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Review #1, by QueenJinx141 Searching, Finding, Running

24th May 2015:
Please oh please oh PLEASE finish this story! What happens to them?? Don't leave Ron and Hermione lost forever!

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Review #2, by Ooabaznogoo Searching, Finding, Running

24th May 2015:
Why is this story abandoned?!?!?!? I just read through all of the chapters in the last few hours and I feel so incomplete! Are Ron and Hermione going to be okay?! Will they remember their lives? Is Jonathan involved in this?! I just know he is! He seems so sketch!

I truly hope you decide to wrap this story up someday! It's so well written and such a great story!

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Review #3, by MyLittleHeartShapedBox Searching, Finding, Running

5th August 2014:
This is a great story. I hope you decide to finish it someday.

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Review #4, by miss author Dream On

2nd August 2014:
This story is really good. I like it how they get their memories step by step and get to know old friends.

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Review #5, by miss author Loneliness

2nd August 2014:
It's a very good story. I wonder, when they will get their memories back.

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Review #6, by miss author Living in a Lie

2nd August 2014:
Good story!!! Memory dust is cool!

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Review #7, by TotallyNotVernonDursleyInDisguise Searching, Finding, Running

7th January 2014:
Um so hi.
I really like this story and I read it a REALLY long time ago and then I remembered it like it popped into my head and I couldn't stop thinking about it so I had to come back and I reread the WHOLE thing. So... Yeah.
Ummm. I want them to remember and just get together already like come on Ron and Hermione! And Hermione' s not good at magic anymore and I'm all NO and now these hooded wizards. I bet they're the ghosts of Bellatrix Lestrange, Voldy Pants, and Mr. Nameless Evil Man
I am honestly so odd I don't like to think about it.
K so anyways...
Please update soon! Losing my memory over here.
Hehehe that was a joke...memory...dust...ok I'll stop

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Review #8, by torie6 Searching, Finding, Running

2nd September 2013:
PLEASE UPDATE SOON!! This is such a great story and I want to read more. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE update. On behalf of all the Ron and Hermione fans out there, we would like you to update Memory Dust. Thanks!

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Review #9, by Hagrid21 As If By Magic

20th June 2013:
They're so close and...nothing. Come on, why couldn't Harry have just turned around? Great chapter and nice touch weaving Ludwig in there. I have a feeling he's going to be back later.

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Review #10, by Hagrid21 Fail to Complete

19th June 2013:
This is one of the more interesting, original stories I've read. The way more of their personalities come out when they're around one another is a nice touch. I feel bad for Jon and Chelsea as they only know these altered versions of Ron and Hermione, but at the same time they just aren't right for them. I think you do a beautiful job writing these conflicting feelings they're both having, and you do it in a way that's easy to follow. Great story so far.

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Review #11, by Reviewgreatwriters Searching, Finding, Running

23rd April 2013:
Love the story, the last chapters are getting really good. You handled the action bit in this one pretty good, great writing! I would love to see more to come (:

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Review #12, by Sam Of Broken Glass and Closed Doors

20th April 2013:
I just started reading this today and I got so into it. Continue! I'm in love with your story it's really unique :)

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Review #13, by ShePotter Searching, Finding, Running

12th April 2013:
Please, please come back! This is a great story, but we NEED more, please. Just let us know if your coming back or if you have abandoned this story & your writing. If your busy we understand, we just want to know if we should keep check on this story. Please come back, you are a great writer, thanks.

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Review #14, by EternalGold394 Searching, Finding, Running

22nd March 2013:
Please post the next chapter soon! I've been following this story since the beginning and it is one of my absolute favorites. I've always felt it was quite well-written, particularly the characterization. Liked the bit of action in this chapter but it's a cliffhanger so please update ASAP!!! Thank you so much for sticking with this story!

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Review #15, by MarauderQueen107 Searching, Finding, Running

17th March 2013:
This is one of my favourite Ron/Hermione stories ever, please continue it soon :)

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Review #16, by TeaandKatie Searching, Finding, Running

27th February 2013:
I would like to point out that this is getting cruel - don'tyou understand we NEED the next chapter. We can not survive without it , surely you want us to survive?

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Review #17, by bri_5_stars The Unknown Home

14th February 2013:
i honestly cant get over how much i love this story and your writing :D

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Review #18, by Red Fox Searching, Finding, Running

4th February 2013:
Normally I don't rush the author. But I can't wait anymore! Please please please update this story has me hooked! Please! Update!

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Review #19, by Merry Witch Searching, Finding, Running

26th January 2013:
Hey! Finally saw all the updates! I love that this hasn't been abandoned and I can't wait to read more! (But seriously, so so so glad you are still writing!) Keep updating and I can't wait to read more. :)

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Review #20, by Peter Searching, Finding, Running

23rd January 2013:
Nah this isn't funny anymore,we've waited months.. It's felt like years! Searching the story and every time being struck down by the same 20 chapters.. Please I beg you, finish this! So I can move on with my life.

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Review #21, by MrsCloWeasly Searching, Finding, Running

17th January 2013:
Please...we need an update...your story is fantastic!!!

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Review #22, by Krystal Searching, Finding, Running

6th January 2013:
Please update soon!
If not for us your devoted fans but for Ron and hermione.

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Review #23, by Christen Searching, Finding, Running

24th December 2012:
If u don't mine me asking I would like to know how I see u updates. It says u updated like two weeks ago but it still says u only have twenty chapters. I'm new to this sit

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Review #24, by TeaandKatie Searching, Finding, Running

15th December 2012:
You are a truly magnificent author and you simply must continue writing this. I'm not sure when you posted this chapter but I have just completed it and all the rest in one go , let me tell you I am gripped. You want critiscism? I can't keep reading because you haven't written it yet. Its worse than normal books because I physically can't keep reading. I hope you manage to keep this magnificence up and post the next chapter soon. Thank you for a delightful evening of reading on my part.

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Review #25, by SilentConfession Living in a Lie

13th December 2012:
Hi! I'm back for a swap :P

I feel like i've read this story before, ages ago because it all just seems so familiar somehow... It's weird. I see that it's been up for a while though so i might have years ago.

Anyway, this is a really lovely first chapter. I love how you start with Harry and Ginny and i just feel for them. Feel for Harry because he's lost his best friends of 7 + years - the people he'd depended on for ages and Ginny keeps rubbing these wounds they both have. It would be so hard in that situation because you don't want to give up but then- when do you move on? It seems like there is never the right time to. It was heartbeaking to see this trauma in their lives almost tear them apart as well because they don't know how to cope with the loss two of the most important people of their lives. I'm curious about the three years previous, what Harry did to find Hermione and Ron and what evidence suggests they're dead. He isn't the kind of guy to give up so I hope I can see where he has lost his hope.

I liked the snippets of Ron and Hermione. It's clear that they both live very separate lives at this point but i like how they both know that there is some component in their lives that is unfulfilled. I also think you characterized them really well with how they dealt with that, Ron tries to just go with it, to keep moving as if it doesn't matter that he's lost most of his life somehow. Hermione on the other hand seems to have had a lot of issues with it and a lot of self-analysis over this loss (at least, that's what i gathered from her and the nurse's talk)

This is a really great beginning and the flow of your writing is so smooth. Really lovely job!

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