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Review #1, by Awsomonium Once Oliver Wood, Always a Captain

9th January 2016:
This was a pretty cool story. I just finished Hormones a few days ago (at least up to the current released chapter) which, again, was awesome btw.

This story was pretty cool because I could see you're writing style change/improve as it went along. I finished this last night, so I'm about to start on it's sequel. Looking forward to it.

Can't wait for your newer stories to complete (or very near complete). Cause I hate reading stories as good as your and then having to wait on a cliffhanger for the next installment. :p

Keep up the good work and good luck. :)

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Review #2, by MalfoyMannor Once Oliver Wood, Always a Captain

23rd June 2015:
this story was pure humor and sweetness :)

I've read Breaking the Quidditch Code,Decoding the Tutshill Tornadoes, and currently Hormones. from reading those you make me really want to have a James II and a Fred II and now an Oliver Wood :)

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Review #3, by MalfoyMannor False Charm of Cutlery

23rd June 2015:
ha the beginning of their date was hilarious :)

but now the two cutest love birds are officially together :)

we all truly really want an Oliver Wood or a James II :P

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Review #4, by MalfoyMannor After the Game

23rd June 2015:

the cuties are together now :)

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Review #5, by MalfoyMannor Here Snitchie, Snitchie

23rd June 2015:
She caught the snitch and kissed Oliver :):):)
*majorly grinning :)

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Review #6, by MalfoyMannor Brazilian Bon-Bon

23rd June 2015:
favorite quote:
"He had that smileóthat Iím-an-amazing-sexy-Quidditch-bloke-and-you-want-me smile."

so conflicted about the Roger & Jane together . I still just want Oliver and Jane together

Oliver tipped of Jane's dad didn't he?

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Review #7, by MalfoyMannor Birds of a Feather

23rd June 2015:
Roger flowers don't fix everything!! Jane nooo!!

I really just want the Jane and Oliver together.

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Review #8, by MalfoyMannor Hogwarts is a Masked Ball

23rd June 2015:
they kissed at least, except he was drunk and then puked, but they kissed :)

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Review #9, by MalfoyMannor Really Quite Happy

23rd June 2015:
best line ever :p

ďLee, I want you. I need you. Seriously. Right now.Ē

Lee winked. ďI always knew you did, Janey.Ē He licked his lips and I threw my biscuit at him

positive outcome of Roger finding Jane at the tower: they broke up :) then Oliver comes and finds her and kisses her :):)

I love that the mistletoe grew back :)

Jane and Oliver are so cute they need to get together :)

I love how he made her come down and socialize at the party

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Review #10, by MalfoyMannor Mistletoe

23rd June 2015:
okay this chapter was pure sweetness, I loved it.

Oliver baking brownies while he's drunk what a sight to see :P

just the whole kitchen scene was the best :)

I almost thought they were going to kiss

once again this chapter was just pure cuteness from the two :)

Mandy & Roger have something going on between the two of them don't they

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Review #11, by MalfoyMannor A Great Problem

22nd June 2015:
aww Jane really does care about Wood :)

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Review #12, by Rani Smith Spreading the Word

26th February 2015:
If she is dorming with Angelina and Alicia, she is in her 3rd yr, before Harry makes the team. So how could she have met Oliver in her fourth year? And Katie Bell is in her 2nd year at this time, and would not be dorming with them. And Oliver and Jane would not be the same age. I get that this is fanfiction, and it doesn't have to be canon, but it seemed that u were trying to stick with the timeline, and this doesn't work. Please don't mess with the Queen's writing.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review (I think). I clearly state that this is Alternate Universe at the top of the first chapter. Meaning the timeline is skewed. It is fan fiction in the sense that I am utilizing characters and setting for my own story... and that is what I did. That is why characters are in different years - for the purpose of the story and the plot. The only way I was trying to stick to the timeline is just that Oliver Wood happens to be older than the canon Chasers.

