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Review #1, by spinner Chapter Three

31st July 2009:
Very nice! More please!

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Review #2, by forever lost hope Chapter Three

17th July 2009:
I have waited a long time for this chapter. I love this story. I hope to read the nect chapter soon!

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Review #3, by mia1991 Chapter Three

5th June 2009:
it's really good!
the part of them together is brilliant!
keep the amazing work!

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Review #4, by Timechild Chapter Three

5th June 2009:
Nice cliffhanger here. I hope that the note isn't too bad for Draco.

The scene had a nice amount of detail and the emotions were realistic for the situation.

Nicely written

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Review #5, by Lyndaiz111 Chapter Three

5th June 2009:
i want more! please post again

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Review #6, by cara Chapter Three

5th June 2009:
oh my gosh that was amazing you are a awsome writer please right more

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Review #7, by Ava Chapter One

5th June 2009:
I stopped reading this the moment I saw the F word. Very unrealistic and out of character. Poor judgement on your part.

Author's Response: i really don't think its out of character at all. just because j.k. rowling doesn't use words like that doesn't mean i can't. it's a literary device that i think adequately displays the frustration both characters feel.

besides, there is a warning for strong language. it's not like you weren't warned

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Review #8, by forever lost hope Chapter Two

22nd April 2008:
very intriguing story, not mention well written. you seem to have a great story line going on here that keeps the reader captivated. I await the next chapter not with much patience. I hope that it leaves me on the edge of my seat wondering what's going to happen between the two new friends. Will they become lovers, or will she push him away, only wanting to be friends, despite her attraction to him? OOO... I cannot wait for more.

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Review #9, by Kcakes Chapter Two

29th March 2008:
Interesting and fun so far

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Review #10, by reader101 Chapter Two

29th March 2008:
i love the green apples in this story. and ussually i prefer red delicious apples. i can't wait to read more.

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Review #11, by herewego_again Chapter One

24th March 2008:
haha i loved it
its funny, and has a great introduction
i believe i'm already hooked.

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Review #12, by Junnah Malfoy Chapter One

21st March 2008:
my two obsessions!
draco as a reformed sex god
and green apples around all the chapter!
will be waiting for the next one ansiously (if that's spelled right)

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Review #13, by Snape's Girl Chapter One

20th March 2008:
Update soon and I hope Hermione falls in love with Draco soon!

Author's Response: I'm planning on it taking a while. sorry! Like, a long while. A lot goes into a relationship, and allowing it to be one sided is not how i want this to go.

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Review #14, by SnowyHedwig Chapter One

20th March 2008:
What a great opening chapter! So Ron's idea of romance is "Hermione, you're great, marry me tomorrow!"? What a moron... and THAT'S why he shouldn't get her. And Draco should. End of story. I loved his whole issue with telling her he wasn't decent - that was priceless!

Please update soon, I can't wait to see what happens when they're in the same bedroom...

Author's Response: Thanks! I always feel like I'm going so far OoC that no one will appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoyed Ron's proposal, it kind of came out of desperation for plot, but I'm glad you got where I was going and didn't review me with, "Why would Ron do that? That is SO not something he would do! No one would do that!"

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Review #15, by Sarsay Chapter One

19th March 2008:
Oooh, I like it so far. Do continue writing!

Author's Response: thank you so much! it means a lot. i've been wanting to make a return to hpff, and well, it's taken me three years. it means a lot to know that someone out there likes it. =]

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