25th December 2011:

That was amazing.

I loved the way you portrayed James, Albus and Lily and I absolutely adored the way you had Dudley having a magical daughter.

It was incredible! Definitely adding to my favourites!

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Review #2, by -- Full Circle

11th July 2009:
amazing. i wish that there was more, that it wasn't just a one shot. it was wonderful

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Review #3, by gummybear Full Circle

16th February 2009:
Awesome story, as always! Write on!

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Review #4, by i love you sort of Full Circle

4th December 2008:
this was beatuifuly thought out !

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Review #5, by Megara Full Circle

12th November 2008:
Your writing style is very refreshing. =]

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Review #6, by notenoughpotter Full Circle

25th March 2008:
This was a really interesting story. I normally don't read one-shots, but I found this one to be very engaging. You had a lot of info in a very short period of time. That's too sad that Dudley views his daughter as some type of curse. I'd be interested to know how her first year goes at Hogwarts. Well done!

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Review #7, by BKL8008 Full Circle

25th March 2008:
This is just great!
I saw the link on a forum thread, and am certainly glad I read it.
You have done a masterful job with Albus and James in this chapter! I laughed all the way through it. (I've helped raise 5 boys, so I KNOW!)
I can just imagine Harry and Draco trying to discuss sleepovers between their boys. I certainly hope there's more to come! Instantly one of my favorites here!

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Review #8, by hermione sev snape Full Circle

20th March 2008:
there should definently be more to this story perhap a sequel

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Review #9, by violet_voldemort Full Circle

19th March 2008:
Great story! Really good plot, i loved reading it.

Well Done!

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