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Review #1, by kitty The Morning After.

23rd June 2012:
this is really interesting and i'm super excited to see where it goes :)

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Review #2, by Estellaa The Morning After.

15th January 2009:
Love It :)
It's nice to hear about a different character!
Can't wait for next chapter

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Review #3, by meme The Morning After.

10th January 2009:
Oh my god, she is so ticked off. Of course who wouldn't be, you can practically feel her loneliness. The interaction between her and malfoy was great. I loved how she put him in his place.
I'm also very excited about the Sirius storyline, I'm glad he is coming back into the story. It's like their whole relationship is sitting on a knifes edge, and he has placed it there by being a stupid idiot. I mean, firstly he kept this big secret from her which everyone else knew, then after promising her that he would always be there if she was put into slytherin, he sends her that complete insult of a letter. Then he doesn't write to her when, clearly he wants to, and she wants him to. What's going on in the idiots head?! It's obvious that he loves her but everything he does just gives her the opposite impression.
So George then, I'm with Lia on the whole, want to snog and punch him equally. He is completely irresistable but still being a total prat at the same time. I hope that kiss sent him reeling back to his senses.
So yeah, another great chapter, I'm really happy you're back writing again and I've got all my finger and toes crossed in the hope you'll get another chapter up really really quickly.

P.S. Why do the owls not like Lia?

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Review #4, by samitaclover The Morning After.

9th January 2009:
great as always! glad u finally updated and i love the new banenr!

i luv how ophelia is sticking to her slytherin-ness. shows how loyal she is!


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Review #5, by Moony_Weasley_ Strawberry The Morning After.

9th January 2009:
theyre closer to being together, SO excited! great story, love it, and love George/OC!! hopefully you can update soon!!

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Review #6, by thebakerwhowouldntcook The Morning After.

9th January 2009:
upppdaaateee yesss.
Interesting chapter, can't wait for the next. Nice writing too, by the way.

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Review #7, by Une jonquille The Morning After.

9th January 2009:
Great chapter .
Update , hun !


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Review #8, by Une jonquille The three rules of Slytherin house

9th January 2009:
Great AU ! I really like the plot and Phee ...she 's great !
If this is your first attempt to a fic , then you muste be a genius ...because all this stuff is great !
One little tiny thing I've noticed : in the getting-drunk-at-the-leaky-cauldron-scene , when she looks in the mirror she says something about her brown eyes , and when she sees the photo with the old OotP she says she's got grey ones . I just thing you should clear that out .



Author's Response: Wow, thanks for the great feedback!
And oh my gosh, i didn't even notice that! Will fix it straight away :) Yeah, Ophelia has grey eyes, like sirius :)

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Review #9, by meme Ophelia, Black?

25th December 2008:
I really hope you haven't abandoned this story, it's one of the best on this site.
Please. please update soon and make my christmas.

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Review #10, by meme Ophelia, Black?

11th October 2008:
Totally loved it!
I am so happy she slapped him, just what he deserved.
The stupid git! Hope there will be more snogtastics in the upcoming chapters.
And Sirius, will they start making contact soon?
Can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon?

Author's Response: Snogtastics, that's a word I've never heard before! Maybe i should try and slip it in the next chapter.
Yeah, I expect Sirius to stop acting stupid soon, probably in the next two or three chapters!

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Review #11, by thebakerwhowouldntcook Ophelia, Black?

10th October 2008:
Eh, I know how it goes =]
The ending was perfect though! Awesome job!
I blame Snape for telling Draco what Lia's last name was. Even if it wasn't him, I'm still gunna blame him lol
Anyway, its awesome as always

Author's Response: haha, I agree, lets all blame Snape!
Thanks, glad you liked it!

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Review #12, by samitaclover Umbridge

5th October 2008:
great chapter! i am so glad u updated after such a long time!


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Review #13, by meme Umbridge

5th October 2008:
I can't get enough of this story, it's just great.

So what's going to happen between Lia and George? I still think she should punch him again for being such a prat! (Although possibly oblivate his mind afterwards, because nobody wants to be known as 'that girl.') The Weasleys are supposed to be an understanding bunch, can't he see that she has slytherin qualities because she has had to take care of herself for five years. Maybe you could make her date someone else just to stick it up him?? Or you know, something equally as conniving.
And what about Sirius? Will he write to her and give her some emotional support?

Can't wait until the next installment, please, please, please update soon.

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it!
George is being a bit of a prat at the moment, I agree. But he'll start to sort himself out soon!

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Review #14, by thebakerwhowouldntcook Umbridge

5th October 2008:
Eh, September are generally the suckiest of months next to March. They only good part is the food ;]

Awww denial. Only a few more stages until acceptance lol
George is a jerk right now is Sirius.

And hahaha I can not wait to read when Lia meets Luna!

Awesome chappie, glad your back =]

Author's Response: I know! I think the calender should just skip september, and go straight to october!

Glad you're enjoying the story :)

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Review #15, by Moony_Weasley_ Strawberry Slytherin?

3rd June 2008:
wow, i realy like your story!! I like Ophelia, shes tough, but that Weasley Twin charm is going to get to her, i can tell!! and i hope it does soon!! please update soon!!!

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Review #16, by Jack Attack Slytherin?

31st May 2008:
That was perfect. Especially the part with the Order picture and Boggart. Will Ophelia talk to Sirius about what could have been or about her mother? Update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks, I really enjoyed writing Ophelia's reaction to seeing her mother's picture!
And, I guess you'll have to read again and find out :)

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Review #17, by samitaclover Slytherin?

30th May 2008:
loved it!

i really like how ophelia is coming out of her shell, bit by bit



Author's Response: Thanks :)
I will update asap, but I have exams at the moment :(

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Review #18, by LooseFloorboards Opening up?

15th May 2008:
I like it. Especially the beginning of a romance at the end of that chapter. Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! More George/Lia arkwardness to come :)

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Review #19, by Jack Attack Opening up?

13th May 2008:
I love the story. Maybe something dramatic or dangerous happening to Ophelia would be cool. For example, she runs into a boggart while cleaning in an attic or something without her wand and Sirius has to help her. You are the author of course. Not me. Please update soon.

Author's Response: ha, you'll like the next chapter then!

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Review #20, by thebakerwhowouldntcook Opening up?

8th May 2008:
yay update! still lovin this 10/10

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Review #21, by samitaclover Opening up?

7th May 2008:
this is a great story. i like how ophelia is such a bad girl/punk/dont-care-about-the-world-attitude person!

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Review #22, by elle Runaway

19th April 2008:
it`s great,i really like it very much :)
i hope that you will post the next chaper soon,because i really die to now what it`s happening next :)

Author's Response: ha, thanks! It's awaiting validation as I type :)

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Review #23, by Emma Potter Runaway

15th April 2008:
I really like this story, and the idea.

Update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks, next chapter is waiting for validation!

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Review #24, by karelabersmi Runaway

12th April 2008:
Well you've certainly grasped my attention with this! I really like Ophelia. You've created a very interesting character in her. The story is very well-written, and I certainly intend to continue reading it as you post more chapters! Keep up the good work!- Karela

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #25, by CardboardBoxesTakeUs Outburst

28th March 2008:
This is a really good story! I like her opinion about Harry in the first chapter, as well as how she reacts with people in the second. It seems its purely her instinct to take care of herself in that way, and it makes an interesting character. Great job, cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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