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Review #1, by Pretense Of Perfection Bellatrix.

21st May 2014:
Excellent addition to the story! I think you captured the madness that Bella carries within her very well, what with the scattered thoughts and the confusion. Her becoming so upset over a small burn on her robes is just so Bella like.

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Review #2, by Pretense Of Perfection Andromeda.

21st May 2014:
I love a good Black sisters fic. This one is no different. The bonds of sisterhood are so complex and dimensional, it's sometimes hard to portray them truly, but I think you did an excellent job.

Some of the grammar could be brushed up on, but it's nothing that detracts from the story. Wonderful job overall.

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Review #3, by hogwartschick22 Andromeda.

2nd February 2010:
i just love your writing style, i don't think that i have read anything this good in a long time. You would do amazingly if you had a writing career I only wish that i had your talent.

Author's Response: I'm absolutely honoured to hear your compliments. It's so wonderful to hear that your writing is appreciated. And now you're making me blush :P. If only I could have a career in writing!

Thank you SO much for reading and reviewing ^_^

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Review #4, by J_O_I_Rowling Bellatrix.

28th January 2010:
i think i hurt most for bellatrix. the last bits were the most touching, about how she cried and didn't know how to cope with the tears, and how the sisters dealt with eachother. i've always held bellatrix differently from the other black sisters. i feel sorry for her. i wonder how it is she became so enamored with the dark lord, when he is so cold.

no, you didn't ruin the story, you made it better. you completed it, but left the readers with something to think about, a lingering feel of a story, so we remember it, and we can think of endings and conclusions for ourselves. good for you! you're a great author, keep writing! and the story banner was great!

Author's Response: I wouldn't say that I have a soft spot for Bellatrix, but she's an interesting character and there's definitely a lot to her. It was so interesting to try and project her onto paper, but quite a challenge all the same. I know, it really makes you think...

I'm so glad that you felt like this was an appropriate ending and your comments are just so amazing. And I LOVE this banner so much. I think it truly captures the three sisters perfectly! Thank you so much for such lovely, insightful reviews ^_^.

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Review #5, by ashley411 Andromeda.

24th October 2009:
i really like it its interesting. cant wait for more

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately, this story is finished, but if you'd like to read more about the characters I've started a story called If I Fall which also features them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #6, by VampireKisses Bellatrix.

14th August 2009:
Hello! I'm VampireKisses from the forums :). But you can call me Kristen - it's way easier. How are you tonight?

I have like five stories I still have to review (I know! Bad! But life gets in the way sometimes) but I just HAD to stop by and review this. I love this story so much!

The title in itself is just so powerful, and it sticks in your mind for a while. In fact, that's how I found your story - not by your banner (which is quite lovely by the way) but by the title of this piece. It was just like BAM! You could tell it was going to be awesome stuff just by looking at it. How did you come up with it?

Your sense of voice for each girl was also brilliant. I think your sentence structure factored into it alot because there was just something about the way you strung your words together that made me think "woah. Powerful stuff." I think my favorite voice has to be Bellatrix because she was so different than Cissa and Dromeda. Who was your favorite to write? Did you have fun with writing Bella?

In a way I thought you incorporated symbolism in a great way. I'm sorry if I am confusing you here, I just mean that like for instance, you have the sane Andromeda and Narcissa speak in the first person. Then there's Bellatrix. The way you tackled her was amazing, I loved how you had her written in the third present tense. It may just be the English nerd in me jumping for joy but I thought the style in which Bella was written was to present like an "out of mind" sort of technique, like she no longer has her sense of self (I) or reason (all the crazy bits :P.) I loved how the blood also kept coming up throughout the story. It seemed to suggest that Bella and Lucius and whomever the blood came in contact with dirtied their souls and like blood is their form of bondage in family duty. Were those the things that what you had in mind writing this? Or do you think I'm just crazy? xD

