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Review #1, by RupertsPheonix Obligations

11th July 2010:
Another good chapter! :) I like that Ron wants to be there for her, very sweet of him.

Waiting for chapter 3 now!


Author's Response: Oh gosh, Ch 3 has been on hiatus for a while now. Perhaps someday when I get some time again I'll revisit this story. It was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but I had an idea for taking it further, but that darn life thing keeps getting in the way. Thanks so much for reading though. Knowing that people might be waiting for me to finish it, may just be what I need to get it going again.

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Review #2, by RupertsPheonix Obligated

11th July 2010:
I love how playful they are after their tension--gives them a bit of realism. :) Great first chapter!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! :0)

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Review #3, by andharrywokeup Obligated

25th July 2009:
Taryn, I hope you understand the import of these words, but from me I think they are a big deal. I don’t even want to think about how late this review is, but the one thing that hasn’t changed since I first read this beauty is the fact that it remains, and probably will remain my favourite Ronmione fic ever. This has everything: endearing characterisation, realistic plot and, like you said, a good bit of arguing. Seriously fantastic and I hope that any of the other *squee-ing* I come to in a moment doesn’t take away from your understanding of how much this fic means to me on a serious, as well as fan-girl and ‘obligatory’ (ha), level.

What I love the most about this story is the way you have characterised Ron and Hermione. Normally in a story I tend to fall for one character more so than the others, but both of them are just lovely and so realistic in this. Shall we start with Hermione? Well I think I’ve as much as said I adored her. The thing is, though, is that you didn’t refer to many of her defining traits and instead delved into the person beneath that. That was what made her perfect for me. Hermione in her ‘Muggle’ mindset – I find that so refreshing. It was the little things that completed this like her reference to the basket of food as ‘so Mrs Weasley’, kinda making it clear that she’s looking into this world as much as she’s a part of it. Really, really wonderful. I think this also added to the impact of Ron’s reassurance that she DOES belong.

Now for Ron. Oh Taryn, your Ron. He makes me die. Old English style, no joke. I want him sho much. Hahaha. Seriously, hardly anyone (myself included) can get him right, but you are not one of them. This was gorgeous. I think my favourite line was his opening about her throwing herself at him...risky, but so typical. I was smiling like a dopey little girly girl. I thought it was wonderful that he waited for her to find him instead of going upstairs to look around as well – so very understanding. Basically I just love your Ron and I can’t articulate how much.

I realy need to read the next chapter now. And then venture back to ‘Foolish...’. You are brilliant, Taryn, really. Thank you so much for writing this.

Author's Response: I won't even bring up the fact that I've been waiting for *this* review for ages ;o). It was well worth the wait, Andy, dear. Thank you so much for not only reading it, but loving it. That makes my entire day. As much as I enjoy reviews I try to write for myself, and if I like it then it's enough. But knowing that *you* like it really is quite the ego boost for me. Thank you for finally reviewing, made my year, and I can't wait to read your Ronmione!! Love ya! :o) x

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Review #4, by Avantgardess Obligated

24th July 2009:
I haven't seen the plot with Hermione going to Australia for her parents yet, though you'd think they'd be more.
Anyway, it has...potential. You got the characters well, maturing Ron a little bit, and the whole thing just flowed n. BUT, there's a lot of cliches- "I'm tired of fighting", "he loved that laugh", Hermione being beautiful, etc.

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to read and review. I appreciate it. I haven't worked on this one in a while. I need to get back to it. I'll keep the cliches in mind. :o)

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Review #5, by Paloma Patil Obligations

19th July 2009:
Terrific! Keep going!


Author's Response: Thanks! I truly appreciate you taking the time to read. I need to get more of the next chapter written. Life just seems to be getting in the way. :o)

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Review #6, by Paloma Patil Obligated

22nd March 2009:
“You always did know how to take the fun out of things,” he said with a grin, but kissed her and let her go upstairs while he went into the room she’d pointed to. There was plenty of time for other things, now. They had the rest of their lives ahead of them.

That is a GREAT final line - you've captured Ron's voice well. Paloma

Author's Response: Thanks again! I really appreciate the compliment. And that you took the time to review. :o)

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Review #7, by icefire_lioness Obligations

4th October 2008:
Very nice. One thing - you wrote 'wane' when it should have been 'wan'. Do you see how difficult it is to find fault with your writing? You should be ashamed of yourself. You make it difficult for people to write CC. ^_^

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: LOL...I guess that's a compliment... and I'm pretty sure I knew that wan is spelled without the "e" but the fingers move so much faster than the brain sometimes... and spell check obviously didn't catch it. So thanks! I have got to get back to writing this. I've started the next chapter, but haven't gotten very far in it. I'm working on the final chapter of my other WIP right now, then I'll focus more on this one. Thanks again. :o)

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Review #8, by icefire_lioness Obligated

4th October 2008:
Aw, so cute! One thing, though - the paragraphs are all spaced out a lot, maybe pull them in closer. Other than that, fabulous work! Funny, cute, very in character for both of them. I love Hermione's little worries about how he must feel obligated, it's totally sweet. Really loving. Well good!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Sometimes the formatting on this site is weird, what are simply double spaces on my computer end up being quadruple spaces on here... and other times not, frustrating! After all those years of not being up front about their feelings, I think it'll take a bit for the two of them to get comfortable with the new state of things. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :o)

