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Review #1, by evelett The Unforgettable Answer

30th May 2010:
I love it! I can't wait for the rest, I really want to know what happened and who she's engaged to.

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Review #2, by skyblu629 The Unforgettable Masquerade

7th November 2009:
You know, that scene conversation is almost like the one Jack and Schuyler had in Masquerade. Nice chappie, tho

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Review #3, by Lalala The Unforgettable News

10th September 2009:
Thus will sound pathetic but for some reason I cried I actually cried tears. That sounds a lot like sething I went through well with out the magic

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Review #4, by Chelmarie53 The Unforgettable Answer

1st August 2009:
What a pleasant surprise that you updated! I love this story. I definitely think Sirius isn't being completely honest...I can't put my finger on it exactly, though. Please update again soon!

Author's Response: I know... he's just so mysterious, isn't he? haha thanks for reviewing and updates will come soon! :)

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Review #5, by Fireball Nymph The Unforgettable Answer

1st August 2009:
I think Sirius wasn't being completely honest. He seemed fishy. Great one, and I don't mind the wait. This was good chapter, and I can't wait for the next one. Great one!

Author's Response: he did seem fishy, didn't he? ;) Sirius is still hiding alot more but he's just trying to do what he thinks Madysen wants and what she wants to hear. That's probably a mistake though. I'm glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing!!! next one is coming soon :)

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Review #6, by Hpfanlizy45 The Unforgettable Answer

31st July 2009:
I've waited for so long and then you kill me with so little. But it was such a good chapter!! I can't actually be mad about it :)

Author's Response: little? oh well, i thought it was a pretty big thing revealing what Sirius has been trying to hide but i guess everyone already knew what it was haha but i'm still sooo happy you liked it! more to come soon, i promise :) things are going to get more intense... thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #7, by marieluz The Unforgettable Letter

31st July 2009:
Her mother is cruel.. so mean!

Author's Response: yes, she is!! there's a reason for that, though, you'll just have to keep reading ;)

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Review #8, by marieluz The Unforgettable Lake Visit

31st July 2009:
Good they finally got that cleared up... sorta..

Loved it!

Author's Response: yeah, they're not being honest with each other, or with themselves actually. I'm you caught that and glad you liked it :) thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by marieluz The Unforgettable News

31st July 2009:
Oh my gosh! To who? To who? Who's she engaged to?

Author's Response: hahah i can't say because he is not in the story yet, but he will be soon! watch for him!

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Review #10, by marieluz The Unforgettable Note

31st July 2009:
liked it... good chapter!!!

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Review #11, by marieluz The Unforgettable Potions Class

31st July 2009:
Hey, did she ever make the quidditch team?

Anyways, good chapter!

Author's Response: no, she hasn't flown after that incident with Sirius, much to her disappointment :(

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Review #12, by marieluz The Unforgettable Summer

31st July 2009:
Sirius is so mean!! Still love him, though.. :P


Author's Response: haha you can't help but love him! You know he is a softie underneath. thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by marieluz May 17, 1979

31st July 2009:
I have a feeling I've read this before.. Oh! I think I reviewed this before the crash...

Anyways, I like it! Good job.. I'm gonna read the rest now..

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Review #14, by niki The Unforgettable Answer

31st July 2009:
this is a really good story, you've portrayed the hurt she feels really well. and I've never gone through anything remotely like that, but i can still correlate with her and that's something really hard to do.

Author's Response: thank you! that means alot, i've worked hard really trying to divulge who Madysen is. :) keep reading and thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Chelmarie53 The Unforgettable Wedding

25th June 2009:
Please update soon!!!

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Review #16, by bottleandexplode The Unforgettable Wedding

12th May 2009:
One of my favorite Marauder's stories.

Eagerly awaiting your next update. :D

Author's Response: thank you!! i will update soon!

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Review #17, by Alexandra The Unforgettable Wedding

3rd May 2009:
Oh my... this is one of the best Siruis stories ever. Great Work!

Author's Response: thank you!! that really means alot to hear you say that!!

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Review #18, by Fireball Nymph The Unforgettable Wedding

2nd May 2009:
OH, I love this story. I love Madysen. She's my favorite character. I can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! haha she is a complicated girl, isn't she? I will update soon!

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Review #19, by Musically_Challenged The Unforgettable Wedding

22nd April 2009:
N O O O O O O O O!!! I can't believe you gave me such a mean cliff hanger!! I was ENTRANCED! brilliant story!!
Hope to be reading more soon,
yours truly,

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Review #20, by MrsLovett The Unforgettable Wedding

20th April 2009:
Great chapter :)
looking forward to the next one.

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Review #21, by mahita The Unforgettable Wedding

14th April 2009:
Hey this is really good :D
keep writing
and is that dream thing from one tree hill?

Author's Response: Thank you so much! and yes, I did get some inspiration of the wonderful show :) haha

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Review #22, by samitaclover The Unforgettable Wedding

13th April 2009:
that chapter was so sweet!!! i am crying right now lol


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Review #23, by laura The Unforgettable Wedding

13th April 2009:
ok.. i got really confused... i liked the chapter but what happen inbetween? i gues i just have to wait right?

Author's Response: Yes, it's coming soon!!

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Review #24, by puppilove456 The Unforgettable Wedding

12th April 2009:
I'm so freakin confused! Is Lily getting married while she's at Hogwarts? Does Madysen Keep having flash backs about her childhood? Please Feed back to me! I am sooo utterly lost! I'm a lost tiger at the moment. But, other than the confusion of it; it is a good story. Just try to make the chapters longer. THX

Author's Response: Wow, I am so sorry! This was a future chapter, like chapter one and five. I should've put a note on the top of the page... I am sorry for the confusion! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #25, by siriusismyhubby The Unforgettable Wedding

11th April 2009:
this chapter totally threw me off until i read your authors note!

excellent chapter!

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