Your sense of canon was wonderful! I LOVED how you tied in everything so that it helped create a deeper meaning of the Black sisters. Narcissa being friends with Regulus was very original. The way you've had their relationships with people was simply spellbinding! I really liked how you dug into the dynamics of Rodolphus and Bellatrix. Their relationship is severely depreciated in canon and I'm glad you filled them out. Furthermore, one thing that stood out to me was when reading Andromeda's chapter, she talks about her relationships with her sisters, and she says how Bellatrix feels too much, and that that would be her biggest downfall. In a way it is an open fact, but I don't think many HP readers realize that about Bellatrix. Lord know, I didn't. That part right there opened my eyes to her all the more.

Let's see, concrit? There were a few itsy bitsy things I'd like to address:

In the first chapter Andromeda claims that Bella and Cissa are her younger sisters. In actuality, Bella's the oldest I think - she was born in 1951 and Narcissa in 1955. Andromeda's birthdate is blotted out :).

And also...I DID NOT WANT THIS TO END! I was so shocked to see this was completed months ago. If you wanted to, you could turn this into a novel.

I told you they were itsy bitsy bits :P.

Keep up the fantastic work! This story deserves all the Dobby nominations.



P.S I voted this as Best Canon. Congratulations!!
P.P.S I'm sorry if this was a really confusing review, and if I rambled and didn't give you alot to go off of, but this was just made of awesome.

Good luck!

Author's Response: No fear, I recognise you! Lol, Kristen will be easier, and I would just like to start this response with the biggest thank you you could possibly imagine. I just got back from holiday, so I was unable to respond earlier, but this review was as unexpected as it was welcome and I can't thank you enough for taking the time to leave it. I hope I manage to leave a response that gives you all the information you want to know ^_^. Also, just so you know, you're making me blush profusely XD.

I adore the banner. It was my first experience with the magical land of UFG at tda and I fell in love with it instantly. As for the name, it was the first thing that came to me. When I joined HPFF it was never with the intention of writing anything other than the occasional review that I wanted to keep track of, but soon I felt that I didn't want to be just another empty author page, so I became more open to the idea of writing fan fic. After that it gradually swam into place, first the name, closely followed by a vague idea for a one-shot and then, very gradually, the short story that is there today. I think the power that the title holds was partially what inspired me to go on; I suppose I have it to thank for the fan fics I have today!

Again, thank you very much, your compliments are extremely flattering. I enjoyed writing each sister in their own right and I really loved trying to pad them out a bit and make them more three dimensional. Originally this was destined to be a one-shot about Andromeda because we know so little about her, and I adored the free reign I had with her. I also enjoyed writing Narcissa because it gave me the opportunity to challenge her 'evil' nature and to project the idea that things aren't always as they seem. Finally, I couldn't not enjoy writing about Bellatrix. Her chapter took an extremely long time to come because I spent so long trying to write her in first person and found it impossible. When I wrote it like that I either had to sacrifice some of her insanity, the essence of Bellatrix, or have it literally going in circles and not being of much interest to read, that's when I decided that writing in a different style wasn't necessarily a bad thing for Bella. She was SO much fun to write and I loved trying to recreate her unstable nature on the page.

Do you know you may just be the first person to hit the nail on the head and discover what I was really trying to convey with Bellatrix's chapter. Chapter three can be looked at in two ways (in my opinion) as an impartial third person, or as Bellatrix sort of narrating the tale herself, but not truly seeing it as her or the person she has become. I considered it to be the latter, even if I know I didn't explain it very well there XD.

Most of the response was cut off, so I'll PM the rest over XD

Jane xx

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Review #7, by Lady Malfoy of Gisbourne Bellatrix.

1st August 2009:
Again wow! I still love it! Bella is mad! Lol, I certainly dont think you ruined it! Are you going to write anymore? You really should, I love your writing!

