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Review #1, by Debbie Fels The Final Chapter

21st March 2008:
i don't like this plot line ,it's well written but molly wouldn't treat the survivors that way ,she lost her brothers and she knew the dangers involved she would be cut up but she would only cling more to harry and mione for that reason and because she has practically raised them since they started hogwarts and she knew of rons love for the pair of them

Author's Response: Dang, my response got deleted... Ok, i'll just summarize, because it was huge, and i can't remember what it said...

Mrs. Weasley is human, She lost her son. naturally, she wants someone to blame, and, as crass as it sounds, Harry and Hermione are convenient.

She sees Harry as responsible because if Ron hadn't known him, he wouldn't have gone off to fight Voldemort. The way i intended it was that, through her eyes, Ron wouldn't have died had it not been for him helping Harry.

She's a mother. She's not going to just accept that her son is dead and keep his friends close to her. She also pushes tem away because they remind her of Ron, in my eyes.

Mrs. Weasley has proven herslef to be very protective. Look at what she did to Hermione in GOF after those Witch Weekly articles. This is a thousand times worse than that, i just didn't think she'd be too forgiving too quickly.

I don't mean she won't ever stop blaming them, she just hasn't yet in the story.

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