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Review #1, by Dominique2012 Stay

12th January 2013:
Amazing! This is lovely! (: I imagine Sirius and an OC at first but then; I thought..maybe this can somehow be Sirius/Marlene (I don't know why, I like that pairing) and wondered if Sirius did have someone but then he lost them; just like he lost everything else like James and Lily etc. He's been through a lot and he's strong; I always wish he had someone to love but's probably for the better if he doesn't leave a wife and kids behind along with his best mate and godson. Cause I know how heartbreaking it was with his death, along with Tonks and Remus (They had to leave there son behind ;( ) and Fred (I burst out in tears) and all the others also;Lily, James, etc. For all of there deaths and people don't get what it's like since Harry Potter is a part of me. But yeah, I really like this one shot and I think it's either a Sirius/Marlene or Sirius/OC. Either is fine, I kinda see a little Hermione/Draco here about him being a jerk but I don't know, I guess Sirius can be that way also. But anyways, really love this (: 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by confusedlover Stay

29th April 2012:
very lovely.

this was unique and beautiful. i think not mentioning the names of the characters and leaving it up to the reader was absolutely wonderful! i've read a couple of stories like this before, but they are very rare. wonderful job, though! keep up the amazing writing!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You've been reading quite a few of my one-shots, haven't you? :) I'm glad, thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Fluffball Stay

22nd August 2011:
wow. that was amazing. i loved how you let the reader choose who they were reading about. me being a sucker for dramione chose hermione and draco. i would love to read a sequel. hope there's one coming soon. now off to see if you've written any other stories :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review :) Yes I have written other stories, and there's another one coming up soon !!

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Review #4, by GREX101 Stay

25th May 2011:
this is sooo unbelievably cute :') loved it sooo much xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing :)

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Review #5, by _maomao Stay

23rd May 2011:
At least they don't die in the end. Unless they did in your mind but you decided to withhold that information from us. Ahh haha.
Beautiful story, good job.

Author's Response: Haha I tend to kill people in my fics, don't I hahaha Thank you so much for reviewing :)

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Review #6, by Dark Whisper Stay

22nd May 2011:
Mmmm... I see Draco and Hermione. :)
I loved how you left that up to us. Thank you!

This is gorgeous. Your words are beautiful.

I loved it that he reassures her that she is the one he loves above all. So sweet.

I love it that he already has the ring and admits he is a jerk for not asking her sooner.

Thanks so much for re-posting this fic. It is very inspiring.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by crazyformarauders123 Stay

5th December 2010:
this was so good! i want more!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing!! :)

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Review #8, by Lily_Lupin Stay

18th March 2010:
Hey this is so well written and good fit with any pair. Personally I imagined it as a Tonks/Remus.
Lily x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing :]

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Review #9, by chillychick95 Stay

27th November 2009:

Draco and Hermione?

The brown eyes gave it away :P

A beautiful story.

Author's Response: maybe... it could just as well be Sirius/OC, or Harry/Ginny; it could be a lot of people. whoever you want them to be ^^ Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #10, by Amulya_HPfan Stay

4th October 2009:
I always thought that there were so many untold stories in Harry Potter. How James and Lily fell in love. If Sirius ever found anyone-which I think he had to have, because, well, because he seemed like the guy who had lost everything. If Remus had ever loved someone before Tonks. Why Peter really betrayed them, and what he was thinking of when he saved Harry in the seventh book. The story behind Molly and Arthur, the story of the founders. What happened to Ariana Dumbledore. All these untold...but you did a brilliant job of giving your perspective on Sirius (I'm guessing this is Sirius?). It was heartbreaking but romantic, agonizing but addicting and something that was overall a gem to read. I've become quite a fan of your writing :). Anyways, the only thing I could catch is in the line-
"Heís in too deep; he knows that which is why heís so scared; why he doesnít stay the night."
-as there were quite a few semi-colons. Commas would work also, because I understand why you used them, and they mgiht be less disruptive. But, its a very minor detail and everything else was perfect.
Amazing job! 10/10