Luv Lady Malfoy of Gisbourne

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story, and I'm even more thrilled that you felt that this chapter fit in well. I'm not going to be writing any more of this particular fic, but I have a few other stories on my author page which you may like. I recently started a fic focusing on Narcissa, which is destined to be a novella. Hopefully it matches your taste ^_^.
Thank you very much for reading, reviewing and generally supporting the story!

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Review #8, by Ginnys_x _heart Andromeda.

21st July 2009:
I started reading this as it was referred to in another stories review, the author of the story reponded by saying it was good and it defineately is! this is really good for a first ff!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review this! I would also love to know who it was that referred to it, so that I can thank them ^_^. If you're on the forums could you maybe send me a PM or maybe just pass along my thanks? Again, I'm so happy that you liked it.

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Review #9, by stranger_than_fiction Bellatrix.

22nd June 2009:
All in all, a masterful story! I don't think the last chapter ruined the entire story at all, though I believe you could explore Bellatrix in a first-person manner like you did with Andromeda and Narcissa, I always found Bellatrix to be a fascinating, twisted character. However, I did find the last chapter a bit disjointed--I believe that was the effect you were going for--but perhaps sometime you could include some of those moments "when she doesnít recognise herself", because that is what interests me the most--does she see herself as a monster? Who was she before? What drove her to become this mad fighter--simply her parent's words, or something more? Nevertheless, this chapter was extremely well-written, I really loved reading it!

Anyways, I adored reading the entire story, and I think it gives an accurate impression of who exactly the Black sisters are (were? since Bellatrix died in DH) and how they felt towards each other. A very satisfying read, and I can't wait to see more from you!

Author's Response: You're making me blush... I think it would have been possible, but I wasn't getting quite the same effect aas the other two. It was really just a lot of unlinked, rambling sentence, but that probably stemmed from my personal view of Bellatrix. To me, she really is certifiably insane and most of her thoughts would lack reason or logic. I can imagine her just flipping about in her mind and in the end I felt that this was the best way that I could portray that. I also justified the change of style because Bella is so entirely different, Lol.

I definitely understand and greatly appreciate your CC. Sometimes I feel that because this story has quite a few positive reviews people are almost... scared to criticise it, which although lovely, isn't really going to help me develop the fic or my writing. I'll definitely take this into account, because I see myself how short this chapter seems in comparison to the others, despite the fact that it's practically the same length. Thank you for your help!

Also, to address your questions a little bit, obviously Bella's behaviour would be down to a combination of things, but I feel that it's really driven by the insanity that has always been with her.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely, constructive reviews. I'm glad that you enjoyed the story so much and I'm pleased that you liked my characerisation too ^_^.

Writing-wise I have been sort of experimenting this past year and so you probably won't find anything like this, but I've got a new one-shot in the works that I hope you'll enjoy when it's been polished and validated and such! Thank you so much for your reviews; they were really lovely to read.

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Review #10, by stranger_than_fiction Andromeda.

22nd June 2009:
This is your first fanfiction? It's lovely! I really enjoyed hearing Andromeda's perspective--it's quite like what I imagined her viewpoint would be, I think the characterization is spot on. In fact, your characterization of all the Black sisters seems quite accurate, as is her little tidbit about Regulus. I think some of my favorite characters in the HP world actually come from the House of Black xD

"They say thereís a fine line between love and hate. Resentment, on the other hand, isnít easily forgotten." That's an amazing line and a good representation of the entire story, lyrical and with straightforward language which describes Andromeda's thoughts perfectly. Wonderful job, and I can't wait to finish the rest of the story! (:

Author's Response: Yes, it was my very first, but I did put a lot of consideration into it. I thought about it a lot before I actually got round to putting pen to paper. Thank you very much, I wanted to give a bit of insight into her life, because we know next to nothing about her. She's sort of infamous and even in her meeting with Harry she doesn't seem the most sociable. I agree with you wholeheartedly there! The House of Black is home to such a fascinating range of characters.

