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Review #1, by RumbleroarRedvines Irritation

6th January 2011:
Awesome! I would leave a longer review, but I really must read your next chapter!

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Review #2, by DracoLovesPansy In Love

31st July 2009:
haha this fic is funny ;) the dursleys are very IC I think! Pansy as well;)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you found it funny! And yay! You think they're IC! :)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by Jelly_Frog In Love

24th December 2008:
Ooh! Fabulous, Ria darling!=) Poor Marge, I felt really sorry for her at the end. One thing, you said that was the mane of your cat and I think you mean name, because house cats generally don't have manes, especially named ones.!xD

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, poor Marge, it doesn't all go well for her, I know. ARGH! A mistake! You were right, I meant name. Thanks for pointing that out! And thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by dancer In Love

15th November 2008:
very funny and enjoyably so . the story flows nicely and grammareandspelling are fine. Actually a change from a lot of the sotries I read. SS my command of the language is not what it once was. Please continue with the story I'd love to see what happens between Dudders and Pansy as well as Dadelus and Marge Ipoor Dadelus). Thank you

Author's Response: I'm really, really sorry for not responding quickly. Sorry.

I'm really glad it's funny, after all, that's what it's meant to be. I'm glad it flows too, because that was what I was mainly worried about. It's a change? I hope it's a good one. And I certainly will continue the story, I'm just not HPFF's best updater... to say the least.

Thanks so much for the lovely review, I'm really grateful to you for spending some time to reply.
- Ria_Lee ;)

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Review #5, by fancycherriiebud In Love

4th November 2008:
Ria, my dear, your story is like the light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever the mood I'm in, your story never fails to cheer me up. Eve though your chapters aren't, like, five thousand words or whatever, I must laugh about ever second paragraph, at least.

The plot-line of this story is um.. rather wacky, if I may say so. The little funniosities, like the Antennae Incident, really capture the craziness of it all. And HAHA Marge is in love with Dedalus :D

The only thing I have to say about this chapter is that there was no Pansy :( She's my favourite! Other than that, it was brill.


Author's Response: Light at the end of a tunnel, eh? Thanks. I must be a natural cheerer-upper story-writer. ;)

Yes, this story is rather... wacky, as you put it, and I love writing the little incidents. They're my favourite bits. And yes, Marge/Dedalus for ever. Haha.

I know, poor Pansy, being left out for a chapter. Don't worry, though, she'll be in chapter... 4, isn't it? Wow, this story is getting long!

Thanks for the very long and very nice review!


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Review #6, by FriendofMolly In Love

30th October 2008:
That was hysterical, I think I may want to read more. You do have a flair for writing an enjoyable read. Cheers!!

Author's Response: Oh, thankyou for taking time to leave such a nice review! I'm so glad that it was funny, that's what I'm trying to make it. Thanks so much for the lovely review, it's made my day!

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Review #7, by fancycherriiebud Intentions

6th October 2008:
Wow, the hilarity in this chapter is just amazing. You make all the characters all so comical, yet so realistic, Vernon especially. The part about the piano had me in stitches :)

Pansy is an awesome character too, such a typical Slytherin. Poor girl, it must be awful to be fancied by a chubby, blonde boy who's muggle-born! I think it was really funny how Pansy dealt with him.

Anyhoo, hopefully you'll update soon 'cause we're all missing the Dursleys!


Author's Response: Heehee, thankyou! I'm glad it's funny, but really, the characters in the books are funny in themselves, so it's not hard! Oh yes, the piano bit. Kitty helped there.

Yes, Pansy is quite a Slytherin, isn't she. And really, I do feel sorry for her too. This is Dudley Dursley we're talking about here. Oh, and I'm happy you thought the way Pansy dealt with him was funny!

Don't worry, I will try to update soon!

Thanks for the lovely and long review! (Say thanks to Bea for the reviews as well, I forgot to say that when answering her reviews)

- Ria_Lee :)

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Review #8, by Jelly_Frog Intentions

5th October 2008:
*laughing pants off* HAHAHA! Funniest story EVER! I want more!xD

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm not sure it's the funniest ever, though... don't worry, hopefully more is coming soon!

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Review #9, by Jelly_Frog Irritation

5th October 2008:
This is such a funny story! Yes, I"M BACK!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you think it's funny. Well, that's what it's meant to be! And it's good you're back!

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Review #10, by Bea :) Irritation

5th April 2008:
hey ria gr8 story i loved every word!

Author's Response: Thanx! Next chapter hopefully coming up soon.

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Review #11, by crookshanks_kitten Irritation

24th March 2008:
HeeHee, you did spell business wrong after all! Still, your bits were good. We need to add more detail and make it a bit longer next time. It felt too abrupt, the way we changed scene 3 times. 9/10 (I hope)

Author's Response: 9/10!!! Very modest, aren't you?!

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Review #12, by marauders_xx Irritation

16th March 2008:

That was funny. It's off to a great start so you'd better update quick! Vernon was funny. :) Marge is funny too. :D:D


Author's Response: Thanks! ;)
Don't know when we'll next update. We've got plans (for ch. 2) but no time. Spent whole day tidying attic.

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Review #13, by fancycherriiebud Irritation

16th March 2008:
Haha, that was a really funny intro, well done!
I can't wait to

Author's Response: 'Fraid you'll have to wait.Thanks though.;). See you soon:)

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