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Review #9, by NevillesSoulmate Obligations

10th June 2008:
I think that deserves a nice big aw. : ) You captured the fears Hermione probably had perfectly. And Ron was so sweet to her! Taryn, you are so wonderful at writing tender and sweet moments, and I'm so thrilled that you are continuing with this story! I promise it won't take me as long to read the next chapter as it did this one. ; )

Author's Response: Hello, Rose! Thanks for reading! I enjoy writing the sweet moments, but unfortunately even the best of relationships are not all sweet, i still need to work on the not so sweet ones, lol. I'm excited to be continuing this story. Now that school is out (today was the last day, woo hoo!) I hope to finish both VoH and this one. :o)

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Review #10, by Sunny Girl Obligations

6th June 2008:
Well, I'm also glad that you're continuing) Keep writing, I like it :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I will keep writing, just as soon as school is out. ;o)

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Review #11, by piecemeal Obligations

31st May 2008:
Love that you're continuing on with this story! Well written, and I can't wait for the rest!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm excited to go on with it, too. Just have to get through the end of the school year before I can focus on it. :o)

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Review #12, by Ron is my hero Obligations

30th May 2008:
wow i LOVE this story! It is written so well and i cant wait for the next chapter! "Bloddy Brilliant!" as Ron would say! I love how the characters are set up and everything just seems to be just like JK would make it! You are a fabulous writer! Great job =]

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to read. I really appreciate it! :o)

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Review #13, by Xanxus Obligated

30th May 2008:
It was well worth the read! I'd give it 8/10.

There was a bit of humor in the end if any-one didn't catch that. Also I liked the way you made use of Ron's special(well, may-be not so special word but still.)word, "bloddy" I agree with JKismyhomie713, I liked the way you potrayed the characters. It was just .perfect!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :o)

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Review #14, by momotwins Obligations

29th May 2008:
Ooooh yay. I'm glad you're continuing the story. I love your Romiones, you characterize them both so well.

Author's Response: Thanks Megan! I'm so glad you checked in...I'm really looking forward to the plans I have for this one. :o)

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Review #15, by Sternbetrachter Obligations

29th May 2008:
I'm glad you continued - awesome chapter too!
Hermione really is brilliant

Author's Response: I'm glad I've continued it too! Thanks so much for reading. :o)

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Review #16, by charlie23 Obligations

29th May 2008:
Ooh, I'm very happy that you've decided to post more of this story. You write really well and they're really in character. Can't wait for the next update.

*Also, am now going to run off to read Veterans of Hogwarts*

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading! I'm looking forward to writing more of this story. I hope you enjoy VoH, if you do, you'll have to check out Hair of the Dog as well...that takes place shortly after VoH. Thanks for reviewing! :o)

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Review #17, by piecemeal Obligated

22nd April 2008:
Love it! Very canon and very cute.

Author's Response: Thank you! :o)

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Review #18, by quidditch77 Obligated

20th April 2008:
Very very cute. I adore Ron and Hermione together so much, so stories like this always make me smile like crazy. Good work :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I love Ron and Hermione as well...and they like to pester me until I write about them ;o). Thanks for reading! :o)

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Review #19, by juls Obligated

18th April 2008:
Oh my... this was sweet, and so very Ronmione-ish. Very well written, and I loved it. It's very sweet to see Ron come to her, and offer his help... and she kissed him. *grins*

So yes. post that other bunny. So cannot wait to read it.

Author's Response: LOL...well I guess that's one way to get you to read ;o). Thanks so much for reading! I'll post the new bunny after I've got some other things out of the queue. :o)

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Review #20, by mattie_gibbons Obligated

4th April 2008:
:OO omg that was so amazing. I love it!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. :o)

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Review #21, by RonxHermione Obligated

29th March 2008:
so cute(:it makes me feel all fluffy inside♥♥lol.very very cute!10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked it! :o)

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Review #22, by HermioneWeasley7 Obligated

29th March 2008:
This story is just so adorable!great, great job!


Author's Response: Thank you, thank you!! :o)

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Review #23, by Trupen Obligated

26th March 2008:
I love how you included the slightly insecure and verbally combative points of both Ron and Hermione's personalities. The mature way they both dealt with finally telling the truth to eachother of their honest feelings for one another was a nice touch. They are both very in-character.

Author's Response: Thank you. I try very hard to keep them in character, so when others think I did I consider that quite a compliment. Thank you for reading and reviewing! :o)

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Review #24, by JKismyhomie713 Obligated

25th March 2008:
I really like the way you protrayed Ron in this story. A lot of writers don't quite write him in the way he should be written (in my opinion), like, they make him too romantic or charming or too goofy and bumbling. This was perfect. Thanks for that!

Author's Response: Thank you! Ron can be goofy, but I don't see him as too overly romantic, but even a goofball has to get it right from time, to time, lol. I really appreciate you reading and reviewing! :o)

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Review #25, by cmw2 Obligated

23rd March 2008:
aww, i loved it! sincerely, i really did. my favorite part was "which room should we start with?" ahaha. oh ron, you wascally wabbit.


Author's Response: LOL...that seems to be a favorite line for a lot of people. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! :o)

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