Oh gosh, thank you! It's so lovely when people quote their favourite lines, but most of the time I can barely remember writing them, Lol. I'm so happy that you're enjoying the story, your comments are so wonderfully flattering and I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to read and review ^_^.

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Review #11, by californialove Narcissa.

11th June 2009:
This is an amazing story. Like, I'm not down with the Pure Bloods, (I'm like a pro-Gryffindor, anti-Deather Eater person) but I like this story. You did an amazing job showing the other side of Narcissa that she just doesn't show to everyone.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm not a fan of what they stand for either, but I find them absolutely fascinating to write about. It means a lot that despite the fact you don't normally like these characters you enjoyed this story ^_^. Thank you very much for reading and reviewing, I appreciate it so much!

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Review #12, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Bellatrix.

17th May 2009:
You definitely didn't ruin it. I think 3rd person was a good way to go, although it would be interesting to see it from Bella's POV, it might be a little crazy without much to say. It was a refreshing change. It was interesting to read it in the present tense as well.

I liked the last line. It really emphasises Bella's obsession with another world that took priority over her family. I think it was maybe the best line of the chapter, and that's saying something. The command that you have over language improved with each chapter: sparse with Andromeda, better with Narcissa and the start of this chapter was just amazing.

Your take on Bella was just fascinating. I can't think of anything that stuck out like a sore thumb that didn't match who we know her to be. She was wonderfully written.

This chapter seemed a lot shorter, even though it isn't. I think it's probably because there's actually dialogue - a nice touch, since it's been quite heavy on the description up until now.

I didn't really understand the scene with the singe in her robes at first, but then I re-read it and I think that was the best part of the chapter. Her shame, her fury, you brought it across really well.

So, I've enjoyed reading this so much. I'm very glad that you asked me to review :D The story was brilliant, Jane, and I'm sorry there isn't that much CC to give :(


Author's Response: -Grins- After seeing these reviews my ego needs to be deflated a great deal. I tried to write it from Bella's POV, but it just wasn't working. I ended up with a lot of very short, disjointed, unlinking sentences. The change of style is what me nervous about this chapter, but it was the only way I could get it working. I'm really glad that you liked the change.

I really like the fact that I can see my writing develop throughout this story. It was my first attempt at fanfic and it really helped me to get into the swing of things. At the time it really frustrated me that my chapter updates were taking so long, but in retrospect I think that it really was a benefit. Although, to tell the truth, you flatter me waaay too much!

I really wanted to make the people who read this think more about the characters and really consider them not just go 'Ugh, they're evil', or some other variation.

I noticed that too! Because it's in four little bits it seems a good deal shorter than the other two, it's quite weird since they're all basically the same. The dialogue seemed the right thing to do with the change of style ^_^.

I'm so glad that I asked you to review too and that you enjoyed it! I loved writing this fic and even though this didn't contain much CC, it also feels great to know that not a lot is needed. I found it extremely helpful even with you picking out the bits that you especially liked, because it means that I know what to strive for! On another note thank you millions and billions for the lovely reviews ^_^ They were wonderful to read, but now I've got to go and deflate my big head =P
Jane xx

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Review #13, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Narcissa.

17th May 2009:
Possibly a better chapter than the previous.

I'll start with my criticism of the chapter, which is the capitalisation of 'He'. I know what you're trying to get across but I think that's too much like Narcissa worships him as well, when she clearly doesn't. Perhaps you could try lower case but in italics? It would give the same effect but less 'god-like'.

Criticism over. There was one error that I saw 'making fugitives out of Draco and Severus' - I assume that was supposed to be Lucius?

I think one of my favourite lines was 'using the Daily Prophet as a window to her former life.' It's such a brilliant line. Your use of language was much better in this one: more great metaphors and other devices.

I really like the relationship you've built between Regulus and Narcissa - again, it's not an angle I would ever have thought to take but you wrote it beautifully. The way she stumbles on 'death' and how he's always in her mind, it just topped it off excellently.

