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Reading Reviews for One Man Drinking Games
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Review #1, by harrypotterfan7171 Made of Codes

2nd December 2010:
This is one of my favorite fan fictions I have ever read. I love the love triangle and everything else. Are you going to continue this story, because you haven't added a chapter in a really long time. I would hate to see this story stop midway through.

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Review #2, by kevin The Last Something That Meant Anything

20th March 2010:
Look I love this story! Seriously I do, but every time you 'update' and there's no new chapter - I get really frustrated. Please update.

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Review #3, by punk poet The Last Something That Meant Anything

9th March 2010:
hey great story i like the lily chracter but i think u should resolve her's and harry's differences soon and explain about the fire. i like the draco angle as well. hope u update soon

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Review #4, by Aurorofthelight The Last Something That Meant Anything

9th February 2010:
Interesting concept, but I think you are wasting too much time with the Harry/Lily thing when you should be focusing on getting Harry and Ginny back together. Might want to rethink that.

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Review #5, by mumfred The Last Something That Meant Anything

30th October 2009:
I don't agree or disagree with the discovery of Draco's love for Lily, It was slightly predicted but, surely the origin is more important than the fact he's not able to share it with her.Real story, real meaning, real talent. Absolutely ACE stuff! Sensational! I could spew euphamisms 'till the cows come home...ok, one more BLOODY BRILLIANT!

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Review #6, by mumfred To Feel the Heat

30th October 2009:
this is actuslly awsome i love the plot aswell as everything now and this comines everything,, =D

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Review #7, by maydayparade The Last Something That Meant Anything

29th October 2009:
oh i love it! the drama of it all!
i was surprised by how hermione went from hating lily to going with her then agreeing with harry and ron so quickly after hating them but oh well. that's probably the only area you need to work on :)

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Review #8, by Barkwood To Feel the Heat

15th October 2009:
Oh my god! Ahaha i cant believe she fell out of the window!
Overall your story is quite good compared to others i must say, the only problems are just a couple of punctual things but other than that you're pretty golden.
Continue on with the good work!

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Review #9, by Nate Evans I Forgive You...

29th September 2009:
This is an awesome story mate.

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Review #10, by alexandramarie Apparition

1st August 2009:
wow this is a really good story. i love how you describe everything and it's really well written. I'm curious as to where it's going. :]

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Review #11, by the_everglow I Forgive You...

24th June 2009:
wow, very good.. this is gonna be pretty rockin, i can tell :)

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Review #12, by RegulusSiriusGirl I Forgive You...

1st June 2009:
WOw I love it
Especially the way you write, and describe everything I try to do it and fail misreably,
and im glad yoou let the Dursleys say goodbye to Harry unlike J.K
Keep up the good work ! :)

Author's Response: oh! thankyou so much for the awesome review!

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Review #13, by the_devils_snare Sense of Curiosity

27th April 2009:
love you and your stories hun :)

Author's Response: ewww leah, get out of my review list! ahaha, thanks love.

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Review #14, by thefeedingzone Sense of Curiosity

27th April 2009:
Favourite Part: the ending, it showed more insight into Lilys obviously tortured soul and Harry's busy life. The fact that she thinks he ignored her when she was letting her guard down is a blow to harry and also for Lily. She's probably going to get out the barbed wire and keep him out now, wonderful story so far' i look forward to reading the rest.

Author's Response: thankyou so much for all your magnificent reviews thefeedingzone, they have helped me alot in areas that may need editing :)

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Review #15, by thefeedingzone Revelations

27th April 2009:
Favorite Part: Harry's 'taunting' of Lily in the carriage--Brilliantly hilarious even though it was meant to be serious. the fact he's using his sexuality to confuse her is priceless. with a good excuse/justification on Harry's part allowing you not to have our hero in hot water. Very nice.

Author's Response: ahahahaha thankyou so much!

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Review #16, by thefeedingzone Of Flashbacks, Fears and Three Feathered Friends

27th April 2009:
Favorite Part: harry's reaction during his time of confusion in the weasley kitchen--Such things proving this angel is going to be something that affects his greatly in the story; also Hermione and Ron's flashback to dumbledore's funeral was a sweet inside into what their relationship is like in this fiction.

Author's Response: true true :)

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Review #17, by thefeedingzone The Hero

27th April 2009:
This was not your best chapter, but saying that it couldn't possibly be bad in any way. i think it's just my opinion, i didn't really like the moving of the dark mark to draco's hipbone instead of his left forearm. you could have had an illusionment charm put there or something. i highly doubt voldemort would change the positioning of his symbol for something as trivial as school or for someone who is yet to prove themselves worthy.

Author's Response: mm, if you go and read back i've changed it back to his forearm, i started to think that it was a bit silly to put it there so now i've got a good way of hiding it :)

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Review #18, by thefeedingzone Cruciating Coffee

27th April 2009:
Oh how sweet and lovely. ron was just great, stepping up to help hermione. I do believe things will be a lot smoother for our favorite couple. This story flows nicely and and is very canon. Good Job

Author's Response: hahaha thankyou so much for the review!

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Review #19, by thefeedingzone Eternity

27th April 2009:
This was a great chapter in that it showed the pain that Lily was dealing with caused by Harry. I don't know if I would have stayed as long as she did in the restaurant. I would have left at the point where he said knowing a death eater made her dead too.

Author's Response: mmm, but Lily's a fighter! thankyou so much for the review!

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Review #20, by thefeedingzone Apparition

27th April 2009:
Favorite Part: Arthur's demeanor--It was in keeping with his mild-mannered temperament and it added a needed bit of reassurance to the chapter.

Author's Response: arthur is amazing, 'nough said.

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Review #21, by thefeedingzone I Forgive You...

27th April 2009:
This was a great chapter. You really brought out the pain and compassion that Harry was feeling. I tried to compare it with the first chapter of my story but you did a much better job in showing Harry's anguish then I did. Well done.

Author's Response: wow thankyou so much for the review!

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Review #22, by mamco Sense of Curiosity

26th April 2009:
great chapter. cant wait to read your description of her story

Author's Response: thankyou so much for the review!

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Review #23, by Orisinal Sense of Curiosity

26th April 2009:

really really really good chapter! I'm so sorry about lily's past, i don't even know it yet but still... T_T she doesn't deserve what happens to her, from gettin it out with malfoy and harry and well. her past just sounds like it's very traumatizing, methinks it also leads back to after draco left her in diagon alley and she went to that house which you have STILL not explained yet.O.o i almost hate you right now. Almost, but not quite.
Now i'm depressed. :'( Take me out of my misey - UPDATE soon!!

Author's Response: ahaha oh Orisinal i love your reviews, they always make me smile :) yes i am still yet to explain where she went to in chapter 3, but the explaination is on it's way! cheer up kiddo, the next chapter's nearly here ;)

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Review #24, by maydayparade Sense of Curiosity

26th April 2009:
Oh poor harry! You've got to feel for the bloke.

I think this chapter was really well written, especially writing harry and Lily's little scene together and then making him completly forget about her
I dont know if that makes sense, i hope it does.

Great as usual anyway =]


Author's Response: yeah you do. he's just got so much on his plate right now. and now lily just thinks he's ignoring/forgetting about her.

have to wait and read what happens next!

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Review #25, by ultraviolet Sense of Curiosity

26th April 2009:
LILY! Oh my god harry is like her master. not in a bad way though. in the way he makes her stay up so late then breaks her heart... god now i have to wait to read next! i'm really hoping you won't go away for ten zquillion years again though
*crosses fingers*

Author's Response: ahaha i promise i won't!!! and good analogy of their relationship :) thankyou so much for the review!

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