Thank you for pointing out it doesn't go along with the actual Harry Potter books. I am aware.

I'm wondering if you go around to all AU stories and post similar reviews telling them they mess with the Queen's writing if it doesn't follow the exact timeline of the books? Time Turner fics must have a really difficult time.

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Review #13, by Shinicha Perry Practice

22nd September 2014:
Oliver's behaviour confuses me the more I read about him. Really, why is he trying so hard to give Jane an actual chance...? Maybe he appreciated her caring for Quidditch (without playing it). After all, he did notice that she'd had a subsciption for the Quidditch magazine for two years. So it has to be the Quidditch or herself as a person that made him do it! ... Right, I'll stop playing detective now, the story's finished after all *chrm*

His fan-base is hilarious - one of the best extras in this AU! Their banner is creepily close to worshipping rather than cheering, haha...

I do wonder about the aftermath of Jane not telling her best friends about the try-out. If I were them I'd probably assume some secret love story between Oliver and Jane, just like Alicia. why else would he know about it (give her his broom) and they didn't?

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Review #14, by Shinicha Spreading the Word

22nd September 2014:
So, after I've been spoilered by the Keeper's Daughter I came back to read Gee's parents' story!

I'm already in love with Jane - she's way too proud and stubborn! But then again, that's what makes the story. (mine would have ended with me admitting to everyone I couldn't fly in my first year.)

I'm surprised to have Angelina be the serious one, I always imagined her to be a joker, like Fred, and only really scary-serious when Captaining. I'm looking forward to your version of Angelina over the course of this story.

I'm also happy to hear a bit more about Katy and Alicia, somehow I managed to miss out on any fanfictions with them in more prominent roles so far.

Also, I can't wait to get to know that side of Oliver that I know from Keepers Daughter! Right now I just think how mean he is for spilling her secret to the twins even though it was part of the deal not to do it.
Although ... maybe it's his way of trying to find her help to learn flying? Why is he even interested in her trying out? Maybe he's more than simply annoyed by her? Have to read on, now, immediately!

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Review #15, by QkStephen Once Oliver Wood, Always a Captain

16th March 2014:
really glad I had the chance to read this. it wasnt the outragous humor of breaking the quidditch code but it was fun and intimate nonetheless

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Review #16, by Penelope Inkwell Breaking the Snog Record

27th October 2013:
Favorite Quotes:

-"You can justóyou want a glass of water or something? Sandwich? Mountain range?Ē --Bahahaha

-"What were you thinking about? About how good I look with no shirt, because I canít blame you there. I think everyone out there was thinking it.Ē Oliver laughed.

ďI know I was,Ē said Fred... ď

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Review #17, by Penelope Inkwell Here Snitchie, Snitchie

27th October 2013:
What a game!

Quidditch is always hard to write for me--Iíve done it, but not in anything Iíve ever put up on HPFF, and the logistics of it all made it quite difficult. But I thought you did a really good job with this game.

And Lee Jordan is just perfect. You got his commentating just right, like it is in the books : )

And that ending, well...Iím looking forward to seeing what comes of that.

The chapter title is, indeed, excellent.


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Review #18, by Penelope Inkwell New Wallpaper

27th October 2013:
So nice to see Ellis being...well, nice. Redeeming qualities are always good to see. And Iím thrilled for Alicia, that she managed such a catch as Bastian after all her single woes. Sad that heís going, but theyíve still got a shot. Though obviously Lee has some thoughts on the subject, so maybe heíll win out in the end. At least he had the courage to say something, although it was probably a bit too soon after Bastianís departure. Obviously sheís upset--sheís not just going to jump straight into his arms. Poor thing.

Poor Alicia, though. Iím sad that sheís so torn up about the whole thing.

And Oliver. I just donít know what to think of him right now, especially with the whole Mindy thing. And also, I wonder why he didnít get any offers for reserve if heís so good. And howíd he decide to Owl Janeís dad, in the first place? So many questions.