Narcissa's attitude to Bellatrix is another brilliant take on it. I had a great line that I liked but I can't find it now. Anyway, I think the fact that Regulus' death and Andromeda's departure brought them together was an interesting approach as well. I can certainly see it happening - Bella determined not to let her other sister go the same way.

Lastly, Lucius: I take back the comment I made on the last review. You portray the affection between him and Narcissa really well, even if it is only a couple of lines in this chapter. I think I'm now going to go and have to read a Lucius/Narcissa story...

I would have quite liked to have seen her lying to Voldemort about Harry being dead in this chapter, but I can see how it doesn't quite fit in.

Wonderful =]

Author's Response: I'm finally here with your last reply, Rachelle! You're probably wondering what took me so long, but I had already responded, but forgot to submit it and got a bit frustrated, Lol.

I definitely understand your meaning about putting 'He' in capital letters and you make a great point. I suppose that the original thinking behind it was that it would be less confusing because the 'He' referring to Voldemort would normally be capitalised, but as you pointed out it doesn't really show Narcissa's true feelings. It's definitely something I'll consider when I have this beta'd.

No actually, that little bit was referring to Draco and Snape's flight from Hogwarts at the end of HBP, but I'll definitely make sure that I make that clearer in the future. I'm really glad that you pointed it out.

Thank you so much -blushes-, this piece really did bring out my descriptive side and I can see myself improving separately with both dialogue and description, but now I just need to find a way to write them well at the same time =P.

I love the Black family and although I used to adore Sirius, fan fiction ruined him a little for me and so Regulus became my favourite brother. I really wanted to include him in this story and this seemed like a likely possibility. I've actually written a short one-shot about him in this sort of style, but it isn't published yet ^_^.

Bella isn't one to take things lightly (in my opinion) and for me this just seemed like the way she would react. Narcissa, however is really quite complex.

Hahahaha, the other week I was hit with this insane need to go and read a Hermione/Krum fic and I absolutely adored it! I hope you managed to satisfy your insane craving. I have to admit that I'm such a Narcissa/Lucius shipper it was one of the first pairings that I read.

That would have added another great part to the story, but unfortunately that hasn't taken place yet. This is roughly meant to take place near the start of DH, but I have considered writing another one of these based after the war to show what I think they would have felt like then.

Again, Rachelle, I can't thank you enough for your fantastic reviews and I would just like to say that they really made my week!
Jane xx

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Review #14, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme Andromeda.

17th May 2009:
First off - Black sisters: YAY! I don't read enough about them, I really don't.

Onto the story. On the technical side of things (grammar and spelling) there were no issues. Credit to you and your beta :] Some of the language you've used is great as well: vocabulary choice, the repetition of 'it was my fault' and the chess set metaphor.

Andromeda is a character that we don't see a great deal of. I think you've really brought her across well on paper/screen. I liked the regret that she has hanging over her head, but that she wouldn't change anything. It's perfect.

I did feel like the 'I love Ted and Dora' line needed a 'but' after it. I know we sort of got one, but that word is often so short and sharp that it makes it a little more emphatic and enforces that they aren't the only people she loves/has loved.

I think your characterisation of Bellatrix is fabulous. I think taking a 'she feels too much' approach is so perfect for her. I would never have really thought of that before (and I am a big Bella fan), and looking at it, it is such a fitting way to describe her. I can almost feel the amount of emotion she would put behind a Cruciatus curse from the way you've written her.

Narcissa, too, is well characterised. I'm not wholly sure about the arranged marriage thing. It's an attitude I don't like to take, but I think you've pulled it off well in showing that Lucius does care for Narcissa even if they were forced together. You brought the subject of Draco in well too.

The concept of Bellatrix and Andromeda putting themselves first is also very true. I think you brought out the Slytherin in Andromeda really strongly here, whilst still showing that she can be compassionate.

