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Review #1, by Amy Smith Who breaks up during Potions?!

17th January 2011:
Oh my god, you are such a brilliant writer! The mysterious ticking bit was ACE and the tension between Fred and Emily was EPIC. Love and TARDIS, Amy.

Author's Response: DOCTOR WHO? Thanks for the review, even though I haven't written this in ages, it's nice to know someone read it once upon a time! Btdubs, Amy is only my favorite companion ever

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Review #2, by callistarose Who breaks up during Potions?!

3rd July 2009:
okay, I'm really liking that Potter Puppet Pals reference in there..

So far, so good! Want more!!!

Author's Response: Heehee! I\\\'m so glad you like it! Well, without a Potter Puppet Pals reference, then it would not be as good, in my opinion! I just posted another chapter, and that should be validated soon!
Thanks for reading and reviewing,
fredlovesme18 :)

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Review #3, by harrylilyjames Introduction

25th May 2009:
why would Sirius Black be after Amy and Alice- yes, he was a Death Eater, but everyone knew tha when he was out of prison he was after Harry, to finish the job of killing the Potters.
Also, why didn't Neville's grandmother not take her back, she knows who she is. I am slightly confused right now.

Author's Response: OK, so in later chapters, we find out that Sirius Black is NOT after Amy or Alice...Emily is just being paranoid and what not. However, he is in France after he and Harry find each other because of Amy. You'll see if you read on.
Neville and Emily's grandmother did not take her simply because she was not meant to have her. When Emily was born, Alice and Frank made a big deal about the Hennessy's and the Ministry would not let their gran take Emily as well.
Thanks for reading and reviewing,
fredlovesme18 ;)
I'll try and clear that up for you!

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Review #4, by gwen marie Who breaks up during Potions?!

6th November 2008:
haha, love the mysterious ticking noise reference



Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Everyone is appreciated and I love that reference too!
fredlovesme18 :)

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Review #5, by endless_epolgies Homework and Habits, Weasleys and Sneezes

3rd May 2008:
this story is going well so far :) does emily look like neville at all? or are do they look different since he doesnt reconise her as looking like him at all? update soon! keep up the good work :)!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! Yes, Emily kind of looks like Neville. She has the same brown hair, but the eyes are definitely different- hers are blue like her grandmother's. Neville doesn't recognize her at all. Besides, she actually is pretty like her mum. Again, thanks for reviewing and please keep reading! :)

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Review #6, by missvioletpotter4 Homework and Habits, Weasleys and Sneezes

30th April 2008:
I really liked this chapter! Keep updating!

Author's Response: Thank you! You are the best and I can't wait until my National Holiday!

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Review #7, by crazybibliophile Introduction

6th April 2008:
This is a really promising start, can't wait to see how the fic turns out... the only suggestion I could have is to make it a bit longer, but other than that it's really really good. :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I really appreciate your input! I wish to keep writing, but I'm trying to work on 3 stories at once! I actually want to read your story about Hermione turning Draco into a watermelon! They're my favorite couple!

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Review #8, by missvioletpotter4 Introduction

21st March 2008:
I love this story! Please notify me if you put up any more stories/chapters! You are the best friend ever! My sister will probably never read this because she thinks hpff is stupid, but if she ever did, even she would love this story.

Author's Response: Thanks for your support! Good Job on your latest story!

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Review #9, by Emily Introduction

20th March 2008:
Wow thats really really good! (And yes my name is Emily which is what drew me to this story because of the name Emily in it LoLz!) Great work keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! I always feel like no one will read my stories. I admit it is kind of boring this first chapter. Again, thank you, Emily! LOL!

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