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Review #19, by Penelope Inkwell Birds of a Feather

27th October 2013:
Oh, by the way, Libby? Totally out of line. Forgot to mention that. I had felt sorry for her, but that in no way excuses the despicable things she said. Poor Oliver! No matter how upset she was--and Iíll be the first to admit he didnít always treat her right (not that she was perfect, either)--but still, none of it merited that awful response last chapter. How atrocious!

People really have trouble keeping track of their Charms items. Rogers notes, Janeís book, Katieís book...

Ack, no...donít...

Well, that did not go as expected.

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Review #20, by Penelope Inkwell Hogwarts is a Masked Ball

27th October 2013:
Poor little lovebirds. They have bad kissing luck, donít they?

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Review #21, by Penelope Inkwell Reserved

27th October 2013:
Iíve got to say, my favorite part is the interactions between Jane, Angelina, Alicia, and Katie. Theyíre hilarious, and I love seeing girlsí friendships done right!


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Review #22, by Penelope Inkwell Motives

27th October 2013:
Yup, itís settled, I feel bad for Libby. She may be boy-crazy. She may be annoying. And you donít just go around charging into your boyfriendís sports practice. But still, Oliver doesnít really treat her properly. I do like him far better than I did, and heís obviously a decent captain, but I wish heíd treat her a bit better or just break up with her already. Their relationship right now isnít doing anyone any favors, but the worst part is that it seems like she legitimately cares for him.

Glad Fred and Angelina look to be working things out, though. Thatís a big step forward.

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Review #23, by Penelope Inkwell Mistletoe

26th October 2013:
Well, I suppose a midnight tryst (sort of) with wine and brownies and admitting all the less palatable secrets about his own family *does* rather make up for his being a right prat earlier. Congratulations. I didnít know how you were going to make me think better of Oliver, but you succeeded :)

He was about to say that Roger was a ch-something. Cheater? Is Roger a cheater.

Hmm...that doesnít bode well. But at least Jane had a fun night.


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Review #24, by Penelope Inkwell Red Wine

26th October 2013:
Hmm.well, this *is* interesting. I liked all the Christmas presents they gave each other. They were very well thought out and very in character.

As far as Libby goes, I do feel a bit bad for her. I mean, not too bad--she is rather horrid. But still, Oliver obviously isnít into her, and he shouldnít be leading her on. Itís difficult, too, because Iím inclined to like him, but I still canít get over what he said to Perry at the team meeting. That was so far over the line, it was in another dimension. Hopefully heíll do something to make up for it.

Iím wondering what will come of this little run in. Doesnít seem like anything good.

Enjoying your story!


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Review #25, by radicallyali Brazilian Bon-Bon

11th August 2013:
Apparently no review on this chapter??? I guess I'll just leave a quick one. I've been re-reading this my past couple of work shifts and I love it just as much as I did when I first started reading it four years ago.

Also reading this after reading DTTT, Hormones, and 30 Days all at the same time, your writing has improved SO much. (Obviously you've always been good) but I feel like you now have a much better understanding of how your characters work, because the very beginning of KA seems just a little bit forced. But I'm re-falling in love with these characters all over again and I still laugh at the same parts and my emotions about all the characters are still the same.

You are truly an amazing writer that four years later I still feel exactly the same about this story.

You are awesome. The end.

Ali 1043754667/10

Author's Response: Wow, how rude.

I really need to re-read this. Especially since I'm working on The Keeper's Daughter now.

Absolutely I agree with you completely. It was actually a specific writing workshop I took right as I got the first couple chapters of BTQC out and was starting Hide and Seek that you can see the clear change. When I look back, I see it. This was also my first novel-length I'd written since... well, ages. I did a few dabbles like freshman year of high school, but I'm sure you know how those went.

Keep Away is pretty rough, but it's a good stepping stone.

Thank you so much!

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