I liked the alternating paragraphs between each sister, and her hopes for them at the end were wonderful.

I wish I could offer you a little more CC on this, but I'd really be nitpicking if I did that.

Fantastic first chapter, Jane :D


Author's Response: You probably don't read enough of them because not enough people write them! I adore their characters so much more than I can say, they're just so wonderfully complex.

Thanks so much! I just wish that I was a TA, so that I could get the rest of it beta'd. I'm working on so much other stuff at the minute that it's hard and I really want it to be as good as it can be.

Andromeda is definitely left out on the cold in ff, she's someone I wanted to know more about and so, I took it upon myself to try and give her a bit more of a backstory. Ah! Your use of the word 'perfect' made me squee, it's such a compliment that any aspect of my fic could be thought of that way.

I definitely get your point about the 'but', if I've ever got some free queue time, I'll have a bit of a play around with that sentence.

Thanks you ^_^. In my opinion Bellatrix has always been anything but numb or unfeeling, and yet, she gets portrayed like that quite often. I think it's all of the emotion she has that makes her so dangerous and fascinating.

Rachelle, I shall be honest with you, I absolutely DETEST Lucius/Narcissa arranged marriages and I'm such a Lucius/Narcissa shipper. In fact, I never even meant for it to seem like an arranged marriage in this, just something that Narcissa did out of some misplaced sense of duty, however it seems to have come across as an arrange marriage to quite a few people, but it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Thanks so much again! Even though Andromeda is only ever considered a little bit, when she is she's thought of as quite saintly, but despite her love for Ted she's got to have some Black family traits in her.

Don't worry about the CC, lol, your review was absolutely lovely and it also helps knowing what I did right for future reference, as much as knowing what I did wrong helps.
All I can say is thank you, Rachelle!
Jane xx

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Review #15, by granpa harry Bellatrix.

8th April 2009:
No, you didn't ruin anything

I thought of adding a bit of background on Narcissa in my fanfic, but could have never come up with what you have.

the explanation of who she is and why, I would say is perfect.


Author's Response: I'm very glad that you think that!
All three sisters are very interesting characters and I really loved dealing with them, and trying to work them out in this fic.
Your reviews have literally left me smiling manically Lol, I'm so much more than thrilled that you think I've written Narcissa perfectly. Thank you so much for taking the time to review, it means a lot ^_^.

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Review #16, by granpa harry Andromeda.

8th April 2009:

Deep would only begin to describe the emotions that your writing brought on for me.

Let me finish and I will review again.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, this review was very unexpected since the number of just passing by reviews have gone down drastically recently. I was so happy to see it and it made me very proud, actually ^_^.

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Review #17, by lunalovegood2009 Bellatrix.

20th February 2009:
I think the chapter fits in perfectly with the rest of the story! This is another story I will be adding to my favorites! =)


Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm glad you think so. There was a big gap between the chapters and it just seemed to take on a mind of its own. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you've taken the time to review as well as add it to your favourites =]

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Review #18, by x Bellatrix.

19th February 2009:
GREAT story ! really. very good.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm really glad you liked it. =]

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Review #19, by PrivetDrive Bellatrix.

6th February 2009:
That was so good, I like how you did all three sisters.. and the name its self was what got me interested. I'm looking forward to more from you.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, the name was the first thing that came to me actually; the characters came later. I'm really glad that you enjoyed it enough to want to read more!

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Review #20, by EnchantedQuill Bellatrix.

2nd February 2009:
Bellatrix is the most complex of all three sisters and you did an incredible job writing her. It was perfect, the way she felt about her husband, Voldemort and Narcissa, everything.

The ending in particular made me feel a sort of sympathy for her, which I never have before. You did a really good job of showing that even she has vulnerabilities. Not only that but her insanity was described very well.

I really, really enjoyed the story. It's very unique and insightful. Beautifully done.

