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Review #1, by 1DarkAngel1 To remember...

16th October 2009:
wow - this so should have happened in the books! poor harry.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. I wrote it when i was depressed so my true feelings went into it

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Review #2, by ravenclaw_seaker To remember...

2nd March 2009:
I love this story, it's one of my favourites.

It's so beautiful and heartfelt. **Tear**

And as you will see from my other reviews I am very multicultural.

Author's Response: Thanks alabino jess

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Review #3, by harrylilyjames To remember...

8th October 2008:
I hate it when somebody dies, it the most horrible feeling in the whole world, like you just want time to stand still for a while and you got that too across in this story =)
“Sshhh, it’s ok”- the ‘ok’, should be written as ‘okay’ here, and “Harry, you can it here, and I’ll be with you or,”- I think you’re missing a word in the middle of this line.
I love Luna, she’s always there and loads of people don’t see her because she’s ‘weird’. She cares deeply for her friends and this story showed that side of her which I thought was really nice.
I enjoyed reading this, you did I really nice job with it. Kudos.

Author's Response: Ok, i'll change it... thanks

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Review #4, by crazybibliophile To remember...

5th April 2008:
This is brilliant, but poor Harry...

Author's Response: your review is welcome. Thanks

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Review #5, by jess_k To remember...

21st March 2008:
This is your best story yet. It's so beautiful and heartfelt.
I'm going to give you 10/10 with ease.

Oh and I'm working on 2nd Chapter of G4Y (thats my abreviation for Girls for a Year) and it looks like the word Gay, cuz Harry and Ron kind of go gay. Anyway I won't spoilt it. It mightn't be done until the holidays cuz i've got English, RE, Cooking and Graphics exams and an assignment due in the next two weeks along with exam week. But you know how it is =]

Author's Response: Thank-you dude, guess what I found out!

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Review #6, by marauders_xx To remember...

20th March 2008:

So, I love Switchfoot and I Dare You To Move is like THE best song by by them. :)

I loved it. It was really sad though. I freaking love Sirius so I was crying along with Harry.

I agree with your comment at the bottom as well. I can't comment on the videos though, cuz I don't have an account. Seriously, it's horrible. To think that if everyone just contributed a little bit, it would be all right... Does it really take that much time to recycle?

Anway, nice fic. :)

xx Marauders_xx

Author's Response: Thank-you, I glad someone else feels this way. I absolutly have whaling, globel warming etc. It's so horrible.

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