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Review #1, by Anon Asteria

11th August 2010:
It's REALLY bugging me that you have not once spelled Astoria's name correctly. It's not "Asteria". It's "Astoria". Get it right! Otherwise, the stories are great, but it's very distracting when you haven't ever spelled her name correctly.

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Review #2, by marwolfer Asteria

19th February 2009:
It's a nice Astoria story but you got two things wrong: the spelling of her name and the fact that she was only two years under Draco, like Ginny Weasley. It's a good story, though.

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Review #3, by al Asteria

12th June 2008:
huh? i like it, but i think that asteria was pretty the way you describe her she doesn't seem so...

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Review #4, by Weasleys Forever Asteria

13th April 2008:
Nice one.
Well written. I like the idea of Draco making himself suffer for the sins of his family. It makes him seem a better person.

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Review #5, by loveS it! Asteria

4th April 2008:
Lol, these reviewers are acting as if the authour was writing for JK Rowling. Its called FAN fiction,which means it doesnt have to entirly be correct, she made minor mistakes lol. Anyways I always say this when I really like a one shot, but could you please write more with this plot line, what I mean is the whole redemption thing and how people dont forgive the death eaters. I was so surprised at JKs ending with Draco...she didnt really say much except he got married...?

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Review #6, by phoenicopterus Asteria

2nd April 2008:
This was quite good, nicely written. I do, however, have a few complains: in the fic you wrote that Asteria was four years below Daphne at school, but Daphne and Draco were in the same year, and JKR said that Asteria was only two years below Draco.

And also, I was a bit thrown off by how out character Narcissa seemed to be... I mean, dating? Really? I think she'd still be somewhat in shock so soon after the war...Plus, I really don't think she'd ever leave Lucius, no matter how much resentment she harboured...but maybe that's just me.

In spite of those two little things, I really liked how very much in character Draco was, and the entire "ambience" of the fic was wonderful, quite realistic.

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Review #7, by siobhan_malfoy Asteria

28th March 2008:
wow I love this story, I was also wondering if you could make me a banner for my story "complicated darkness" if you are interested please email me at or leave me a comment. I know what i want on the banner but I am definitly willing to compromise.

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Review #8, by anonymous Asteria

20th March 2008:
Well written story, you should continue with the storyline. The characters are rather intriguing, you have shown a more complexed side of Draco's character.

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Review #9, by HisLove Asteria

20th March 2008:
awww very cute LOVE IT!

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Review #10, by HungarianWitch Asteria

20th March 2008:
I usually don't read Draco romance fics, as they are almost always Draco/Mione, Draco/Ginny or even Draco/male pairings, but when I saw, that you wrote about Astoria (whose name you misspelled, I think! It's Astoria, but I could be wrong..) I thaught I'l give it a shot! And I'm happy I read it! It's a good post war fic!
You could continue this story line!

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Review #11, by Hufflepuff_Honey Asteria

19th March 2008:
lovely. you gave both characters an interesting personality and they suit each other really well. i hope theyre happy together. 10/10

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