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Reading Reviews for Most definately, interesting.
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Review #1, by daisy ;;Oh, the shaving cream.;;

19th April 2012:
i love the fact that this isnt all lovey dovey from the start
makes the plot so much interestin to see the two fight at first...makes the love more real

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Review #2, by foreverphoenix ;;Oh, the shaving cream.;;

21st March 2009:
Haha this is great! I can't wait to read more! Please update soon:)

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Review #3, by R.M.V.P. .:Conditioning Shampoo:.

23rd December 2008:
Interesting. Yes I am vague.

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Review #4, by adds .:Conditioning Shampoo:.

24th May 2008:

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Review #5, by jacks_angel2007 .:Conditioning Shampoo:.

15th May 2008:
This is really good!! You have totally got to update soon!! Awesome though!

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Review #6, by seeker4u .:Conditioning Shampoo:.

10th March 2008:
interseting very interesting a tad rushed and a bit confusing but good all the same!

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Review #7, by lily16 .:Conditioning Shampoo:.

6th March 2008:
I love it! that was a really good start, Ron and Hermione's reactions to the letter were very believable. the only thing was that it was kind of short.

the banner is really good by the way. Rose looks just like i imagined.

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Review #8, by phantom phreak .:Conditioning Shampoo:.

6th March 2008:
ok. i haven't reviewed a story in a while, but i came across this one and really enjoyed your opener. your writing is excellent, minus a few spelling/grammatical mistakes, but i'm not a teacher, so no worries. interesting take on scorpius and rose. i can't even begin to describe how much i dislike rose/scorpius fics that have them falling in love at 11 years old. i can definately live with a 7th year romance. please keep up the good work. cheers.

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Review #9, by Rosie .:Conditioning Shampoo:.

5th March 2008:
Very promising start! Excellent writing.
I look forward to the next chapter!

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