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Review #1, by StellaRose Good Boys

2nd November 2013:
I LOVE this story and can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the good work!! :)

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Review #2, by Celtic_Dreamer7 The Consequences of Tea Parties

10th March 2013:
I liked your opening chapter but I did find a few errors I would like to point out: "canít here a thing" - here shold be hear. "Donnelly entered and quickly and silently made" - it would have flowed better with "entered, quickly and silently" Nothing that took away from the story but thought I would point them out. I like your OC's and the characterization of the Mauraders was great. My only other issue was the length. Towards the end it was difficult to keep up with who was who and what was going on. It might have been better if the chapter was condensed and split into two. Overall, a great start. It's not often you find a story that contains characters who are from all four houses, who are actually friends.


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Review #3, by jazper taylor Good Boys

13th August 2011:
i want to know wat happens next!!! it is a great story with a good plotline and really funny. i like the way youve got cassidy as a crazy muggle-born in hufflepuff and dom a kind-ish- pureblood slytherin!!! please update soon~!!!

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Review #4, by Sanguine Coriander Good Boys

29th November 2010:
Okay, I really really really like this story! It's so original, I love the idea of the inter-house, secret Life and Death Brigade. (Everyone thinks I'm crazy though, for randomly bursting into laughter whenever I'm reading this.) I know it's been a long time, but I've read through this twice already, and I would be ecstatic for an update! Are you planning on ever continuing this story? (Please?) :D

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Review #5, by keepsake31 Good Boys

29th July 2010:
This is honestly one of my favorite stories. I just re-read it and even though its been a while I'll keep hoping for an update

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Review #6, by jackie. Good Boys

30th May 2010:
I completely adore this story and hope you update super super soon! I just can't wait to find out how the dilemma with Rafe and if Remus and James ever find out Falon's secret. Can't wait to read the next chapter! Adios

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Review #7, by A gInGeR gIrL Good Boys

15th April 2010:
This story is amazing! I love all the stuff they get into and Cassidy is just awesome!

The way Falon found out that Remus is a werewolf is even better!

I know you haven't written in a while, but PUH-LEEEASE write more! I'm on my knees!

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Review #8, by AndAnnaBegins Good Boys

7th March 2010:
Wow! I love this story! It's so different then So, What? though. I'm forgetting most of the time that the stories have the same author. It was a bit confusing in the beginning, and somethings I still don't understand, but that's maybe why like it. It has this whole mystery-thing going on. And you're not predictable when it comes to who's going to fancy who! Well, yeah, Falon/Remus is, but the others.. First I thought Cass and Sirius, but then I thought Cass and Dom, but Falon and Dom also looked pretty sweet.. Oh, and I had a thought of Dom/Rafe in the beginning, haha! But anyway, I think being gay suites Rafe in a way, but it's sad for Mary. Oh! And you have to bring Dom and Lily together! They are my favorite potention-couple for sure! I mean, James just looks like a stupid dumb baby if Dom's near.
But enought about the couples, I also like the general idea. Four people from different houses, being friends with each other, but in secret. I like every one of them, although Falon's shyness sometimes annoyes me. And the things they do are hilarious! I loved the game when they had to dress up and steal clothing! By the way, the question password at the Ravenclaw commonroom was really good! Normally in fanfic's they're kind of lame, but I liked this one.
Well, I hope you'll update soon! Thanks for the amazing story.

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Review #9, by Anonymous Good Boys

5th March 2010:
Your story is one of the best I've read in a while. You have a very unique and interesting storyline. You have wonderful characters, we really get a good sense of who they are. Your style and storytelling are both great.
I just read the whole thing and was disappointed to see that you haven't updated in such a long time! I really hope that you update soon.

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Review #10, by GailGreen Sublime

28th February 2010:
ooh... A jelly filled bathtub. Wow.

But more important: Remus knows Falon knows... Remus is a Werewolf! That was really well done. It's a shame Falon is so shy and mousey around people she doesn't know well. Too bad she couldn't threatend Remus back with the LDB. Oh, well.

