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Review #1, by Karkaroff Chapter 3

12th October 2008:
Interesting idea and please update soon thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks... I'll update as soon as I can but life comes first.

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Review #2, by Niki014 Chapter 2

11th April 2008:
This chapter defintely adds a different spin to the traditional story of the boy who lived.

I'd like to see what happens to Harry next, I suppose Lily will be told that Harry died with James?

I wonder whether Lily and Snape will get together, and what the Dark Lord plans to do next, and are characters from the Order going to come into it?

Anyway, it's another cool chapter opening a funky storyline - I'm just waiting to see what happens!

Your writing is improving greatly, thanks for the chappie!

Niki ;)

Author's Response: You have some astute guesses, and going about it differently is exactly how I wanted to go, the next chapter is going to jump ahead a number of years, these past two chapters were just to set the stage. And thank you for the high complements on my writing, improving is one of my main reasons of being here.

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Review #3, by harry_125 Chapter 1

1st March 2008:
interestin story
plesse continue on with it

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm currently working on chapter 2 right now.

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Review #4, by Niki014 Chapter 1

1st March 2008:
This story has a very promising start - really I think it shows real initative, or however you spell it. There are a few typos but who am I to talk?(You should have seen MY first validated chapter!) But otherwise I think this story could really work and I'm interested to see where it goes!

:) Thanks for posting this!


Author's Response: Thank you very much! I need to eventually find a beta for this so the typo's can be fixed. :-)

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Review #5, by Andromeda Black Chapter 1

1st March 2008:
Wow, this is extremely well written! I love your style, and your language is good. Only a few spellings of names, but other than that very well done, a most convincing account of that night!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I had a lot of fun writing it! It is close to how I think the actual night went down hough I think there would be some minor changes seeing as his original plan was to kill the child.

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