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Review #1, by Tinkerbell01 Filthy shoelaces

8th April 2009:
I think you have a great start!

I love Vernon's reaction to the protkey! :p classic :)

I love your descriptions. I didn't see anything wrong and I don't think there was a time when I saw 'she said' and you didn't use said once and that's hard to do, for me anyway!

Great job. I'd love to know how the Dursley's get rescued!


Author's Response: thanks for responding so quickly (:
i always try my best to find words other then said.

i am trying to finish up the second chapter but i tend to get side tracked hehe.

thanks again!

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Review #2, by christine o wait brendan Filthy shoelaces

24th February 2009:
ooo jessie ur so good at writing

ok this site probably flames ur not literary but ill just send them a box of hair.

"He had pissed himself."


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Review #3, by chiQs09 Filthy shoelaces

26th March 2008:
Hi, chiQs09 from the forums here. I quite like this first chapter. It was funny, especially when it was written in the POV of the Dursley's neighbour, Mrs. Figg(?) that Vernon might have an affair with that tall, dark haired woman leaving with him his house. And then when Dudley followed, she thought that he might be part of the affair. LOL
I like the second part in Vernon's POV, too. It was what I've never imagined would have happened to the Dursleys upon their leaving their sanctuary-home. I never thought so far about them when they left their house... like what happened to them, etc. This is a wonderful continuation to that scene in the DH book. I mean 'wonderful' in the way you wrote it. Your description is amazing! Vernon's thoughts about the wizarding world and his freaky nephew was priceless. Sad to know that Dedalus died when protecting the Dursleys. Now I can't wait to read the next chapter and I hope you update soon and let me know when you do so.


Author's Response: Thank you! Hehe well the neighbor wasn't actually Mrs. Figg, but just an ordinary muggle. But I never planned to put her in, only I was having difficulty writing from Vernon's POV.

You think my description is amazing? WOOO -dances- hehe :]

Unfortunately Dedalus was a necessary casualty. Oh and I will definitely let you know when I update, I've already started the next chapter!

And again, thank you very much.

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Review #4, by scove001 Filthy shoelaces

24th March 2008:
I like it! I always wonder what happened to them after they leave. I kind of wish JK had gone on a little with Harry and Dudley. maybe made Dudley's kids at the train station at the end.

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you very much! I've always wondered about them too, and I like to think that Harry and the Dursleys made amendments during those missing 19 years :]

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