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Review #1, by Katie Four Years Later and a Question....

26th May 2015:
Can you please learn to spell and make sense? Other than that it's great!

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Review #2, by Laughing in the Dark Dinner at The Burrow

17th May 2009:
Arthur's reaction wasn't what I had thought it was going to be after reading the end of chapter one. But I liked it. And Harry was really sweet not purposing when he really wanted to, to let Ron and Hermione have their time. Also I don't want to be one of those people who criticize however I think you would benefit from having a beta. Don't worry too much over it. I find mistakes in my own work all the time that I still haven't corrected. On a happier note... Is there going to be more? Is chapter three coming soon?

Author's Response: thkx u i too liked writing Arthur's reaction
ya there is more to come i just lost my data's due to my comp problem so. but i will update

thkx for the review

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Review #3, by Laughing in the Dark Four Years Later and a Question....

17th May 2009:
It's a good start. I can't get to the second chapter soon enough to see the rest of Arthur's reaction :)

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Review #4, by YouSuck Four Years Later and a Question....

10th May 2009:
im sorry to say, wasnt too pleased with this writting... meh :-/

writing is hard. stick with school.

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Review #5, by kellyhp Dinner at The Burrow

24th March 2009:
cool when will the next chapter be up

Author's Response: thkx for the review
i had already finished the 3rd chapter but there was some problem with my computer so all my data got erased so i m re writing it. so it must be up in a weeks time


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Review #6, by ashley411 Four Years Later and a Question....

17th February 2009:
that was great please please write more this is a good one !!
you are a great discriber!!!:)

Author's Response: Thk u Ashley the second chapter is on the way will update soon I am glad u liked it
thkx 4 the reveiw


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Review #7, by ryan Four Years Later and a Question....

15th February 2009:
really good love the cliffhangger

Author's Response: thkx 4 the review


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Review #8, by tayla Four Years Later and a Question....

3rd March 2008:
dont use the slang its a bit hard to read i like it(:

Author's Response: ok i will avoid it thkx for the reveiw

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Review #9, by dumbledorefluertwins Four Years Later and a Question....

24th February 2008:
Um, try not to write in text/net speak. Use proper English and use a beta, believe me, you'll be so proud of your lovely neat story at the end.

I think that everything moved a little fast here. You need to show a story, not tell it. From what I've read, it has good potential, but you need to slow down and explain things, and have proper scenes.


Author's Response: thkx n' i hve edited the chapter


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