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Review #1, by jameslily lover Lily - Unexpected News

6th November 2008:
that was awesome please write more this is so good.

Author's Response: Thanks :) you are the first review in months, I might actually write more now :) Sad as it sounds, you have actually made my day

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Review #2, by Gemma Lily - Sausage and Mash

14th April 2008:
Another awesome chapter! I really love this story! Especially how Lily and her friends interact. I mean, flicking a pea at Frank sounds like something I would do to one of my friends...not that i'm mean, the pea flicking would only be done in a strictly nonviolent, comical way. hope next chapter is as awesome as this one!

Author's Response: thank you very much!!! i loved that bit too. i have read lots of stories with james/lily but some people dont have her interacting very much, they portray her as a bit of a loner. but i can hardly believe lily to be like that at all!!!!!!
i like little things like pea flicking (not that i am mean either :s) but when i write them its like the undaring side of me coming out, like something i would love to do, but i just never have the nerve!! anyhoo, i am rambling a lot so i will leave you to read in peace!!!
thanks very much for the review!!

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Review #3, by awesomeness Lily - Sausage and Mash

14th April 2008:
i think it could be really good. hope u keep going

Author's Response: thank you very much, i ope it turns out ok too!! it is quite a hard story to write because so many people have done the james/lily idea but hopefully i will keep going!! thanks for the review and the support :)

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Review #4, by amylily123 James Quidditch Practice and Letter Writing

28th March 2008:
This is good!
I looovvve it!
More soon!


Author's Response: ok, more soon, i promise :D thanks for reviewing

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Review #5, by Gemma James Quidditch Practice and Letter Writing

27th March 2008:
I really like this story! This last chapter was excellent, i can't wait to find out how james is going to appease Lily this time. keeep up the good work!

Author's Response: YAY thanks, i will update soon!!

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Review #6, by alicia6011 James Quidditch Practice and Letter Writing

26th March 2008:
i really like your story and am looking forward for more of it.

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing, i will update a.s.a.p!!

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Review #7, by LondonLupin James Quidditch Practice and Letter Writing

25th March 2008:
Looking forward to your next chapter

Author's Response: YAY thanks, I will start writing now!!

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Review #8, by BlueGirl Lily

15th March 2008:
I read both chapters and I inmidiatelly wanted more I hope you add a new chapter!!!

Author's Response: You are the person thats motivated me to write more!! As soon as the nest chapter is done I will update the story. Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #9, by LoonyLuna127 James

5th March 2008:
I like your story, but would it be possible to add a little spacing in-between the lines? It's kinda hard to read. Otherwise it's great!

Author's Response: sorry, that was a mistake!! heehee the next chapter has spacing though, i only realised after it was validated that you couldn't read a word of it
sowwee :)

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