Author's Response: This chapter didn't take me long to write, but it took me ages to try and create a concept for. I was so apprehensive about wrecking it and I tried it a couple of different ways, but in the end this style worked out best. Your comments here have literally got me squeeing!
Thank you! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it so much and think that I got it right.

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Review #21, by EnchantedQuill Narcissa.

2nd February 2009:
This is a really good portrayal of Narcissa, especially as it seems very clear in the books that she does feel this way, particularly where Draco is concerned. I imagine that she was secretly hoping for Voldemort to be defeated by Harry and you wrote that extremely well.

I also really liked how you described her as being very close to Regulus, and the fact that her marriage to Lucius was arranged.

What makes this story so moving is that the emotions that each of them feel are just what I believe they would experience, so instead of changing their characters to suit the story, you've added something to them.

Author's Response: Draco's just her little baby, isn't he? Well, she was so willing to cover for Harry in Deathly Hallows and I felt that it could really be a good point for me to include; If she cares for Draco so much she couldn't truly love Voldemort.
I wanted to get Regulus in there somewhere and there are a lot of parallels you can draw between his situation and Draco's, it was ideal really. The Black family really fascinate me, they're an amazing bunch of characters.
I'm so pleased that you said that, it's such a compliment. I really didn't want them to be OOC because events wise I was trying to stick to canon. Thank you soo much for reviewing again.

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Review #22, by EnchantedQuill Andromeda.

2nd February 2009:
This was really good, I've always found Andromeda interesting because we don't know as much about her as the other two but I've always thought of her as a very strong woman. For her to go against her entire family, even if it was for the right reasons, must have been really difficult and that came across well in the story.

The way she remembers her two sisters is very sad, but you added something to her character that I've never considered before, by giving her those regrets. I found it was especially poignant the way she thought of Bella. I'd be interested to know what she felt for her after her death, knowing that she had also murdered her daughter.

I enjoyed this chapter, very well written and interesting.

Author's Response: Funnily enough, I probably found Andromeda the easiest to write because I wasn't really restricted by canon. There's no doubt that she's strong, but I couldn't believe anyone could leave behind the family they had known their whole life without some kind of regrets, even if it was for somebody they loved or something they believed in. I'm really glad that you think I achieved what I was trying to portray, it's a little bit of a tearjerker.

A few people have commented on that and I've been debating with myself over doing a one-shot about their views after the war, but I'll be sure to let you know if I do. Thanks so much for reviewing, I really appreciate it and it left me smiling ^_^

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Review #23, by emwilsam Bellatrix.

1st February 2009:
Fits well. You can see the sisters different personalities. Bellatrix is definatley unstable,this chapter showed this. It's good to see life from their point of view.

Enjoying it so far, look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I really wanted to show the differences between them, but also little similarities. I'm really glad that you enjoyed my idea because I wanted to do something a little bit original. Although, that was the last chapter so there won't be any more in this story. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #24, by HotShot9913 Bellatrix.

25th January 2009:
Not ruined at all my dear. Absolutely stunning in its own twisted way, I think I actually felt pity and Compassion for Bellatrix in your story. It was like looking at the other side of the madness, I can honestly say you've given me a new perspective on poor Bella, and I greatly appreciate it. This story was written so beautifully, you really did a fantastic job, you should be very proud of yourself. This is an absolutely marvelous story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! When you write you kid yourself into acknowledging it as canon, but my Bella is a bit different from J.K's. Although, who knows if she's this way or not, we get a very one-sided view of her-that's why I love ff. There's always more to characters than we consider (definitely myself included) and I love that I've introduced you to a different way of thinking about these particular characters. I can't possibly attempt to write how thrilled all of your praise is making me feel right now, but trust me I am proud and I really appreciate your review. ^_^

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Review #25, by Ellaoptimistic Bellatrix.

25th January 2009:
I loved it, it explains them so well! Excellent job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such a lovely review!

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