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Review #1, by Luzianne My Guardian Angel

16th June 2012:
So sad but beautiful. To love so completely. I would love to read more of how Eve grows up, but selfishly I still want Draco to never find a replacement for Hermione. Like to see them meet in heaven somewhere toward the end, once Hermione little angel is with her own love... thank you for s sweet , though ever so sad tale. you did a wonderful job of background fill in's and sharing stages of grief. There are some that are so deep, that no one can replace the spouse or is there ever the need felt to do so. Guardian Angels do exist.

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Review #2, by Angelica My Guardian Angel

12th February 2012:
Briilliant, sad beyond belief, but amazing.

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Review #3, by Loving_Sirius_4eva My Guardian Angel

28th November 2011:
That was so sweet and adorable. I cried and smiled throughout this one-shot. You should really write more. You have a talent to write such sad stories. :)

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Review #4, by KiraPotter16 My Guardian Angel

28th September 2011:
I'm in floods of tears right now. Just thought I'd let you know.

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Review #5, by SherlockHolmes My Guardian Angel

5th March 2011:
It's beautiful and sad - I cried through the whole story.

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Review #6, by GingerHeadFerret My Guardian Angel

27th February 2011:
That was beautiful. =)

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Review #7, by BeforeTheStorm My Guardian Angel

7th February 2011:
awww! i loved it!

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Review #8, by ZaraZombie My Guardian Angel

30th January 2011:
This was a very beautiful story. Lovedd it!

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Review #9, by Anya My Guardian Angel

30th January 2011:
it is amazing
i was crying throughout
please please write more draco and hermoine storiesss !
i love how you mixed memories and the present time together !!!

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Review #10, by Dragoness101 My Guardian Angel

29th January 2011:
You had me in tears. It was so sad. I took forever to read this because i couldent see through my tears. A beautiful peace of work!

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Review #11, by ykai My Guardian Angel

28th January 2011:
Yep, kept on crying.. Why, oh why? *sigh*

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Review #12, by ashleysocool My Guardian Angel

30th July 2010:
This story was absolutely amazing . I couldn't stop crying silently to myself . It has truly touched my heart .

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Review #13, by irachelly My Guardian Angel

15th July 2010:
This is the first story in a while that made me bawl my eyes out. It was beautiful, and I loved it :)

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Review #14, by Ginnygal My Guardian Angel

3rd June 2010:
I cried so much... I will read it, again and again.

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Review #15, by caicu My Guardian Angel

18th May 2010:
Love the drama in this one. LOVE IT! Could you make more. Please at some point a happy ending, LOL

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Review #16, by 0sweety10 My Guardian Angel

8th April 2010:
Wow. Can i just tell you something? Well i saw your summary like 5 times and finally something just told me to read it. And im glad i did because this was so beautiful! It was well written and everything. I loved it.[: 100/10. It made me emotional. Haha. Anyways i just wanted to ask when you would update baby of mine? Thats another story i love. Thanks. -ana.

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Review #17, by Hailey4Draco My Guardian Angel

3rd January 2010:
very beautiful

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Review #18, by vivalasunday My Guardian Angel

22nd December 2009:
Ahhh as much as I don't like crying, this got me to do it :( I hate character deaths, but I love this story.

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Review #19, by Theia Luna My Guardian Angel

14th December 2009:
wow this was incredibly beautiful! it was sad to see that Hermione dies and never gets to see her daughter grow up but, it was magnificent! I love the way Draco never forgets her and loves her always. This was freaking incredibly written..!!


--Theia.. =]

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Review #20, by MagikFey My Guardian Angel

23rd July 2009:
OMG that was soo sad i cried so much and my heart broke for Malfoy..the writing was awesome everthing just flowed together and there was so much emotion

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Review #21, by Evil Sami Poo My Guardian Angel

19th July 2009:
omg... I have tears... That was so beautiful.

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Review #22, by invisibilitycloak2 My Guardian Angel

16th July 2009:
nooo, i'm crying silently into the night now :(
beautiful story, but oh so sad

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Review #23, by ginny_malfoy22 My Guardian Angel

13th June 2009:
Wow if I hadn't been interrupted by dinner I would've been crying really hard for the last part of it. As it was, I started to cry, and I had tears again when I came back to it...

And you know what that shows? How awesomely perfect your description and story was! This was so awesome, I love it!



Author's Response: aww thanks so much!

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Review #24, by Ravie_girl29 My Guardian Angel

4th June 2009:
normally I hate Dramione storys, but this one it really good, you did an amazing job

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Review #25, by Saffiecat911 My Guardian Angel

31st May 2009:
good- scratch that- GREAT work!

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