I also liked the brother/sister Dom/Falon thing.

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Review #11, by GailGreen Smooth Operators

28th February 2010:
I have no issues with the constant change in POV. I think it's actually quite inviting, and fun. Not to mention the fact that you've managed it with ease. If you're talented at something - show it off!

I laughed my way through the end of this chapter. I especially liked James's and Sirius's reactions to their interactions with the LaDB. This is turning out to be one impressively designed story!

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Review #12, by GailGreen Fact or Fiction

28th February 2010:
I laughed at the line 'Iíve agreed to share a room with a walking and talking crime against sight.' That was brilliant. I could actually hear the voice. Well done!

The 'fact-fiction' game was really quite cute. I had fun reading that bit. The by-play was a good lead in to that crucial information about Sirius snogging Cassidy and her crying. Nicely done.

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Review #13, by GailGreen The Consequences of Tea Parties

28th February 2010:
A very Pratchett style introduction, if I may say so. I liked it!

You've set up quite a bit of intregue about the group. I like that you haven't told us EVERYTHING about all four parts of the 'Life and Death Brigade'. It draws your attention more, when there is mystery.

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Review #14, by hpfan103 Good Boys

14th February 2010:
This story is awesome! Update soon please?

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Review #15, by wenderbender Good Boys

22nd January 2010:
This my absolute favorite story on the site. The characters are fascinating and believable, but still a little mysterious. I'm dying to find out what happens between Dom and Cass! Will they get their happily-ever-after? I hope you continue the story...

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Review #16, by CaSurferGrl Sublime

3rd January 2010:
Ok so I decided that this has to be one of my favorite stories on the site. It's well written, funny, the characters are deep and well developed even though the story isn't very long, and it's not even remotely clichť as those of other maurader stories. I like it very very much and I really wish you would continue :)

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Review #17, by one girl revolution Good Boys

27th December 2009:
I read the whole thing... without stopping. Well I did stop to get some tea, cookies and an extra blanket since it's freaking cold in Holland. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you I think this story rocks. It's funny and creative and I love how every character is different. And your writing is veeryyy good.

Please continue!

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Review #18, by BlistersOnMyFingers Verbal Flow

23rd December 2009:
Awsome, really great

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Review #19, by vengeance Good Boys

17th November 2009:
I would've reviewed this story earlier, yet I read it while on my mobile phone and I can't review, but, I can now!
I love, love, love this story :)

Poly Juice Fun on Halloween sounds like a lot of fun :)

I'll be looking forward to seeing this story updated ^_^

- Jaid

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Review #20, by Lou Ferreira Good Boys

12th November 2009:
Oh this is just to much... I love it. Just Love it... Can't wait for the rest. Keep it up PLEASE...

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Review #21, by MRss_TOmm_FELTOnn Good Boys

28th October 2009:
Please updaaate. It's been Lmost a year

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Review #22, by Laugharama_llama Good Boys

27th September 2009:
Haha!! I enjoy this story! It's very clever how you joined the four houses through them. I also like how you made there be another mischief group in Hogwarts, and a smarter one at that!

I'm very curious as to how the Dom/Lily/James triangle is going to work out. And what of the Dom/Cassidy/Falon?! Haha, Rafe is adorable. Poor Mary!

Yay for cute stories!

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Review #23, by twinklinghazeleyes Good Boys

23rd August 2009:
I love this story!! It's one of my favourites on the site!!! Falon is my favourite, Dom is my second favourite CHARACTER!! I really need to know what happens next!!! Please update really, really, really soon!!! 10/10!!!

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Review #24, by Miss Chickey Pom Good Boys

15th August 2009:
Oooh. Love it so far..! Can't wait for the rest of this and your other sequel to Say What (I can't think of the name right now because my brain is dead). C:
But seriously! We need some romance action for these poor charries :D

But I love your characters, the love tri/quadrangles and the way you incorporate it all without being confusing!!!

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Review #25, by Ella Good Boys

31st July 2009:
hurry good story You have talent. Keep it up!

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