Author's Response: hahaha THANK YOU. You reviewers never cease to amaze me! this was my first oneshot and I wrote it YEARS ago hahaha, so Im amazed you like it xD hahaha no, I know there are a few mistakes in it and so on, but Im seriously too lazy to go back and edit it again... hahaha Thank you for reviewing and Im so glad you liked it! I remember thinking that it turned out quite well myself :P

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Review #11, by obviously394 Stay

26th May 2009:
I decided that this is a Rose/Scorpius. No reason, really, but that's who I think it should be :P

Very well written, you captured his emotions very well, and it was all really beautifully descriptive. Well done :)

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #12, by tashmash Stay

21st March 2009:
sooo...who is this??? i dont understand!

great 1-shot!!!

tashmash xx >=]3

Author's Response: it's whoever you want it to be ^^ Lily/James, Sirius/OC, Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Ron, Hermione/Draco. Whatever. It's your choice.

Thanks for reviewing!! :D

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Review #13, by Immortal_13 Stay

11th January 2009:
Well, DUH! It's Tonks and Lupin! Who else would it be?

Author's Response: haha! :p thanks for reviewing! ;p

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Review #14, by CourtneyLovesRobin Stay

9th December 2008:
Aww. That was good. kinda sad, but i liked it alot.

Author's Response: thank you!!

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Review #15, by Vicky Stay

29th November 2008:
really touching- love it

Author's Response: thank you^^

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Review #16, by Eridanus Stay

19th October 2008:
This one-shot was really good, I loved it!
The whole way through I was trying to put names to the couple, but I could never settle on their identities. I think it's so smart to leave their names out- it seems to give the story another dimension.
Your writing was fabulous. One sentence sounded a little weird to me though;
'She whispers seducing what things they could do...'
I'm guessing you meant suggesting and I'd probably leave out the 'what' -it's just a minor error in a brilliant story
I adored it =]

Author's Response: hehe, than you so much for reviewing! :D

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Review #17, by meghna Stay

21st May 2008:
Wow! It's great! Keep more coming!

Author's Response: haha well thanks:] I've got another one-shot coming actually:P

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Review #18, by ElfMaian Stay

29th April 2008:
Well Written, Very well written! Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks:]

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Review #19, by Helaina .. <3 Stay

9th April 2008:
Reaally Touchin
Oh WoW ...!!

Lovee Itt ..!! xx


Author's Response: Glad you loved it:] Thank you...

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Review #20, by OliverWoodLover16 Stay

8th April 2008:
Aww! I really like this story! It's so sweet and it's absolutely fabulous! Keep it up!! :D x x

Author's Response: Thanks!!!! xx

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Review #21, by HaRRyPoTTeRfAnFiCtiOnZ lOVeR Stay

8th April 2008:
good story keep writing i love it its so sweet.=]

Author's Response: Thanks:]

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Review #22, by Lynn_Jenny Stay

7th April 2008:
that was great. the absense of names made me imagine my sweetie and me and it was quite lovely. :) i'm sure many people can relate to your story, even if they have never been through a war, and even if they have never had a child (i haven't been through a war and i have most certainly not had a child) you write the unnamed characters well. i feel like i could be her- and in some way i think both characters are a part of everyone. quite lovely dear, keep it up.

Author's Response: Awww... Thank you, that was a lovely review, made me smile so wide.... Thank you so much:] It feels good to know my writing doesn't suck:)

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Review #23, by ajbraun Stay

6th April 2008:
It was so beautiful! Good work.

Author's Response: THANK YOU!

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Review #24, by moon_black11 Stay

6th April 2008:
the woman is naomi watts by the way:)
secondly, i loved this story. it made my heart ache for not having someone like this in my life.
keep writing stories like these and i'll keep reading them.
ps i love how he has doubts about their future instead of being all happy, it shows he's a really good guy for her,
xox Jenn

Author's Response: Thanks:] I think I'll keep on writing stories like this - I can't help it:P

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Review #25, by flyhigh Stay

6th April 2008:
its very well written and you really feel for them both, it was a good decision to not have any dialogue cos the whole effect and atmosphere would be different. By the way whos the woman in the banner ? - i have definitely seen her before but i just cant place it.

Author's Response: I actually don't know who the woman is... you can ask crimsonemeralds at the dark arts about it, I honestly have no idea... Thank you for reviewing:]

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