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Reading Reviews for The Hot Crowd
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by sunflower_love Broomsticks of Love

10th December 2008:
I'd love to see where your going with this
that is if you decide to update
i read your story ages ago and i realised i haven't left a review
soo please update

Author's Response: OMFG, I haven't been here in AGES. Sorry guys, I will be updating VERYY soon.

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Review #2, by 65ashben Sticky Situations

15th April 2008:
This is so great!! Hurry and post another chapter!! Can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: The second chapter is waiting for validation! And thanks! I am so happy you liked it!

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Review #3, by silver_and_gold Sticky Situations

15th April 2008:
wow this is a grest first chapter!
updat soon!
definitely a 10/10 from me

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch!! The second chapter is waiting to be validated! =]

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Review #4, by Besti Lexi Sticky Situations

23rd March 2008:
Please leave reviews everyone! And I'm sorry about the updates! I haven't updated just yet, but I've fixed the chapter, I think. I might have to re-do the entire chapter, maybe, don't know. But please leave a review if you read my story! Thanks! =]

Author's Response: Yahh, what I said. =]P

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Review #5, by Lizzy Leigh Sticky Situations

18th March 2008:
"sauve sex gods" hmmm... that line sounds familiar. *grins* Nice story, Lex. I like it best out of all yours so far. Not too many grammar mistakes either.

Author's Response: Thank you Lizzy. It means a lot come from the Freak! =] And I had to borrow that line. Sorry. Love you lots! =]

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Review #6, by kat Sticky Situations

11th March 2008:
it was like realy good...

Author's Response: Thank you very much. =]

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Review #7, by birdie01 Sticky Situations

8th March 2008:
*squee*After all the reviews you have left me for my story I just had to come over here and reivew yours. It's fantastic by the way. I really like it. You are characterizing Lily in a completely different light, I've never read a story where she was the bad girl. I'm interested to see how you pull it off. Also I like the James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter you've created. haha. :)
Update soon okay?!?!
That's means right*looks at watch*...NOW!

Author's Response: KK. Will try very soon to update. I'm just caught up in school and sports. And I'm happy you like it!!! =]

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Review #8, by Dallas Sticky Situations

6th March 2008:
this is my new fav. fantastic writing, luv the eye thing, and expecting more . . .

Author's Response: Thank you very much!!!!! Yay!

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Review #9, by horsenut8 Sticky Situations

5th March 2008:
You have a really good first chapter! I really, really like it!Keep going so I can know what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I will update very soon!

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Review #10, by kirsty Sticky Situations

5th March 2008:
eee, i really like this upto now.
i can't wait for more.

Author's Response: KK. Will update VERY soon. I promise!

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